Convert Google Presentation Into An Instagram Story

Convert Google Presentation: If there is a content format that has become popular in recent years, it is that of stories. First they were on Snapchat and then Instagram did the same and imitated the function, and now hundreds of millions of users use them to tell all kinds of things, so why not a presentation?

Convert Google presentation into an Instagram story
Convert Google presentation into an Instagram story

Convert Google presentation into an Instagram story

With TLDR Stories you can do just that, convert your Google Sheets presentations in Stories to Instagram style. It’s as simple as hitting the URL of your presentation, pressing the “Storify” button, and expecting the web to take care of the rest.

Convert Google presentation into an Instagram story

How it is used

Now, before using this tool you should keep in mind two important things:

  • Make your presentation public: For this you must click on the “Share” button from Google Sheets, select “Advanced” and in the section that says “Who has access” you must select “Public on the Web”.
  • The slides of your presentation should ideally have only one image, a title and a block of text.
  • If your presentation is not public, the site will give you an error message, sometimes you should wait a few minutes for the public state of your presentation to take effect.
  • If your presentation has more elements of the recommended and is more complex, you can try to see that it comes out , but as the app is in alpha version, it can go wrong.
  • Once the process is finished you will see your presentation in a history format in a unique URL. You can share that URL with whoever you want, because it is public, and it is displayed especially well on your mobile.

This tool is very interesting and an advantage of the format “history” is that it is ideal for the screen of our phones, to be thinking of vertical usually take better advantage of space.

And the other is that they tend to be consumed faster and more dynamically, much better than going through WhatsApp a PowerPoint file.

We made an example presentation and this was the result. The only disadvantage is that you can not download the images of your story in case you would like to share them via Instagram or Snapchat, but you can request the function, as they are working on improving the tool.

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