For now, we wonder how far is the intelligence of a smartphone? It seems that Google Pixel smartphone owners in the future will be helped when they experience a car accident, because their Pixel smartphone will detect when a user has an accident and has the potential to ask for help from colleagues or family from your smartphone.

Android Q can detect when users have a Car Accident?
Android Q can detect when users have a Car Accident?

Android Q can detect when users have a Car Accident?

This is known thanks to the people at XDA who have justĀ  discovered the instructions for the feature in the latest beta for Android Q.

According to the discovery, they found a new Google application called the “Safety Hub” with various references made to car accidents. It also seems that references made indicate that it can be exclusively Pixel, which means that non-Pixel smartphones may not get features and can really help Google make their Pixel smartphones look more attractive.

Unfortunately for now it is unclear how this feature will work and how a smartphone might be able to find out if a user has a car accident. It may be possible to rely on a sensor such as an accelerometer to find out if the device suddenly stops, or it can also rely on a microphone to pick up sounds that might sound like an accident.

Although there is no mention of what will happen if the smartphone detects a car accident, but as we said, we imagine that it can be used for help, similar to how falling detection Apple Watch can help ask for help if the user does not respond immediately.


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