Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancing

Freelance work is a feasible option to make easy bucks. Once you understand how to earn through freelancing, it could even turn into a full-time business. Unfortunately, many people get frustrated at their starting, because of some spam and bad advice on how to make money freelancing.

Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancing
Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancin

Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancing

In addition to a great way to make extra money, freelance can be your 9 to 5 rat race ticket. Not that you can quit work after you start your freelance online business. In fact, you may find yourself working even longer hours than a traditional job.

In order to help you increase your freelance income and avoid the mistakes most freelancers make, we have found quick ways to make money freelancing.

Choose a Niche

When you are starting freelancing, you may feel ready to accept ay paid job you may have in your hands. For a secured freelancing career, you will have to become more strategic about the types of work you do and the clients you hire. Because when you specialize, you become an expert in a specific area, and experts can charge more for their specialized services.

The more specific you are about the services you offer, the better. Not only will it help you stand out, but also it will allow you to control how potential customers perceive you and give you the opportunity to continue building your portfolio in the direction you want to move.

Create a High-Quality Portfolio Site

One of the best ways to demonstrate your technical skills is to have your own amazing portfolio site. If you want to be taken seriously as a new freelancer, you will need a website that:

  • Says who you are
  • Shows your skills and expertise
  • Highlights of relevant past experiences
  • It contains your contact information so that potential customers can easily find you.

The goal of his portfolio is to educate, generate interest, and convince potential clients that they will want to choose it for their technical needs. That is why it is worth investing time to decide what should appear in your portfolio and how it should be displayed before you start looking for new projects.

Apply for High-Probability Freelancing Job

Well, there are many jobs available on UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and so on. What we need to do here is apply for as many jobs as possible. It is the most critical issue to consider to make money freelancing.

As you have already decided what service you are going to offer, search for relevant job posts. The most significant issue to keep in mind is that finding the right client. It is as important as finding the right job.

  • Here’s how to tell if you’re on the right track:
  • The client values your opinion
  • Sees you as an expert
  • Is very clear about what they want
  • Seeks for your guidance

Send your Freelancing Proposals

You make a very specific and elaborate proposal for each position you are applying for. If you don’t, your proposal will be lost in the mix. Yes, it takes much more time and energy, but your success rate will be much higher (and you will probably get better-paying jobs).

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Use your name
  • Use directed language
  • Include testimonials
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality
  • Focus on your relevant experience
  • Show the value you will bring
  • End with a powerful call to action

Negotiate Properly with Your Client

At this point, if the customer likes you, you will have to make the deal. There may be some others that the client is also considering. The most important thing is not to treat this like a traditional job interview.

If the client begins to assault you with questions and treats you as an employee to hire, this may not be appropriate, Of course, there are exceptions, but clients who generally do this won’t see you as the expert.

Remember, as a freelancer, you have the opportunity of directly working with clients. If someone doesn’t seem like a good candidate, don’t push them, just skip to the next job.

After the Work is Done!

Wrap it with a bow and take it out of the water. This is the mindset you need to have if you want to turn a single client into a lifelong customer. If you do this, chances are you will be asked to do more work.

If not, be sure to leave the door open and touch the base with them from time to time. Add them to your contact list and ask for their permission if you can sign off and get another client. Instead of bothering you, they’ll be delighted that you make sure they can ask for help when they need it for your next project. Ask for a good review and take testimonials if needed.

In Conclusion

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want to do. The beauty of make money freelancing is that you can try out all kinds of niches and different professions in no time! If you don’t like what you’re doing, just try something else. Best of Luck!

Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide

Aptoide is today the alternative Android application store to the most popular Play Store for Android. It boasts tens of thousands of apps, and their number is constantly growing, it is in fact a beautiful reality in continuous expansion.

Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide
Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide

For many it is the first choice in terms of alternative markets for Android, but many are still unfortunately not yet familiar with it. And this article is our always available version of the Aptoide guide.

Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide

It is an alternative store that collects the apps available for Android and allows you to download and install them; a bit like the Play Store which is instead the official Android app store. Despite the appearance, the store works very differently from the Play Store and the Amazon App Shop, centralized services with its own servers and a single content distributor (Google in the first case, Amazon in the second).

Aptoide: how exactly does it work?

Before we see how to use Aptoide, we need to talk about exactly what it is. Unlike the others it is a distributed service, in which anyone can become a content distributor: this is possible thanks to its repository-based structure, typical of Linux package managers. The name also underlines this nature and difference, as it is made up of APT that wants to remember the default package manager of Debian-based distributions, and OIDE is the ending of Android.

The clients and servers of this open store communicate thanks to a protocol also open based on xml.

This store is very interesting because it has become the home of many apps rejected by the Google and Amazon stores, also inside there are many modified apps (without advertising or with purchases in unlocked aptoid apps).

Is Aptoide legal?

You often ask us this question, the answer about the store itself can only be yes, the store itself is perfectly legal. This app market is not present on the Play Store just because the Google policy expressly prohibits any alternative store (not even the Amazon App Shop is present on the Play Store).

This alternative market is therefore perfectly legal when you install it, the same cannot be said of all repositories or stores (based on how you decide to call them). In fact, there are several stores that contain modified apps or games (to give free purchases or to enable tricks), pirated apps, or paid apps distributed free of charge without any authorization from the authors.

So it’s up to you, you can use it for what is the home of excellent free apps left by Google outside its store, or you can decide to use illegal repo and download apps and games without a license.

Is Aptoide safe?

The answer is yes even if the situation is complex. In fact, it has a valid integrated antimalware  (Aptoide Sentinel)  that scans the inserted apps, unfortunately, it is really difficult to keep up with all the apps that are loaded continuously. So the team created a way to let users know which apps are safe because they are controlled, and which the user downloads at their own risk.

Now the apps are divided into three categories those with the badge that identifies them as safe (as in the image), these have been scanned and have not shown any suspicious behavior. The second category is that of the app with the warning, these apps have been scanned, and even if a virus has not been found they have something that makes them suspect. The last category is the apps marked as unknow, these have not yet been scanned.

If you want to make sure you don’t catch viruses, it’s best to download only apps that are marked as safe.

How do the different versions differ?

There are three different versions, each designed to better meet a slice of its audience.

There is the canonical standard version, complete and effective. A lite version lightened for older devices and capable of taking up much less memory. A version for Android TV and tvbox, suitable for use by remote control.

The three clients are completely an aspect that doesn’t hurt at all.

How do you install Aptoide?

As you may have guessed, this alternative app store deserves to be on your Android smartphone or tablet. It is simple to install. Download the updated apk from the following lite links:

How do you add repositories?

To take full advantage of this alternative market it will be necessary to install new repositories. Immediately after the installation, you will find yourself configured and enabled only the apps repo, which is very populated. But let’s see how to add more to enjoy many more alternatives.

Adding repositories (also called stores) is far from complicated. Just go to the store tab and tap on the Add more store item.

In the window that will open you can proceed in two ways: by directly entering the address of the store (you can take it below where we have compiled a list of recommended stores) or by tapping on the item Look at the best stores. If you choose this option you will be taken to the Top repos section of the site where you can conveniently select the ones that are right for you.

Another simple way is to scroll the HOME screen until you reach the Top Stores item, then just tap on MORE  to be able to easily choose and enable all the major repositories.

In the repositories there are many apps available, to always have the best on your device you can check our selection of tips.

List of the best repositories (Aptoide repos Download)

  • http://androides.com/repo/apk
  • http://antarido.aptoide.org
  • http://afshar.aptoide.org
  • http://repoman.aptoide.org
  • http://nicvolk86.aptoide.org
  • http://apps.bazaarandroid.com/
  • http://atalanta1907.aptoide.org
  • http://repoman.aptoide.org
  • http://yohanes.aptoide.org
  • http://sorbaioli.org/repo
  • http://megamaxy.aptoide.org
  • http://nicvolk86.aptoide.org
  • http://repo2.altMarket.mobi
  • http://www.beyazkahraman.com/repo
  • http://bazaar.aptoide.org
  • http://onairda.store.aptoide.com
  • http://htcsense.store.aptoide.com
  • http://darkkiller.store.aptoide.com
  • http://italian.store.aptoide.com
  • http://androidvinotinto.aptoide.org
  • http://apps.store.aptoide.com
  • http://afshar.aptoide.org
  • http://mark8.store.aptoide.com
  • http://yohanes.aptoide.org
  • http://afshar.aptoide.org
  • http://repo2.altMarket.mobi

How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren

Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren: Smartfren presents a SmartPoin loyalty program inside the MySmartfren application. Through SmartPoin, Smartfren loyal customers can get a variety of benefits, ranging from participating in the Smartfren.

How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren
How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren

WOW Sweepstakes that have prizes for houses, cars, Vespa and hundreds of other prizes, to get various discounts for coffee and favorite foods, to pulses and also internet packages.

How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren

How to get SmartPoin is also very easy, every customer buys an internet package on the MySmartfren application, Gallery, or credit outlet, then you will immediately get points. Even if you make phone calls and text messages, you will also get points immediately.

The amount of points earned varies according to how much internet credit is purchased or how long and also the number of phone calls or SMS you make.

Then how to exchange SmartPoin? The following steps are steps:

1. Download, install or update the MySmartfren application via Google Play or Appstore to the latest version.

2. After it’s installed, register and log in with your Smartfren number.

3. At the start screen, information will appear about your number and the amount of your Smartpoint.

4. Tap the SmartPoin icon in the bottom center, or click the SmartPoin text above the My Package text, after which the SmartPoin option will appear.

5. Tap the Redeem Points option and your SmartPoin details will appear, as well as attractive offers from SmartPoin.

6. There are 6 offers to choose from, from Lifestyle, Credit, Packages, Shopping, Lucky Draw and also WOW Deals.

7. Select the offer you want then tap on the points exchange section.

8. If your SmartPoin has been successfully exchanged for a coupon, you will be notified that the exchange has been successful and you can see the coupon on the Coupons menu.

To join the program, simply activate your Smartfren Card, download the MySmartfren application and exchange SmartPoin to enjoy the benefits of this program. Prizes will be drawn every month.

How to Buy Electricity Tokens Online Through BCA Internet Banking

After the successful list of BCA internet banking, this time I will try to use it to buy electricity tokens online through BCA internet banking, even though the actual electricity pulses at home are still quite enough for 2 weeks but I want to know what the steps are, so I deliberately tried to buy with a small nominal that is 20 thousand.

Buy Electricity Tokens Online Through BCA Internet Banking
Buy Electricity Tokens Online Through BCA Internet Banking

For the record, purchasing of tokens pln through BCA whether through BCA banking, ATM or internet banking will incur a bank admin fee of 2,500 so make sure your savings balance is sufficient. In addition to being able to make purchases or transfers, you must register for internet banking and have a key BCA first, if you don’t have one, please come to the nearest branch office.

Well for those who don’t know the steps to buy prepaid electricity tokens via Klik BCA individually or internet banking, please refer to the following guidelines.

How to buy electricity tokens online through BCA Internet Banking

  1. Open the kikBCA Internet Banking page then enter user id and pin.
  2. Then select the Purchase menu.
  3. Select Prepaid PLN.
  4. Then in the NO METER / IDPEL column enter the meter number or id of the PLN customer, if you don’t know, you can look at the electricity meter at home then look at the numbers with barcodes.
  5. Activate KeyBCA by pressing the red button then enter the PIN.
  6. Then select APPLI 2.
  7. Enter the 8 digit number that appears on the screen on the Klik BCA page into the key BCA tool.
  8. Then enter the number that appears on key BCA into the APPLI KEYBCA RESPONSE 2 column, then select the Continue button.
  9. Choose the nominal electric token, for example, 20,000 and so on then select the Send button.
  10. Activate key BCA again then select APPLI 1 by pressing number 1.
  11. Enter the number that appears on key BCA in the APPLI KEYBCA RESPONSE 1 column, then select the Send button.
  12. If the purchase of electricity credit at Klik BCA is successful, a prepaid PLn purchase transaction notification page will appear that has finished processing and to see the token code, check on the STROOM / TOKEN section.
  13. After the token code appears, you should immediately record it, or if you do not have time to record it then want to see the code again, it can be done from the Transaction History menu and then select the transaction that you have done, and you will see the code again in the stroom/token section.

Actually, if you pay attention to how to buy electricity tokens online through BCA internet banking, this is almost the same step as when buying pulses at the different KlikBCA, just selecting the menu.

That’s a little guide based on personal experience when buying electricity pulses through an individual KlikBCA using a savings account in the Xpresi stages.




Benefits That Make eChecksa Necessity for Businesses

If you have any idea what running a business is like, be it that you’re an owner, co-owner, or are simply interested in starting one yourself, then you have definitely heard of or used an eCheck. It’s not a very complicated concept. Instead of using the old-school, chequebook papers, everything is done virtually.

Benefits That Make eChecksa Necessity for Businesses

This article explores all the good aspects of these online paying methods and how they can impact your entrepreneurship positively. For instance, we bet you didn’t know that using an eCheck can bring you a load of gambling offers. Browse the extensive list of eCheck casinos from casinobonusca.com and see for yourself.

Benefits That Make eChecksa Necessity for Businesses
Benefits That Make eChecksa Necessity for Businesses

Gambling is not the only type of gaming in which virtual checks are used for their convenience and their way of attracting offers. Video games, most of which have in-game buys (purchases of mods done after you’ve bought the actual game), may also add up on the potential surprises, if you make your purchase purely virtual.

Check out the best 2020 open world games and make a smart, informed choice and also read on to see why it’s wise to use this payment method, especially in business.

They are safe for the environment. One of the most pressing issues we’re facing so far, in our current time, is climate change. And one of the easiest ways to slowly turn the game into our favor is by consuming less paper, plastic and other materials. They cost a lot to make, their processing pollutes and most of them are not recycled. Since eChecks are totally virtual, all these issues are completely disparaged.

They are safe for the environment
They are safe for the environment

They are cost-efficient. This feature is related to the previous one. Since it takes no physical resource to print, fill and send the check, it also means that your business will reduce its spendingon these unused materials. Consequently, there is more money to give employees and invest in other aspects that you think are arduous.

They are more secure. Since the online world and its activities are taking more out of our time, there is no surprise that online security keeps increasing. It’s getting better and larger and the estimates that it would reach the $124 billion were not far off. Thus, receiving and sending eChecks is always under the guarantee of increased security.

They are more secure
They are more secure

They are economical. A quick browse on online products and services will bring forth the fact that eChecks are advisable when you want to skip through a load of possible fees. Banks apply such extra steps to international transfers, monetary exchange, or other similar situations. By contrast with the classical payment options, the online ones have less additional small payments. Obviously, this saves you money, especially if your field of work makes a lot of transfers on the daily.

They are time efficient. This is especially true if you’re working or own a space that operates mostly online. The money will always flow to and from your work because you use it for your salaries, utilities, basic needs etc. If you choose to pay online versus the classic way, the pending and processing time frames are reduced considerably. This increases the cash flow, contributing to a better economy, and it’s also great for the people that you hired as well as for your partners and affiliates. Nobody hates when cash arrives early to their account.

They bring you more customers. If you are now creating a product or working towards delivering a service, then your pool of customers will definitely increase when you add eChecks as a possible way to receive money from your customers. Let’s face it, some people are more conservative and want to only use their debit/credit cards, while some other folks embrace the new ways of payment. Make sure that your business adapts to all tastes.

They integrate well in the digitalized world. It is no use to try to fight the way we’re all evolving: we shop online, order food online, meet up online, play, and socialize there, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. To use ways of transferring money using all online methods is just a smart move to grow yourself and your business and get ready for the future.

They integrate well in the digitalized world
They integrate well in the digitalized world

Since eChecks are so versatile and help ease a lot of problems, we consider a necessity to have them at least as an option, if not fully integrated into your business. Now that you know all the compartments that would greatly benefit from them, it’s time to get informed and get working on it!

How to Use the Grabfood Promo Code

Welcome to the article about Grabfood Promo Code List which will give you information on all the latest discount codes and grabfood discount codes. This article will discuss in full about grab Indonesian promo code that you can use for grabfood discount promo codes for new users and old users in the Indonesian Grab application.

How to Use the Grabfood Promo Code
How to Use the Grabfood Promo Code

The grabfood promo code takes the form of a grabfood discount voucher that you can use for the latest grabfood codes and discounts on grab food orders available in the grab application.

The meaning of the Grabfood Promo Code

Grabfood Discount Promo Code is the latest grabfood discount voucher given by grab to the grab users in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply in using the grabfood service.

Grabfood discount promo code is one of the features of grab specifically for grab application users to use grabfood promo codes and grabfood discount vouchers so that they get a discount or discount when using grabfood services.

List of the Latest Grabfood Promo Codes

To get grabfood promo discounts and discounts on grabfood in accordance with applicable terms and conditions, please read the Grabfood Promo Code review below.

Latest Grabfood Vouchers Applicable Grabfood Voucher Code
Exclusive GrabFood promo 50% off 2020 MAKANCERIAOVO
Grabfood Voucher 30% off 2020 FREE
Discount vouchers up to 40% off for ordering food 2020 FOR MUCH
Special promotions get 30% discount 2020 FOOD

How to use the Grabfood Promo Code

To use the grabfood promo code in Eztekno, just copy one of the grabfood voucher codes that you want through your smartphone.

Then open the latest grab application on your cellphone. Open the Grabfood menu and select the food you want. Before ordering food at grabfood, make sure you have adjusted your delivery position accordingly.

Furthermore, when in payment information and total food prices and delivery, you will see the available voucher column. Select the Promo menu and enter the grabfood voucher code that you copied earlier.

After that, you will see the total cost of food prices and shipping prices that have implemented a grabfood voucher. If the grabfood voucher cannot or expired, try another grabfood discount code.

Benefits of Grabfood Voucher Codes

By using a grabfood voucher, you will have the opportunity to experience promos, discounts, and discounts from the grabfood code that you apply in the grab application.

Grabfood discount promotions will usually vary. Sometimes you have to be a new user of grab, but there is also a grabfood code for old members.

Some are specifically for ovo payments, but some are for cash payments. Grabfood promo vouchers themselves also vary, some are shipping discounts, some are cutting prices from food.

Conditions for Using Grabfood Vouchers

As mentioned above, there is a grabfood voucher code specifically for old and new users, and also for ovo or cash payments.

You can see the terms and conditions for using grabfood vouchers by directly entering the grabfood voucher code into the promotion column when you are in grabfood payment information.

You must meet these terms and conditions in order to use the applicable grabfood voucher. If you have successfully implemented a grabfood voucher code, you can immediately order your food at the grabfood service.

Payment from Grabfood Promo

You should also pay attention to what payments apply to use the promo from grabfood. Sometimes you will find a grabfood voucher code that requires you to use OVO payments.

Not infrequently you also require cash payments to be able to try from grabfood promos like discounted food prices, or discounts from grabfood delivery.

OVO payment is very easy to do, because basically OVO will automatically connect to your grab application. When grabfood is complete, your OVO balance will automatically be deducted according to the price in the grab application.

As for the cash payment method, you simply give money to the driver with the appropriate nominal in your grab application.

How to Get Grabfood Voucher Codes

You will find all grabfood voucher codes that are still valid and can be used in this article. If there is a voucher code from the latest grabfood, it will be updated as soon as possible in this article.

So, you stay in this article periodically to get grabfood discount vouchers and free postage from grabfood and other promos distributed by grab.

Besides that, did you know that grabfood opens up your opportunities as a food entrepreneur to work with grabs? You can register your food business to grab to be included in the grabfood service.

How To Withdraw Paypal Balance to Jenius

A few tutorials to Withdraw Paypal Balance to Jenius / Make a withdrawal of funds from Paypal to the jenius of BTPN. Hopefully, it is useful and there are no problems when disbursing PayPal balance PayPal to Jenius using the tutorial above.

How To Withdraw Paypal Balance to Jenius
How To Withdraw Paypal Balance to Jenius

Jenius provides tons of features that you can use. Aside from being a recipient bank of PayPal, one of the other features is the jenius of providing credit cards and virtual credit cards that can be used for PayPal verification. Jenius also provides a free quota for sending money to other banks without fees/taxes.

If you don’t have a jenius account, you must first download the Android/iPhone jenius application. After you have downloaded the jenius application on your cellphone.

How to Withdraw Paypal Balance to Jenius BTPN

After you have registered yourself with jenius and have verified it, now is a tutorial to withdraw your PayPal balance to jenius. In addition to jenius, you can also withdraw Paypal funds to Jenius and can withdraw PayPal balances to funds.

1. Add a BTPN Jenius Account to Paypal

The first step you have to do is add the jenius account that you use to place the balance withdrawal from PayPal. Please open the paypal.com website then log in using your PayPal account. After that click on the Add bank account or card section then selects Connect Bank Account.

2. Linking a Jenius Account to Paypal

Next, your second step will be shown a form that you must fill in to link your jenius account to PayPal. In the first column is the Bank Name, which must be filled with BANK BTPN. Then in the second column, fill in the Bank Code with 2130101.

The last column is the account number, how do you know the account number from jenius? The jenius account number can be found on your jenius account profile. Open your jenius profile, then in the profile menu, there will be a column labeled No. The account above the $ Cashtag column. No.

The account is the account number of your Jenius BTPN. Not only to accept balances from PayPal, No. This account can also be used to receive balances from other banks.

If the bank data entry form has been filled in correctly, click on the Connect Your Bank button at the bottom.

3. Verification of Bank Additions

If your PayPal account has been verified with a telephone number, PayPal will send a verification SMS code to make sure whether you have added the bank in PayPal correctly.

After the SMS verification code has been received, enter the code into the column provided. If the verification code is correct, the addition of the jenius BTPN bank account was successful.

4. How to Withdraw Paypal Balance to Jenius BTPN

After you have successfully connected the jenius on your PayPal, it is time to withdraw the PayPal balance to the jenius. Paypal balance withdrawal to Jenius BTPN is the same as withdrawing PayPal balance to local banks as usual. But if it’s your first time withdrawing your PayPal balance and wants to know how, please follow the following tutorial below.

The first step is to enter your PayPal account, then on the front page of PayPal click on the Withdraw Funds menu.

Then select the BANK BTPN bank that was added in the previous step then click the Next button. Then please set how much the PayPal balance you wish to withdraw to jenius if you have clicked the Next button.

After that, you will be given a PayPal preview/bank balance to display again to make sure everything is correct.

If it feels right, click the Transfer button now to approve the withdrawal of PayPal balance to Jenius. The money will go into the Jenius BTPN account within 2 to 4 working days.

To withdraw PayPal balance to a bank above Rp. 1,500,000 / $ 100 will not be charged extra or without deduction. If under $ 100 PayPal will provide additional fees/fees for withdrawing the balance to the bank.

A few tutorials to send PayPal balance to Jenius / Make a withdrawal of funds from PayPal to the jenius of BTPN.

Hopefully, it is useful and there are no problems when disbursing PayPal balance/withdrawing PayPal to Jenius using the tutorial above.

WhatsApp Business Suitable for Online Shop Owners?

Whatsapp business has some excellent features that are not available in the regular version of WhatsApp, so it is suitable for online shop owners who still use WhatsApp to communicate with consumers or prospective buyers.

WhatsApp Business Suitable for Online Shop Owners?
WhatsApp Business Suitable for Online Shop Owners?

By using a business account on WhatsApp, communication with consumers will be easier, for example, we can set an auto-reply when a buyer sends a message, even we can also set a reply when there is an incoming message when the store closes so that potential buyers can immediately know when The shop is closing.

Another advantage of WhatsApp business is the fast reply feature where we can set the contents of the desired reply, for example, replies in the form of an online store account number, price, stock, and others so that we do not need to write many times when someone asks.

How to register WhatsApp Business

To create a business account is not much different from when creating a regular WhatsApp account, download the application from the Google Play Store and then register using an active mobile number.

Importantthe current account name on WhatsApp business cannot be changed so once you make it it will forever use the account name, so think carefully about the account name during the registration process.

After the account is created, then we can immediately make settings such as changing profile photos, determining business categories, hours of operation, or web pages by accessing the Settings menu – Business Settings.

From the same menu, we can also set greetings, messages outside working hours, or fast reply.

What are the WhatsApp business features?

  1. It can run in conjunction with ordinary WhatsApp, meaning we can install two WhatsApp namely the regular version and the business version on the same cellphone.
  2. Can register using a fixed line or cell phone number.
  3. There are features of quick reply, automatic reply, and greetings.
  4. On the profile page a business account description, business description, hours of operation, and a web page will appear.
  5. Account names (display names) cannot be changed like regular WhatsApp accounts.

Conclusion: WhatsApp business is very suitable for those who sell online and still use WhatsApp for communication, with this version communication becomes easier and faster because it is equipped with the automatic reply, fast reply, and other features.

Interestingly, this business version can be installed together with the regular version so if you want to install WhatsApp the business doesn’t need to replace/buy a new cellphone, just install it on the same cellphone and then create a business account.