6 Ways To Start Earning Money On Instagram

Earning money on Instagram: Instagram is a social networking site with 1 billion active users, mainly focused on visuals (videos and photos) and is only available as a smartphone app. While the web interface exists, you can’t upload posts through it.

6 ways to start earning money on Instagram
6 ways to start earning money on Instagram

6 ways to start earning money on Instagram

It allows Instagram users to share photos and videos in the form of photo or video posts, short videos in the form of Insta Stories, which disappears after 24 hours or by sharing longer videos (up to 10 minutes) in Instagram TV (IGTV) format.

Instagram in 2012 went to Facebook.

What Instagram is for

Users are looking for inspiration and fun on Instagram. Instagram is often referred to as a “friendlier social network” than Facebook. Above all, Instagram is about visuals and videos, so you can find a lot of accounts about traveling, eating, fitness, fashion and cosmetics.

In the last year, however, the number of accounts with photos and Instagram stories has become more important than the photos themselves. On Instagram, users can also watch the life of celebrities.

How Instagram works and basic concepts

Instagram is an application on the phone and therefore is controlled exclusively through a smartphone.

Followers– Followers

The number of followers or followers indicates how many people are following you on Instagram.

Followings– Tracking

The number of followings or watches indicates the number of people you watch.

Instagram Story or Instagram Stories

The format of posts (video or photo) that disappear after 24 hours and appears when you click on a user’s profile photo

Instagram Story Highlights– Stored Instagram Stories

Stored Instagram Stories (Insta Stories) that appear below the label in the user profile.

Insta Story Live Stream

Insta Stories broadcast live.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

A standalone application integrated into Instagram to compete with Youtube. Users can upload up to 10 minutes of video to it.

How to Successful Instagram in Brief

This article is not about building a successful Instagram, so we will only address this issue in depth. However, getting followers is a prerequisite for more earnings.  The number of followers is one of the main indicators of the success of your instagram profile.

Quality photo and unified profile

The basis for success on Instagram is the publication of high-quality photos that will appeal to other users, accompanied by interesting or fun text.

Most of the famous Instagram accounts are therefore devoted to photo editing (the vast majority use Lightroom ) and take pictures on quality cameras.

Not only should individual photos be good, but you should also strive for a unified profile. And not only thematically, but also visually. In general, you should stick to one main theme and a uniform visual appearance.

Hashtags will help you make posts visible

The choice of hashtags (a word or phrase marked with “#”) used to indicate a keyword is more important than we all think. Hashtags can help you make your post more visible.

Hashtags should be relevant to content . If you post a holiday post in Greece, you can add hashtags such as #added #greece or #greece.

You can mark up to 30 hashtags at the most, but the ideal number for the Instagram algorithm is 11.

Instagram rewards active users

If you are not active on Instagram yourself, ie. you are not looking at foreign Stories, you are not responding to posts and do not like them, Instagram knows it. And Instagram prefers active users – user activity = money for Instagram.

So if you want to succeed on Instagram, you have to communicate with other users – like their photos and commenting.

How to start earning money on Instagram

And we’re finally there. In this section, we’ll show you ways to start earning money on Instagram. As we mentioned at the beginning, you usually don’t need ten thousand or even hundreds of thousands of followers to start earning on Instagram.

You can start with a few hundred followers. It is important to build a community of relevant followers and keep in touch with them.

How much does it cost?

Many brands and Instagramers are proof that more than money, Instagram will cost you a lot of time . If you invest sufficient care in your account, you will grow. The biggest investment you will have to make will be to make quality photos and, if necessary, edit them.

How long will Instagram earn you?

It really depends on many aspects. Most people do not earn anything for the first months of marketing with Instagram. Instagram is more of a long-distance run than a sprint. But the moment you reach the finish line, you can go back all your efforts many times.

1) Influencer marketing and collaboration

Most people will introduce cooperation with brands under earning on Instagram. Influencer is building a reputation on social networks by sharing quality and value with their followers.

It can be focused on almost anything that people are interested in . Weight loss, fitness, recipes and travel are popular. The brands then pay for taking pictures and spinning their products.

You may be wondering, but you don’t need tens of thousands of followers to work with. We got our first collaboration at a time when I had only 1,700 followers and I know people who get even under 1000 followers. How is it possible?

They have either a very read blog (like in our case) or have a very narrow target group and can sell it. I know a young lady who focuses on mothers with children, has just about 1100 followers, but she has dozens of comments from other mothers at each post!  You can read more about influencers in our next article.

How to determine the price

The price is very individual and matter It’s on your negotiation skills. However, up to 5000 followers are mostly the prices of several hundred.

2) Instagram application

If you are not able to negotiate any cooperation yet, you can connect to an application that links influencers to tags. There are several applications.

You earn rewards by the number of followers and by the number of likes in the photo you have published for the selected campaign. For example, you can take part in a fitness center campaign for a free workout, take a photo from the fitness center and get paid for it! In Rewards, you get an average of $ 0.25 for each favor and $ 0.07 for each follower.

So if you have around 4500 followers and get 200-300 likes in the picture, Rewards will give you around 400 CZK.

3) Affiliate Marketing

You’ve probably read about affiliate marketing here, this is a great way to earn money on your blog and on social networks. Unlike influencer marketing, affiliate marketing is not about building brand awareness but about bringing sales.

It works quite simply, if someone buys you over the brand you are registered with, you get a commission from the sale. The affiliate program is for.

This is a bit more complicated on Instagram because you can’t post links to individual posts and can only upload to Instagram Stories if you have more than 10,000 followers. So you must place the link either in your profile or have a special code that your followers will use when purchasing. Usually, it is solved by discount code.

4) Selling your own product

If you are making bracelets, you are sewing beautiful clothes or you have written e-books, for example, you can sell it on Instagram. This social network is ideal for presenting almost any product that has a targeting somewhere between 18 and 30 years old.

5) Selling your own service

Skillful hairdressers, non-artists or photographers can not only get clients but also prestige via Instagram. I know a number of hairdressers who have become famous thanks to Instagram, have been full of months ahead, so they could afford to be 200% more expensive in 12 months!

This is not only true for the above, whether you do any creative activity, but you can also build a decent business around Instagram. The more visual, the greater your chances of success. Instagram is a great tool for presenting clever craftsmen as well as dentists.

6) Promoting your business

Those who already have their own business can use Instagram to promote it. Whether using your own Instagram or working with influencers. There are many brands that have seen huge growth thanks to Instagram. An example is the Czech manufacturer of natural cosmetics Renovality.

Attention, Instagram is not for everyone. It is still true that most users are under the age of 30, so if your product is targeting 50+, you may look for other channels.

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