10 Million Android Users Install Fake Samsung Applications

Recently, an Android application appeared that promised Samsung device users to get firmware updates and security. But in fact, the application called ‘Update for Samsung’ will direct users to a page full of advertisements.

10 Million Android Users Install Fake Samsung Applications
10 Million Android Users Install Fake Samsung Applications

10 Million Android Users Install Fake Samsung Applications

Not only that, but the maker of the fake Samsung application will also collect fees when Android users want to download firmware updates. The application ‘Update for Samsung‘ has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

“Apart from being full of advertisements and not affiliated with Samsung, this application offers paid subscription services to be able to download the intended firmware,” Kuprins wrote.

Information, fake Android applications like this not only trick you into earning money quickly but also potentially steal personal data.

Reflecting the increasingly widespread circulation of fake and dangerous applications, Google does have to improve security in the Play Store to avoid the proliferation of such applications.

Rows of Dangerous Applications Become Android’s Main Problems

A study that has been implemented for two consecutive years reveals major issues on Android. The results of the study revealed that malicious applications are a significant problem that exists on Android. In fact, Google has done many things to improve security for its users.

The research team from Data61, part of the University of Sydney and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) created a sophisticated application analysis system that relied on convolutional networks to scan applications and determine similarities, including application icons.

Malicious applications, including clones that attempt to do scam methods against users and devices, usually use icons that resemble popular applications to deceive users into downloading them.

This research also depends on the performance of VirusTotal anti-malware scanning, including checking third-party permissions and ad libraries to see applications that damage installed devices.

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