How To Add Events / Reminders On Windows Calendar 10

Reminders On Windows: Now you can add events or reminders on the Windows 10 calendar. Previously, there were no such options in the Windows 10 taskbar calendar, but now it is available natively.

In this tutorial, we discuss how to add events on the Windows 10 taskbar calendar. You can choose one of the available calendars to add events or reminders. Besides being able to add events or reminders, you can also set the time for events and locations before adding them to the calendar. Previously, there was no such option on the Windows 10 calendar taskbar, but now it is available natively.

In the screenshot I added below, you can see that adding the event feature is visible in the Windows 10 calendar taskbar. Before you try this feature, please note that this feature is present in the preview build 18912 from Windows 10.

How To Add Events / Reminders On Windows Calendar 10
How To Add Events / Reminders On Windows Calendar 10

So, you can try this feature now only if Windows Agan has a preview of that build or a higher build preview. Also, a command line tool is needed to activate this hidden feature. In this article will discuss everything to activate and use this feature.

How to Add Events / Reminders on Windows Calendar 10

Here are the steps you should take so you can add events / reminders on your Windows 10 calendar:

Step 1: First, download the command line tool named ” Mach2 ” from here . You can download x64 or x86 zip files from this tool according to your PC requirements. Extract the zip archive.

Step 2: Open the CMD (Command Prompt) window as an administrator.

Step 3: Copy the mach2 application path and paste it in the CMD window. Continue with your command and add ” enable 21088047 “. So, the complete command is more or less like this: the path of mach2.exe is enabled 21088047 .

Run the command. After that, you may need to restart your PC.

Step 4: Click on the date and time that appears in the system tray. This will open Calendar. There you can see the ” Add an event or reminder ” box .

Use the box and add text for your event. As soon as you do it, more options will be visible to you. like:

  • Setting the duration of time for events / meetings / reminders.
  • Select the calendar using the drop down option, and
  • Use the Save button to save the entry.

Red Thread: Adding events to the calendar using the Windows 10 taskbar calendar is indeed a good feature and is very useful for many users. You need to wait a little to get this feature in a stable release. You can try this feature now if you have used the required version of Windows 10.

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