How to disable Windows Defender completely step by step

If you want to disable Windows Defender , the simplest way is to install another antivirus of your preference, since when you recognize that the user has installed a third-party solution it is automatically disabled.

How to disable Windows Defender completely step by step
How to disable Windows Defender completely step by step

How to disable Windows Defender completely step by step

However, it is not possible to remove Windows Defender permanently, nor is it possible to completely uninstall your engine, at least not in a simple way.

There may be multiple reasons or scenarios in which you need to completely get rid of Windows Defender, but you should bear in mind that you will be exposing yourself to several security risks if you do so without installing any alternative program. If you have decided what you need, we will explain how to disable Windows Defender in any version of Windows 10 .

It is possible to disable Windows Defender through the local group policies , unless you use Windows 10 Home, for this you will have to resort to the Registry, as we will explain later. If you use Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the start menu by pressing window key, type ” edit group policy ” and press Enter. Or, press the Windows + R key and in the drawer type: gpedit.msc
  2. In the policy editor window navigate to the following path: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus
  3. To the right of the window select the option Disable Windows Defender Antivirus and double click on it
  4. In the pop-up window check the ” Enabled ” box , press Apply and then OK
  5. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 Home

To completely disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 Home we will have to resort to the Windows Registry, unfortunately the process is a little more complicated and risky, so we recommend you to create a subtraction point before starting in case something goes wrong, for that you can get back to the point before you hurt something.

  1. Press the Windows + R key and in the box to execute a command type: regedit
  2. From the Registry Editor navigate to the following path: HKEY LOCALMACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender
  3. Right click on the Windows Defender folder and select New > DWORD Value (32-bit)
  4. Right click on the new value, change its value name to DisableAntiSpywareand press Enter.
  5. Right click on DisableAntiSpyware and select Modify . Change the information number from 0 to 1 and press OK.
  6. Restart your computer.

You can reverse the changes by following the same steps, you will only have to erase the DiawareAntiSpyware DWORD value that you created.

How to turn off all sounds in Windows 10

Many users can never forget the sound of Windows XP when it starts. So much so that some have even put it on Windows 10. However, on the other side there are those who do not want to hear a sound. No notifications, no low battery warning, no login … none at all.

How to turn off all sounds in Windows 10
How to turn off all sounds in Windows 10

How to turn off all sounds in Windows 10

For them it is this small and simple guide that teaches how to deactivate all the sounds of Windows 10 . A tutorial that will show us how we can silence absolutely all the default sounds of the Microsoft operating system from the configuration of the same and without any complications.

Silencing Windows 10 completely

The first thing we must do is go to the configuration options of Windows 10. Just access Start and click on the Settings icon , the cogwheel shown below on the left, or simply start typing the first words of these options . Once in the Windows Configuration , we will access the options in the Customization section .

Once this section is open, we should look at the column on the left side of the window and access the Topics subsection . As soon as you have accessed it, the next step will be to click on Sound , one of the four options that we will see.

At this point, we will have seen that Windows has opened a window with the heading Sound, which is obvious, it has an aspect of the Windows versions of yesteryear. The old interfaces survive, as we see.

Curiosities aside, here where we will take the last steps to deactivate all the sounds of Windows 10 with the aim of silence taking over our system. It will be exactly three clicks.

Click on the dropdown that we will find under the heading Combination of sounds , as we can see in the screenshot, select the No sounds option and we will click on the OK button in this window. OK, all Windows sounds will be disabled .

To make sure that the silence is total, especially if we have been customizing the sound effects at some time, we will have to check in the previous window that the Play Windows start sound box is unchecked.

However, we can disable or even change specific sounds by navigating through the Program Events section . Sounds corresponding to events related to the operation of Windows and its programs, the presence of errors or the notification of different notifications. Simply we must click on the reason that can emit a sound or not and below, in Sounds , select (None) if we do not want anything to sound or, if we want to reproduce any acoustic signal, select the one we want from the long list available.

To do this in Windows 7 or Windows 8 , we must access the Control Panel , access the Hardware and Sound section and in the Sound section, click on the Change system sounds option . Then we will open the same window of the last step of the procedure with Windows 10 and the steps to follow will be the same: select the option No sounds in the drop-down menu .