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Anime Download Sites: Now, anime is a spectacle that is much-loved by all groups, both still small, teenagers and adults. When watching an anime, most people tend to download it first instead of streaming . Because downloading an anime file first saves a quota to watch it again, while also adding to the anime collection.

7 Best and Complete Sub Indo Anime Download Sites
7 Best and Complete Sub Indo Anime Download Sites

For those of you who want to immediately download your favorite anime, AyGek will provide recommendations on the best anime download sites and the most complete Indonesian subtitles . You don’t need to worry, because this site will provide a variety of anime choices that are still running or are finished .

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1. Oploverz

Surely you are no stranger to the most popular anime, One Piece . Most people who want to watch or download One Piece anime will go directly to the Oploverz website.

Not only One Piece anime is on Oploverz, you can also download a variety of the latest and updated anime. Oploverz has a very good performance because it provides a newly released anime quickly with high video quality.

2. Samehadaku

Samehadaku is known to be the best anime download site since the phenomenal anime boom, Naruto Shippuden . After the Naruto anime series was finished, Samehadaku continued to improve both in terms of appearance, completeness of the video and quickly update various selected anime.

In Samehadaku not only provides a variety of the latest and longest anime series, but there is a choice of manga, anime movies to the best anime songs.

3. AwSubs

AwSubs is an old anime download site that provides a complete collection of anime both ongoing and finished. Especially you who want to find a short anime series in the romance genre, AwSubs can be the best site for downloading anime.

The drawback of this site is the number of advertisements that pile up, so you have to be patient when downloading anime on AwSubs. But it can make the AwSubs site owner continue to grow and provide several anime quickly and completely.

4. IndoXXI

IndoXXI is known to be the best movie download site. It turns out that IndoXXI opens new opportunities by providing a variety of anime that are ready to be downloaded. IndoXXI also provides a variety of complete and updated anime.

Although still relatively new in providing anime, IndoXXI provides the best comfort for visitors. You can watch anime or download anime quickly because the site display is minimal in advertising.

5. Nekonime

Nekonime is included in the ranks of anime download sites and watching anime streaming with the best Indonesian subtitles. Clean and fast display, minimal adverts are the hallmarks of the Nekonime site. You will find many anime choices here, starting with those that are still running and those that have already been completed.

Interestingly, you can request anime on Nekonime if the anime of your choice is not available here. Especially for lovers of anime romance who have short and new episodes, you can request directly at Nekonime.

6. Lucynime

Lucynime is the right place when you want to look for ongoing anime this season such as tate no yusha, kaguya-sama love is war, dororo, and so on. Interestingly, you can download anime batches where you can download several episodes at once without downloading one episode at a time in the anime.

This site also provides a good and complete anime. Unfortunately the many advertisements on this site will be a little annoying.

7. NimeGami

Nimegami is a Fanshare place to download free Indonesian subtitles anime. Here it provides various mkv and mp4 anime video formats and video quality from 240p to 720p HD. Excellence in this site provides anime, especially romance with forms per video or batch. The appearance of the site is made as light as possible so that visitors are not disturbed when searching for the desired anime.

The final word

That’s a complete sub-indo anime download sites that provides a variety of anime videos in the form of episodes or batch units .

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