3 quick wins for AdWords beginners

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a profession in itself, which is why it is also interesting to outsource this to a specialized marketing agency. Do you want to start setting up an Adwords campaign yourself? Or have you already started and do you want tips to improve your SEA? In collaboration, we have listed 3 quick wins for AdWords beginners!

3 quick wins for AdWords beginners
3 quick wins for AdWords beginners

3 quick wins for AdWords beginners

Tip 1: Target on demographics

We start immediately with the most important tip in our eyes. Namely targeting demography. As an entrepreneur you often know very well what your target group is.

That is why it is important to use demographic targeting to match your ads to the age, parental status or gender of your target group. So target people who fit your target group and are most interested in the products / services that you offer.

Tip 2: Create ad groups per keyword

For a high CTR, more conversions and low campaign costs, a good match between keyword, advertisement and landing page is enormously important. Each advertisement must be as relevant as possible for the keyword associated with it.

The moment you choose to add all search terms to one ad group, your ads will never match all keywords. Which certainly does not benefit your campaign. That is why it is important to set up a separate ad group for each keyword. This way you can optimize the ads specifically on one keyword.

Tip 3: Exclude irrelevant keywords

The last quick win for Adwords beginners is the exclusion of non-relevant keywords. By excluding these keywords that are not relevant at all, you avoid unnecessary costs. Of course you don’t want to spend advertising money on the wrong terms. So look for relevant keywords and exclude non-relevant keywords for your AdWords campaign.

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