Boring tendencies among bloggers

Recently, it has almost exploded with new blogs on the Internet again, while I sit here and see that there is a tendency among bloggers to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Bloggersdelight, and as well as many other blog networks are start sites not career blogs

You almost see a high status about these blog networks as if it is big to become part of the community. It can also be a good help to start with until you have got a fixed amount of followers that you can take over on your own domain and become master or lady in your own house.

Blog network serves the box of the traffic you are supplying to them and they do minimal to obtain the traffic, unlike YOU who sit and write, take pictures, record video, and so on. 
Make your blog interesting to visit while the network is just sitting and counting advertising / subscription dollars.

At the same time, most of these networks limit your approach to improving your blog’s seo score on your own, you are forced to use a template / theme that looks like all the others who only personally made the few images you can change to give your blog a little personal pre.

The 6 best advice I can give anyone who really wants to blog is:

  1. Buy your own web hotel with your own domain (Not for cheap 20+ DKK per month, I strongly recommend  for DKK 348 per year)
  2. Installs WordPress  –  It is not wildly difficult and there are lots of guides to get it up and running quickly.
  3. Find a nice responsive design , buy one at Themeforest or – Then you are guaranteed a quality theme that is often optimized for seo in advance.
  4. Make sure you blog about something you have a passion for and not just what everyone else does, a unique blog with unique content, you will in the long run bring with you in the search engines rather than “Today’s Outfit” like all the others ?or whatever it may be.
  5. When you start blogging, it is important you search to install some analysis on your blog for example. Google Analytics – But for the first time you just have to install and forget that it is because it takes time to get on Google.
  6. Create a facebook page for your blog and share links with a small teaser on the page every time you write a new post and write a little status update occasionally so as not to make it too boring.

It’s not difficult to start a blog, 
the hard thing is to continue blogging. 
It is characterized by a blogger.

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