What will you do when leaving a Windows 10 laptop or PC for some time, but don’t want to turn it off?

Some people might be out of Windows 10 to turn off the screen, but this way the application you are opening must be closed.

However, locking your PC or laptop can make the application in use remain active when the screen is off.

For tips, you should use a password or add the Sign In option so that your PC and laptop will be protected.

Here is an easy way to lock Windows 10 PCs and laptops.

1. Windows key + L

The first way you can do this is to press the Windows key on the keyboard and L simultaneously.

In this way, you can close the screen quickly and easily.

2. Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Enter

This is one of the most frequently used ways for owners of laptops or PCs based on Windows 10 .

Press and hold the keyboard key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously, then press Enter .

3. Menu Start

For this one, you have to press the “Start” button, select the Windows account profile icon, and click “Lock Screen”.

4. Auto Lock via Screen Saver

In addition to the three methods above, you can automatically lock your laptop and PC via a screen saver .

The trick, go to Control Panel> Appearance & Personalization > then Change Screen Saver . Then, enter the Resume box in the login screen.

You can also specify how long the PC screen waits before starting the screen saver .

When you exit the screen saver , you must enter a password to return.


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