Another Ways A Youtuber Gets Money From Youtube

Youtubers can make a lot of billions of money through traffic videos that are played with the camera and the ability to speak. Then the question arises, how do they get money from YouTube?

Another ways a youtuber gets money from youtube
Another ways a youtuber gets money from youtube

AdSense or advertisements that are displayed before the video plays may be the first that crosses your mind. But are there other sources of income? Let’s discuss further.

Another ways a youtuber gets money from youtube

1. Merchandise

Some YouTubers are now starting to sell some merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, mugs, souvenirs, and so on. This method is considered capable of boosting the income of a YouTuber. The merchandise sold also highlights the identity of YouTuber itself.

Together with its membership launch, YouTube also launched a merchandise sales feature. Through this feature, YouTubers are easier to manage sales from the merchandise they produce.

2. Link Affiliation

Some brands that endorse YouTubers usually enter their link on their account or website. And if this link is “clicked”, it will definitely increase the number of views of YouTubers who will automatically increase their income .

Aside from the total view, YouTubers can also get the items they “unboxing” for free and are entitled to get a share of the profit from the sale of the product they are reviewing around 5-20%.

3. Advertising

Another way to get money from YouTube is to look for alternative advertising media. Besides Google Adsense, there are still other advertising media that provide income from videos that you have uploaded on YouTube such as AdRev, Fullscreenmedia, VidGenX, Film Section, and Maker Studio.

The requirement to be able to join the alternative monetization is not difficult because you only need to have a PayPal account because all payments through PayPal and calculating revenue sharing commissions (revenue sharing).

4. Offline Tour

If you are a musician or a stand-up comedian who is also a YouTuber you can hold an Offline Tour to supplement your income. You can work with several parties including the Event Organizer. You can also hold the program inside and outside the city. Work while traveling.

But not only someone who is a musician or stand-up comedian can do an offline tour, if you are a sports activist, sports coach, observer of animals, and whatever it is can also organize offline tours in a unique way that you can create yourself.

5. Cooperation Sponsorship

Next is to establish sponsorship cooperation with famous brands to be able to enter their products to be reviewed and marketed through your YouTubemu account, either directly or indirectly.

It is like you are a television channel that opens advertisements for famous brands . Videos made can review the product or you can use the product and insert the brand name in the ongoing video.

An example of a well-known YouTuber who pays money from their videos is Ryan ToysRiview who reviews toy products with well-known brands. Because of its popularity, Walmart, which is one of the largest department stores in the world, also requested its services.

The amount of funds that you can get from this sponsorship collaboration can be 10 times the amount you get from Google Adsense.

6. TV Series Products

You can also produce mini TV Series or Web Series. You can explore your ability to act, become a director, become cinematography, or become an expert in the world of cinema. Through this TV Series, it will add to your experience before plunging into the top film industry.

After your production is complete, then increase the audience, make another TV Series, and continue to improve the quality of your film. If it’s done, you can submit a sponsorship or work with other top brands for their promo purposes, so that your income will continue to grow.

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