10 Bloggers Who Earn The Most In The World

For some, blogging is a daily practice, which is also very profitable. This tendency has been observed since 1999. It all started with many popular online diaries, such as Open Diary, LiveJournal, Pitas.com, or Blogger.com.

10 bloggers who earn the most in the world
10 bloggers who earn the most in the world

You will not be surprised by blogging today, as almost everyone has links to blogging. Blogging as a profession is not uncommon. Today, thanks to this profession, professional bloggers are able to earn more than anything in the world.

10 bloggers who earn the most in the world

10. Edison Tony (Ewdison Then (SlashGear)) – $ 60-80 thousand a month

Edison Tone is the founder and editor of the Technique and Electronics Website, and also runs a blog on that site and is the president of R3 Media LLC.

If you are looking for more information about new ingredients, you want to understand what is their specificity or major advantages, so the Thing SlashGear blog is for you. Additionally, you can find information about new apps in the blog. The main income comes from advertising.

SlashGear is considered to be the most popular and up-to-date blog that has been created on the WordPress platform.

9. Matt Marshall Matt Marshall ) – 50-100 thousand dollars per month

Met Marshall began writing his blog in 2006. Later he founded VentureBeat, telling about technological news. Here you can find everything about technology and finance.

8. Gina Trapani Gina Trapani ) – 110 thousand dollars per month

Gina is the most successful female blogger. Gina is a founder of one of the most popular blogs in the social media, Lifehacker. The blog tells how to make life easier by simple cunning.

7. Koliz Ted Collia Ta ‘ eed ) 55-120 thousand dollars per month

Cholys is the founder of TutsPlus. In this blog you can find various web design tips and lectures. Colise does not only make money on this blog, but also pays for all blogging journalists.

6. Jake Dobki Jake Dobki ) – 80-110 thousand dollars per month

Dobby is the founder of the popular Gothamist.com blog. This blog tells about cultural news, tells where the most interesting exhibitions, festivals and more are taking place. This is a great platform, especially for travelers.

5. Timothy Sykes – $ 150-180 thousand per month

If you want to know how much money you earn, this blog is for you. Sikes presents his readers with inspirational stories and tips that help them to succeed in business.

4. Vitaly Friedman Vitaly Friedman ) – 150-190 thousand dollars per month

Vitalin is the founder of Smashing Magazine, which tells about web design. In the field of web design this blog is considered the best. Here you can find the latest news in web design.

3. Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton) – $ 200-400 thousand per month

Blogger Maria Lavanderia, the same blogger Peris Hilton, started her work in 2005.

The PerezHilton blog is full of gossip, intrigue, scandals, investigations, and news that are mostly related to show business. Today, stolen journalism is considered the highest paid person.

2. Pete Cashmore – $ 560-600 thousand per month

Mashable is known to almost everybody. This blog was created by PET. Mashable is a platform where you can find news about technology, social media, lifestyle, and various interests.

Now Pat is considered to be the youngest and highest paid blogger. She is 29 years old.

1. Michael Arrington – 500-800 thousand dollars a month

Arlington has created TechCrunch, one of the best platforms for coordinating technological news.

Arington is also one of the most impressive young people in the field of modern technology. There is an opinion that if you are a little informed about IT, then you certainly know Arlington.

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