How Can I Convert VHS to DVD?

Follow our advice to watch your old VHS, convert to DVD and transfer them to your computer. Since the arrival of Blu-Ray and DVD video formats, thanks to which the video contents are of much better quality, it has become very difficult to watch a VHS.

How Can I Convert VHS to DVD?
How Can I Convert VHS to DVD?

If you have recorded tv shows or filmed family moments, and you do not want to lose them, then just convert them to DVDs.

How to convert VHS to DVD format?

Some of your VHS have valuable content you do not want to separate? So, we advise you to keep your VCR / VHS player.

If you have more, know that even exceeded, you can always find a new or used.

Note, however, that like most devices with mechanical parts, there is no guarantee that a used video recorder will perform well.

In time, the VHS take the dust and deteriorate, so before you reuse, do not forget to manually clean and rewind them to see what the tape is like.

If you have a VCR / player and want to scan your VHS yourself, then why not transfer your video to your PC?

For this, the MAGIX Sos Video Cassettes software (79.99 €) is a good option. In this pack, you will find everything you need (universal USB video converter, Scart cable, S-Video and RCA …).

The transfer process will be easy to execute, and you will not have to worry about buying more hardware.

Also, this easy-to-use software will allow you to improve the quality of audio, video, and even add effects.

If the previous solution does not interest you, then why not go through a combo drive ? With this one, directly copy a VHS to a DVD.

You will be able to connect the video output of a VHS player to the video input of a DVD recorder. To do so, you will need an A / V cable , SCART or RCA composite video cable .

How to digitize a VHS?

If you do not have a DVD recorder to digitize your VHS tapes, then use your PC, so you can save them and burn them to a disc.

For this, you need a VCR and a USB digitizer converter supplied with software (on Amazon for less than 30 €).

As soon as you are ready, follow these steps:

  • Connect your VHS video player to your PC using the converter cable → Start the software (supplied with the USB cable) → Start playing your VHS tape, where you want to start recording, and start scanning.
  • As soon as it is finished, do not forget to stop the tape.
  • To burn your video on DVD, you can use the program Freemake (in English) , this free software transcribes your VHS tape on disk.

If you are not comfortable with technology know that different companies offer this service. Carrefour , for example, proposes to digitize magnetic tapes on USB, DVD … count € 19.90 on average by VHS. The Fnac also can convert your VHS (12.90 €).

How to use do not disturb mode in iPhone?

Do not disturb mode in iPhone: You have an important job to finish and it’s really not the moment to be interrupted? To avoid being disturbed by incessant notifications, activate Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. We explain how to do.

The Do not disturb feature allows your iPhone to be discreet and disable the sound of your alerts (message, call …). When activated, it silences all your notifications and calls.

How to use do not disturb mode in iPhone?
How to use do not disturb mode in iPhone?

How to use do not disturb mode in iPhone?

This option can be very useful if you do not want to be disturbed during important moments or during a good night’s sleep.

In this tutorial, we explain how to activate Do not disturb on your iPhone and contact your friends who also use it.

What is the difference between Do Not Disturb and Number Block?

Using Do Not Disturb and Block Number are two pretty similar things , at least they were created for the same reason: do not be bothered.

When you block a correspondent’s phone number, you no longer receive a message or call from the other party.

However, it is quite possible that this person bypasses your blocking by calling you in unknown number .

With Do not disturb , you will no longer receive notifications and will no longer hear alert sounds. However, you will receive your messages and can see them by turning on the home screen of your iPhone.

Turn on do not disturb mode on your iPhone

Would you like to activate Do not disturb on your iOS to work without being distracted? So, it’s simple:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then, do not disturb
  • Drag the option’s slider.

You can also do it directly from your control center and by tapping on the moon .

A notification appears on your locked screen and a crescent moon icon at the top next to the battery indicator.

Allow notifications with Do not disturb mode

Also note that, even enabled, it is possible to allow certain incoming calls and notifications. To configure this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Visit Do not disturb
  • In the Phone category , choose Everyone , Person , Favorites, or All Contacts .

Program Do Not Disturb Mode

Be aware that Do Not Disturb can be programmed for certain hours of the day (or night).

To schedule it, go to Settings → Do not disturb , tap Program and choose your schedule.

Contact a correspondent whose iPhone is in Do not disturb mode
When you call a party that has Do Not Disturb mode engaged, you will only hear one tone before being sent directly to voicemail.

Text messages, they send themselves without any problem. However, the recipient will not be notified and will have access to these messages once his screen is out of his watch.