Browser Extensions | You Must know How To Install Thease?

Browser extensions have thus been available for a long time – although many do not know about this type of software.

Browser Extensions | You must know how to install thease?

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is an extension of a piece of software (the browser) you have already installed. The browser is the program that you use to navigate the web.
Some extensions give you faster browsing while others add features or remove advertisements.
The most common browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Read more about browsers for mobiles (iPhone) .

Most browser extensions are developed by private individuals and companies that do not make the browser itself. There are also browser extensions developed by the company behind that browser.

What types of browser extensions are there?

The amount of browser extensions is huge, and more and more are being developed all the time.

The type of browser extensions is also evolving, so it now includes games and more app-like extensions. You can therefore find more of your favorite apps now as browser extensions.

Chromebooks are Google’s laptops, where the browser is the central operating system. That’s why there’s virtually everything you need in the form of apps or extensions. This applies, for example. add-ons, calculator, writing software, imaging programs, multiplayer games, online backup, etc.

The best browser extensions:

Magic Actions for Youtube – Magic Actions helps you to an improved version of Youtube. It contains many options for customizing Youtube. For example, you can do so that Youtube always plays the videos in 720p, 1080p, 2k or 4k.
You can make the white background black so that the white light does not cut you in the eyes. You can use the cinematic view feature if you don’t want full screen, but a larger screen than what Youtube usually offers.

Cite This For Me – As a student who has to write major academic assignments, it is often difficult to keep track of sources and where you are just pushing this specific quote. It helps this extension to you. If you find something on the web, which you have doubts about where it came from, then this extension can guide you to the author at the source.

Adblock – Adblock is one of your most famous add-ons available to all browsers in many different versions. In all its simplicity, Adblock blocks advertisements on websites and in Youtube movies. There are many different add-ons that have this feature, but Adblock is the most widely used.
Bonus info: Are you tired of Spotify advertising? Then you can avoid them without paying for Premium if you install an adblocker and use Spotify’s web player instead of the program.

Grammarly – The extension that spells for you (in English). An absolutely brilliant extension if you write assignments, emails or anything else in English. It corrects both misspellings and sentence errors.
These are just a few of the many brilliant extensions that exist. These are selected to show the wide range of extensions that exist.

A good idea before installing an extension is to check whether the extension has received good reviews or whether it has received any remarks. You can often look at the browser’s official extension page, but otherwise do a search online.
However, you must be aware that extensions have to slow down the speed of your browser, so if you want lightning-fast Internet browsing , be careful with the number of plugins.

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