5 Tips For Telling Success Stories On A Blog

In fact, history is something very important and fundamental even in the way we communicate as human beings. Tell a great story about your blog and you can capture attention, distract yourself, enlighten and even persuade … and all this in minutes.

5 Tips For Telling Success Stories On A Blog

Success Stories are things you can remember and easily share; and these are essential aspects of content that have great success on blogs. So we all agree that stories really matter … but how can you tell?

More specifically: what makes a story told on your blog necessary? Today I would like to share some important points with you and talk about how they can go about marketing your blog and coinage .

5 tips for telling success stories on a blog

1. You need a hero

Every good story needs a hero, even if the latter is a professional monster or simply a toy with the word. The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make is often to believe that their business is the hero of history.

This is something very visible through advertisements based on a form of lack of trust (” buy our toothpaste or die alone and without friends that end up being selfish marketing messages and easily ignored in the end.

To write a marketing story that will go down in history, your consumer must be the hero! ( did you get the nursery rhyme? a story that remains in history ).

And what defines a hero? The hero of a story is the one who is transformed as the story develops ; one who leaves his status as an ordinary person to become someone extraordinary.

2. You need a goal

Your company exists to solve consumer problems. In other words, it exists to transform these . So you have to figure out where your consumer hero is today and where he wants to be tomorrow. What transformation is your partner looking for?

Do you want a transformation in your health? A transformation in terms of prosperity? A relational transformation? A professional transformation? …

How will your customer be after the transformation?
What will he be able to do, which he cannot do at the moment?
What will he have?
What do you believe?
What new connections or relationships will it do?
Who will be?
Until you understand the purpose of your consumer hero, you will have no stories at hand. You will only have a collection of anecdotes.

3. You need an obstacle

If the transformation was simple, your client would not need your services. These are the obstacles that make a story interesting. The point where your hero is today and where he wants to go is the focal point of your story. Usually there are external obstacles to your client’s final victory. However, the most interesting obstacles are usually internal.

What prevents your reader from reaching his goal?
What external elements are coming?
More importantly, what psychological and emotional obstacles did he create himself?
What limits must you overcome to achieve the much sought after goal?

4. You need a mentor

If your reader is the hero, at what level are you and your blog? You are the wise mentor who is able to bring the essential information and tools that will allow your blog visitor to reach his goal.

The difference between marketing that strengthens the customer and old-school messages that reassure little in your story emphasizes that your hero’s journey is the result of his efforts and the work he does.

Your online business is not to swallow all the work and solve all your problems with your readers . It will give your client a child’s position, which in the end is very unsatisfactory ( having a lot of customers screaming and complaining like children, nothing is more annoying ). Your company exists to guide, instruct, guide and help.

5. The moral of the story

When you tell a story on a blog, a story that you want to be useful to your readers, it’s always wise to highlight the morale of your story . So yes, use the stories to tell how some of your readers are able to overcome obstacles and reach their goal;

Show that your business can serve, sponsor and guide customers in this way they become improved versions of themselves; Shows how customers can overcome external and internal obstacles to achieve their goals; But after that, stop and go back and show your audience what to do next.

The most beautiful and most sophisticated stories leave the public the opportunity to understand the trick and discover the moral of the story. But the public of this kind of stories is not right in the very fun and absorbing sea that is the canvas. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Be clear and direct. Clarity is golden!

Bonus: you need the truth

There is an element in the toolbox of your story, something more useful than ever. In this digital age where information is more asymmetrical than ever, you can achieve great results simply by telling the truth.

A rather famous author once said: ” … be interesting. Tell the truth. And if you can’t tell the truth, change what you do, so you can say it. In other words, live the truth .”

It takes courage to tell the truth and finding that courage can be part of your hero’s journey. But the more you can be sincere about your business, the people you serve and the problems you solve, the more you will meet loyal people. This is also valid for the products you sell in affiliation .

Every story needs the splendor of something extraordinary, so that it can be remembered and shared. And in the world we live in today, honesty can be one of the most remarkable elements of a beautiful story. I will be very honored to read your story for you.

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