The Google Man Assistant is very practical in everyday life, it helps you to control your lights, your heating, to schedule your day, to launch music, etc. However, we must accept (especially for users who care about their privacy) that your assistant saves your voice requests on Google’s servers.

The good news is that Google Home will not record what you say, unless you say “Ok, Google” or “Hey Google” which will then start listening and saving.
Note that from July 2, the command “Dis Google” may no longer be recognized by the wizard.

Your voice will be recognized and the relevant information (keywords) formulated will be returned to the assistant for relaying. This information will be collected and stored on the cloud. In this article we explain how to delete the history of your voice commands and how to disable this feature.

Delete voice command history

Follow the 6 steps below.

  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • At the top of the page, you’ll find a Filter by date and product drop-down menu.
  • Clear the All items checkbox and select the Google Assistant and Voice and Audio
  • Activities checkboxes .
  • Click Apply .
  • To delete each item, simply click on the 3 vertical dots and then click on Delete .

If you want to delete them all at the same time, then under Filter by date, select the All period option , then click Delete .


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