5 tips for wireless network security

Wireless network security: Public Wi-Fi networks are now a requirement for everyone, but the security problems that these networks can bear are often hardly overlooked or ignored. Turkey Alper Onarangil WatchGuard Sales Engineer, has outlined five tips to take into account that the wireless network service.

5 tips for wireless network security
5 tips for wireless network security

5 tips for wireless network security

1 – Obtain Packages from Wireless Network Security Services:

You can have the highest security potential you can reach by using software that prevents intrusion into your public wireless network. WatchGuard’s ‘Marker Packet’ technology can be the solution. Marker Packet; it automatically shows you the wireless networks around you and the vehicles that use them, while eliminating the presence of problem ports or third parties.

2 – Monitor Your Security with Statistics-Assisted Analysis:

You can be sure you’re safe and improve your user experience by learning which visitor is using your Wi-Fi when, where and how. It will give you great privilege to see both current and past usage. You can also make better decisions about your business by evaluating statistics and measurement data.

3 – Manage the Number and Quality of Access Points Well:

An accurate wireless network environment can extend from an access point to an unlimited number of access points and multiple points. If you organize and group these points well, you can create a more consistent system. For example, you can classify your networks by location, building, floor, or customer.

4 – Benefit from Powerful Interaction and Marketing Tools:

Compatible and easy to use, additional tools and procedures can turn a simple wireless connection into a rich Wi-Fi experience for your customers, visitors or employees.

If you want to create a useful splash screen without having detailed web design information, produce videos or surveys where you can interact with your visitors, and deliver campaigns that fit your audience, you can use the WatchGuard Marker Packet solution.

5 – Make sure you need Wi-Fi Security Support:

For example, you wonder how many access points your wireless network should have? You should choose among the vendors who provide services in this regard, which can give you the opportunity to gather information and to make plans in your mind.

Before purchasing such a program and contacting the presentation provider, you need to know how they can ensure wireless network security, how they can support you, and the quality of customer service.

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