Backup Of WhatsApp On Google Drive Will Be Soon

WhatsApp users can back up without worrying about the Google Drive storage quota starting in November. WhatsApp brings together billions of users. You have probably done thousands of conversations since the first use of the social network.

Backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive Will Be Soon
Backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive Will Be Soon

To keep email conversations, it’s done through Google Drive. But given the tons of conversations, you need to archive and keep, Google Drive may not be able to meet your needs. To satisfy the billions of users who want to have conversations on the social network when they need it, you will be able to save outside Google Drive. So you can keep everything in Google’s cloud.

Backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive Will Be Soon

After the update is deployed in November, conversations stored on Google Drive that are more than a year old will be permanently deleted. WhatsApp therefore invites users to make a backup of their conversations before November.

To make a backup manually just go to the “Settings” of the email application, then ” Discussions “, then “Backup discussions” and choose the option “back up” to perform the backup.

Google Drive settings can be changed in the mobile app owned by Facebook. The goal is to program an automatic backup.

Unlike other instant messaging applications, the latter does not offer backup in home servers. But with the arrival of the update in November, users can make as much backup without consuming space on Google Drive.

Good news for the users since the data backups of the application can be done without worrying about the available storage space on Google Drive.

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