Which payment solutions can you choose for your web business?

As a newly started web bussiness it can be difficult to find the payment solutions. Here are some of the challenges you encounter as a newly started web business.

Which payment solutions can you choose for your web business?
Which payment solutions can you choose for your web business?

Which payment solutions can you choose for your web business?

It can be difficult to get an overview of which payment solutions you can choose for your web business. There are traditional payment solutions, external payment solutions and mobile payment. Here you get a guide to the different models.

Traditional payment solutions

A child has many names, but for the sake of simplicity, we here use the terms ‘payment gateway’ and ‘redeemer’ when we talk about traditional payment solutions.

Payment gateways

A traditional payment solution requires a payment gateway and a redeemer. Payment gateways are the virtual counterpart to the physical payphone machine. It is the technique that ensures that customers can pay with cards at all. The payment gateway encrypts all information and passes it on to the acquirer. The list of gateways is long, but here is a selection of options:

Nets (Netaxept)

When choosing a payment gateway, be aware of which ones work with which acquirers.


Your company must be registered with a acquirer to be able to receive card payments. The acquirer’s function is to communicate with the banks. It then knows where the money comes from and where to send it. It is the acquirer who decides which payment cards can be used for payment. In Denmark, Nets has a monopoly on redemption of Dankort. Do you want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay with international cards (eg credit: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and debit: Maestro, Mastercard Debit, Visa Electron) there are several redeemers to choose from (select):


External payment solution

You must be aware that it may take a long time to be approved by a acquirer.

With an external payment solution you should not think about finding a redeemer. Best known in this category is, according to our experience, PayPal who has been on the Danish market for many years. The external payment solution receives payment from the customer via a redeemer.

Then it pays the money to you via a normal bank transfer. Recently, several providers have emerged, for example. Braintree (part of PayPal), Paymill, 2Checkout, yourpay and Stripe.

If you choose an external payment solution you must be aware that there may be fees associated with transferring money from an American to a Danish system. In addition, the external payment solutions often require a higher transaction fee than traditional solutions.

Mobile Payment

Instead of the more traditional above solutions, webshops also have the opportunity to offer customers mobile payment. As the name suggests, the customer pays via mobile, and must not at all have the Dankort out of his pocket. Paii, MobilePay, Swipp and Paymill are among the most popular mobile payment solutions in Denmark.

The different solutions already work with a redeemer. You will therefore typically need to contact your existing acquirer if you want to set up mobile payment. Many of the external systems and gateways also offer their own mobile payment solutions.

Considerations before choosing solution

There are several things that matter when you, as a webshop, have to choose a payment solution. Here are some of the immediate considerations you can make:

Consider how important it is for you to get started quickly. For example, the approval process at Nets is long, while at PayPal you can be ready to receive payments within hours.

How to Increase Work Efficiency with a Cloud-based System

Increase Work Efficiency: All companies need to know exactly where and how they make the money. With a cloud-based finance system, it’s easy to manage all of the company’s activities.

How to increase work efficiency with a cloud-based system
How to increase work efficiency with a cloud-based system

How to increase work efficiency with a cloud-based system

With the complete financial system, you experience transparency in the work. You choose which employees will have access to the complete financial system, and it is easy to choose functions on and off, so you always have a flexible system to work in.

Reports showing the company’s development

It is easy to draw reports that show the development of your business. You easily change parameters so that the statistics material is helpful to exactly your company. By having the full overview you get a greater cohesion and can assess what you should focus on in the future.

The cohesion of a business is extremely important in a globalized world where clear communication, efficient workflows, and high IT security must come together. The financial system gives you the best conditions for doing well in the competition.

Great security with the financial system

The cloud-based finance system makes it easy and worry-free to be an employee of your business when the backup is automatically done and time is not wasted with file management. Uniconta is the complete financial system that utilizes all the resources in the organization as much as possible.

Through the cloud-based accounting system, all devices are updated with the latest data, and backup is automatically taken. It is easy to handle customer lists and tailor the invoices, so Uniconta is in many ways an open system that fits any business.

In addition to efficient financial management, it is also possible to handle order and inventory management, manage projects, handle CRM and many other activities. This means that all employees feel involved in the company’s development – and ultimately its success.