How to Block an Application from Accessing the Android Internet?

Block an Application from Accessing the Android Internet: On an Android smartphone, each application running in the background always uses Internet data without your permission.

If you use an unlimited data plan, no problem arises because you have no data restrictions, but if your data usage plan is limited, your data will be wasted due to data usage back -plan. Therefore, blocking an application from accessing the Internet will be a good idea.

How to Block an Application from Accessing the Android Internet?

I have already described the Internet deactivation process for all applications on Android 4.3, 4.4 and 5.1 and for specific applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. But this method only works with the previous version of Android OS.

If you are using the latest Android version such as Android Nougat 7.0 or Android Oreo 8.1 and Android Pie 9.0+, you will not get the exact settings as they were available in the previous version.

Block Internet on Android Pie 9.0, Oreo 8.1 and Nougat

In previous versions of Android, we had the “Restrict background data” settings. But after the Android Marshmallow update, the functionality was removed and replaced with the “Background Data” option, and the location of the option was changed again in Android Nougat.

So, for Android, Nougat users can also try the following methods, as it works for them as well. You can block Internet access on Android Oreo 8.1 or Android Pie 9.0 in two ways:

  • Block the Internet for a specific application.
  • Block the Internet from all applications.

Block the Internet to a specific application:

If you want to turn off the Internet for just one application, this trick will work. First of all, you need to go to “Settings” of the Android phone, and click on the Settings option to select the “Network and Internet” option. Once you have accessed the network and the Internet, press the “Data usage” option.

Now tap on the Mobile Data Usage option, and you will see a list of all installed apps. Scroll down the page and tap the app you want to block to access the Internet. Now that you are in the “Use of application data” option , tap on the “Background data” toggle button.

This will prevent the application from using Internet data until it is run as a background service. But when you use the app, it can access the Internet.

Block an application from accessing the Internet Android Nougat, Oreo and Pie.

The above method works for a specific application. This means that if you want to limit the Internet to all applications, you must turn off the background data for each application, one at a time.

The above method will therefore take longer and longer to activate and deactivate Internet data. Here is another simple process that allows you to block the Internet from all applications in one step.

If you need to block internet data for all running background services. Go to (1) Settings >> (2) Network and Internet >> (3) Data usage . In the data usage settings , press the ” Data screen ” option , then press the Data screen toggle button to deactivate Internet data in all applications.

After deactivating the Internet for all applications, when you have to reactivate the data, follow the same steps and press the activation button on the data saver to activate the unlocking. All applications in the background begin to access the Internet without any restrictions.

Disable Internet access to all Android applications: Old Android phone

I recharged a 1 GB 3g data plan on my prepaid cell phone idea no. And we only use this data to browse the Internet with UC Browser and all my 3G data used within 10 days. I don’t know where my data went.

After a few days, I noticed that when I open mobile data on my Android smartphone, many applications display the notifications that appear in the notification bar.

I checked and found that many unwanted apps were running in the background. So these applications use data in the background. This is a big problem with the Android smartphone, because when we open mobile data, the applications (software update, Google Play Store, Google Play services, Whatsapp, Antivirus, Google+, Hike, Facebook and others) use the content in the background every time. update itself without your knowledge. you can’t control it,

If you are using an Android phone with an older Android operating system, such as Jellybean 4.3, Kitkat 4.4, Lollipop 5.1, then the Android Oreo or Android Pie steps will not help you due to many interface changes graph and settings. When you have an Android Lollipop 5.1 or earlier smartphone, you can try the following method to restrict background data without root:

Restrict background data

  • First, go to Smartphone settings and tap on the Data usage option.
  • Press the menu option key on your smartphone or press at the top of the right 3-dot menu button. A menu opens. Check the Restrict background data box.
  • Press OK to verify. Now you can check that the background data restriction notification appears in the notification bar. You can re-enable background data by opening the notification bar and tapping on restricted background data.

Block a single application on an old Android phone without root

Follow the step below to block Internet access to an Android app without registering your Android phone:

  • Open the smartphone settings and in the settings find the data usage option and open it.
  • In Data usage, select a Sim by pressing the SIM Name tab. Select here the only SIM card on which the mobile data is running.
  • Now scroll through the list and tap to open any application. For example, if you want to stop INTERNET access to WhatsApp, choose WhatsApp from the list.
  • Now, under “Show application settings”, check the box “Limit background data”.

You have now been successfully disabled and blocked Internet access to the application of your choice. The app will not be able to access your 2G, 3G & 4G LTE Internet SIM data until you open the app yourself.

Note: This tip only blocks the Internet for the application when it is running in the background and until you open it yourself. And when you open the application, only then He will use the Internet. You can also re-enable background data usage by following the same process to enable Internet access.

It’s very useful for me because I want to use this data only for surfing. All applications running in the background cannot use this data without my permission.

It is useful for WhatsApp or Hike users because they are running WhatsApp or Hike in the background if they do not want to display their last displayed status. When you open WhatsApp or Hike after, all messages start to arrive.

How to Use Flipkart Application on PC

Flipkart application on PC: Flipkart recently closed its mobile website and started offering the Flipkart app to its customers. Thus, the Flipkart PC application is now the only way to make purchases on the official Flipkart website via your smartphone.

How to Use Flipkart Application on PC
How to Use Flipkart Application on PC

However, if you want to enjoy the mobile shopping experience of Flipkart on your computer, you can download and install the Flipkart app on your PC computer. So, here is a full tutorial on how to download the Flipkart application for PC on Windows 7/8 / 8.1. You can read the full article below.

Download and install the Flipkart application on PC laptop

Step 1 : First of all, you should have BlueStacks installed on your computer. If you have not already installed BlueStacks; then download it from the link given below.

Download BlueStacks

Step 2 : After downloading and installing BlueStacks on pc, open BlueStacks and search for “Flipkart”. Make sure you have entered the correct spelling.

Step 3 : You will see the Flipkart application as a result. You can also download and install the application by clicking on the download button below.

Download Flipkart APK

Step 4 : Once the application is downloaded in BlueStacks, it will be automatically installed once the installation is complete. Go to my applications in BlueStacks, then click on the Flipkart application.

Now enjoy the mobile shopping experience of Flipkart on your PC.

What we do – explained

In fact, we install an Android emulator (BlueStacks) on a computer. This helps us to run or read Android applications on a computer. After that, we install the Flipkart app on BlueStacks.

It’s a bit the same as installing Flipkart on your smartphone, but it’s the easiest way to install the Flipkart app on your PC. You can also use the same method to install other popular Android apps on your computer.

However, if you are using an older computer (computer), you may experience problems installing BlueStacks on your computer. Don’t worry about the BlueStacks alternatives you can use are YouWave, Andy and many others. Although, if you need help, comment below and I would love to help you.


Flipkart is the market leader in the e-commerce sector in India. But, after starting to force people to download the Flipkart app on smartphones. Some of their customers are satisfied with it, but most Flipkart users are not.

If you want to use Myntra App on your computer,

If you go to the Google Play store and read reviews of people about the Flipkart app, you will find shocking comments. Yes, people don’t like it very much. Don’t worry, you don’t have to think about what people are thinking. So, without wasting time, follow this tutorial to download and install the Flipkart application on your PC.

I hope you are able to find what you were looking for. You can comment below if you need help.

How to Download Hotstar for PC Windows

Do you want to download hotstar for PC? So I’m writing about it. Be prepared, today you will find something new and useful for reading this article. I write this mainly to share the trick of downloading Hotstar for PC laptops and Windows 7/8/10. 

How to Download Hotstar for PC Windows

The procedure for downloading and installing hotstar on a computer is described below. But before we get to the main guide, let’s talk about the PC hotstar.

Hotstar is a new application developed by Star India Private Limited. It is mainly designed and developed for the use of Indians.

Hotstar is basically a live TV app, although you can also watch TV series (other TV shows) and movies on Hotstar. Hotstar has been touted as an alternative to the TV for people who like to watch things solo.

As their motto for hotstar for PC was “Go solo”. Using this app, you can watch most of the Star TV and Cricket channels. Anyway, having said that, let’s move on to the main topic which is the hotstar download for PC Laptop Windows Computer.

Download Hotstar for PC

Download Hotstar for PC
Download Hotstar for PC

I already told you – you will learn something new by reading this article. Anyway, the latest news is that there is no PC hotstar, the developers hadn’t created it yet.

But don’t lose hope that you can still install the Android version of Hotstar on your computer. Just follow the steps mentioned below and BAM! You will be able to run the hotstar application on your computer. So, follow the step-by-step guide below for how to download and install hotstar for Windows PC.

  • Step 1 : Download and install BlueStacks on your computer. You can download BlueStacks from the download link below.

Download BlueStacks

  • Step 2 : Now download the hotstar APK file from the link below. I have provided the latest version of hotstar apk (v7.2.0) in the link below.

Download Hotstar APK v8.6.3

  • Step 3 : Now, after downloading the hotstar APK file, open the file with BlueStacks, it will install the application on BlueStacks. You may want to check out: WhatsApp tips and tricks.
  • Step 4 : Hotstar will now be installed on your computer via BlueStacks. In fact, it will be installed on BlueStacks. Just open the BlueStacks to run Hotstar on your Windows laptop.

What we do

To download and install hotstar for PC, you must use an Android emulator. For those unfamiliar with the Android emulator, check out this Wikipedia article. But basically, it’s software that you install on your computer to be able to run Android software on your computer.

First of all, you need to download Android emulator software to your computer. This software will then help you run the Hotstar app, just like the procedure for running any app on your Android device.

Most likely, you have already used the hotstar app on your Android device, so it will be better for you. I hope you understand the step by step guide mentioned above.