10 Safari Tips That Will Allow You To Fully Use The Browser

If you know its hidden features, Safari can be the best of internet browsers. In this article, we offer 10 Safari tips to fully use the browser.

10 Safari Tips That Will Allow You To Fully Use The Browser

10 Safari Tips That Will Allow You To Fully Use The Browser

1. Prevent access to certain sites

If you want to block access to certain websites, simply block access to these sites. To do this, go to your iDevice Settings , then go to General> Restrictions . Set a code for restrictions, which may be different from the code on your device.

Scroll down, go to the Websites section , and then choose Limit adult content . You can now add the websites you want to restrict.

2. Clear the history and data of the sites

When you do not browse Safari privately, you leave traces on Safari. Your site data and history are stored on your browser. To erase them at once, go to Settings> Safari , tap Clear history, site data .

3. Add your favorite sites to your home screen

You love a website and want to access it when you want from the home screen? You can put it on your home screen. While on the site, tap the icon that represents an arrow in the center of the square. Then, click On Home Screen.

4. Change font and text size

If you find that the size of the text is too small and if you also want to change the font, tap the icon located at the top left then the icon at the top right.

5. Do not follow me

Prevent certain sites from tracking your activity on the internet, activate the option Do not follow me . Go to Settings > Safari then activate the button dedicated to the option Do not follow me or Do not follow or Ask the sites not to follow me . It all depends on your version of iOS.

6. Peek and Pop

This option is dedicated to iPhone 6s and later. It allows you to see a preview of a web page without opening the page. As we propose 3D Touch, press a little hard ( Peek ) on the link you want to see the preview.

To access the link if you want to see all its contents, press a little harder ( Pop ). Other possibilities are offered by dragging up: Copy , Share , Open in a new tab or Add to playlist .

7. Move forward and return

No need to use the left and right arrows to return or advance. You only have to slide right from the left corner of the screen to return and to the left to advance.

8. Paste and go

To paste a word or URL for quick access, tap and hold on the search bar. You will see the Paste option and the Paste option and access it . Press Paste and access to quickly launch your search.

9. Change the search engine

By accessing the settings, Safari then Search Engine, it is possible to change your search engine.

10. Search the page

Easily find a word on the page where you are. Write your word in the search bar, you will see the word you are looking for.

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