5 Funny WhatsApp Stickers You Must Have

WhatsApp Stickers are still relatively new. Before, before the sticker appeared, the chat was boring and seemed monotonous. At present, thanks to the cute and attractive stickers, the chat is more interactive and not boring.

5 Funny WhatsApp Stickers You Must Have
5 Funny WhatsApp Stickers You Must Have

WhatsApp stickers can be selected and downloaded on a smartphone. Not everything can be downloaded, depending on what the user wants the style sticker and how. Many offer different types of stickers in one application.

WhatsApp stickers package that you must have.

1. WAStickerApps – Stickers for WhatsApp

If you are happy with a variety of stickers that describe characters, try WAStickerApps. When you first open the application, you can see League of Legends, Spider-Man, and Tom and Jerry sticker packages.

To add the desired sticker, you just click the plus sign to the right of the sticker package.

WhatsApp will ask you to confirm it, by displaying the Add option. If you agree, please click the Add sign that appears on the smartphone e. The sticker is ready to use.

2. 10 Sticker Packages for WhatsApp

This Sticker Package is suitable for children because it displays a variety of funny characters. Like the characters of rabbits, birds, crocodiles, cats, sharks, dogs, penguins, polar bears, unicorns, and other animals.

This sticker comes from Telegram, and there is one sticker that invites you to use the application. If you are interested in using this application, click the Add sign to add stickers to WhatsApp.

3. Stickers for WhatsApp (Emoji)

You have to have WhatsApp Emoji Stickers for you, who don’t get enough emoji on your smartphone.

This sticker can represent the feeling that is being experienced by the user. Starting from expressions of sadness, happiness, anger, fear, and others. There is also one meme sticker that you can use. The meme has no text like other stickers. But, he can speak and this is what makes him famous among WhatsApp users.

4. Sticker Maker

Next, is a sticker made directly by the user? Your photos and self-expression can be used as stickers in this application. Interesting isn’t it?

With the Sticker Maker application, you can choose the shape of an oval or square sticker from the gallery on a smartphone device.

You must produce at least three sticker icons, to add a sticker package to WhatsApp. If you want to delete a sticker package, then click the minus sign at the bottom.

5. New Stickers to Chat

In this sticker, you can have several good choices. These choices include stickers with Christmas characters, Animals, TV Shows, Meme, Video Games, Emoji, Celebrities, Football, and Phrases.

Not only that but here also allows you to make a sticker with your own face. But, it can only be in square form. To add stickers, just follow the steps above.

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