Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

Digital Check-up Website: The huge potential of the online market is certainly very tempting. For business people who want to start or switch to an online business, there are usually two digital assets that are often used to market their products/services, namely websites and social media.

A website is a representation and gateway for business. What they see and how they interact will determine the success or failure of a website and online business.

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business
Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

“Many business people are conducting campaigns with large investment values ​​and are busy being talked about, but the campaign has not yielded profitable business returns,” Ryan said.

At the end of 2019, the party is inviting entrepreneurs working in online businesses to conduct digital check-ups of the main digital assets they have, namely the website. This is so that the marketing strategy can provide maximum results in the year 2020.

What are the benchmarks of the effectiveness of a website? How to measure it? Here are tips from Ryan Gondokusumo in conducting basic digital check-ups for the website:

1. Pay attention to the speed of opening the website (website load speed)

To present a shopping experience for potential buyers, businesses need to first pay attention to the speed of loading a page. It is unfortunate when a prospective buyer has been attracted by products offered through campaigns on social media but does not make transactions because the website is slow or difficult to access.

According to GT Metrix, the ideal website opening speed is under 6.8 seconds. To maximize speed, businesses need to ensure that the file size contained in web pages is as small as possible so that it does not burden prospective buyers.

One of the tools that can be used to make measurements is the GT Metrix which can be accessed at

2. Evaluate and update website security

Make sure your website has an SSL Certificate so that your personal information, credit card transactions, data transfers and data logins are maintained. Regular backups also need to be done to maintain website security. In addition, use a password with a variety of combinations and update it regularly.

3. Website design and content that represents the business brand

It is important to have a website design and content that represents your brand. Make sure that your website reflects and conveys the message about your business clearly in a language that is easily understood by the target consumer.

4. Check the completeness of the website components

A website can be said to be optimal if it can carry out its functions properly. First of all, business people need to first decide what the website is for, whether to transact, interact, or simply collect contact leads which will then be followed up offline.

In general, a good website has the following components:

Contact leads collection tools

For products with high value such as property and motor vehicles, sometimes transactions via the website are not ideal because online transactions for such a large value are not commonly done.

For that, what businesses can do through their website is to collect contact information (contact leads) which can then be followed up offline.

Live chat feature

Internet users in Indonesia tend to prefer asking questions rather than reading. Therefore it is very important to have a live chat feature on the website.

Business people also need to pay attention to using local languages ​​in accordance with the language used by the intended target consumers.

WhatsApp contact information and e-mail address

The market in Indonesia is currently not 100% confident with transactions that are fully carried out online. Therefore, we recommend buying products with prices above IDR 500 thousand, it is necessary to choose to contact via WhatsApp and email to be able to convince potential buyers to transact.

If possible, business people can complete the call center facilities that can be contacted by prospective buyers.

Optimized access via smartphone

About 35 percent of website visitors come from smartphone applications. Oftentimes we visit a website from a smartphone application and the website design that was originally good on the computer looks messy on a smartphone device. This should be avoided and you should make your website design look good for smartphone applications too.

After you have done a basic digital check-up of the four points above, the next step is to strengthen the website. For this reason, it is necessary to discuss with the IT team and the digital content team or be able to consult with website creation services agencies.

So that the business website is more effective and accommodating for the target consumers and provides maximum results.

Here are Examples of Search Engine

Examples of Search Engine: On the internet, there are many types of sites that we can visit with different functions. Wikipedia, for example, functions as a place for knowledge of various things.

Here are Examples of Search Engine
Here are Examples of Search Engine

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are referred to as social networking sites because they are commonly used by users to establish socialization among users.

While sites like Androbuntu, Wikicau, Emojipedia and others are often referred to as news portals because they provide information in the form of the latest news to their readers.

Then, there is one more type of site that we use most often, namely search engines or search engines. As the name suggests, search engines are sites that you can use to search.

Whether it’s a website link, image, video or something else. In this article, I will give a full explanation of what search engines are.

Understanding Search Engine

Understanding search engines is a software that has the ability to search for files on the internet (World Wide Web). The search results are adjusted to the keywords entered by the user, so it is more in accordance with their wishes.

There are tons of search engines circulating on the internet with the same main feature, which is to search for information. But besides that, every search engine is also equipped with special features that make it unique and different.

Search engines are often used by internet users to find information such as sites, images, news, and the like.

Search Engine Function

Search engines function as a kind of “main gate” for someone who wants to find information on the internet. For example, I want to find things related to gadget information, so I just need to enter these keywords in the search engine.

Later, search engines will provide the most relevant results from sites related to these keywords. In addition, search engines are also often used to search for images, videos, or other information.

How Search Engines Work

Each search engine has three important components, namely robots, web crawlers and spiders. All three work together to index as many sites and blogs as possible on the internet.

So when a user enters a keyword in the search field, the search engine can display the most relevant search results. So, how do search engines rank sites in search results?

Of course, every search engine has a different algorithm and continues to be updated every time to improve the results. Google, for example, is known for its frequent algorithm updates and animal-themed names, such as Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Google Hummingbird.

Examples of Search Engines

Currently, there are enough search engines that you can use. Starting from the famous, to maybe you have never heard of his name. The following are some examples of search engines that exist to this day.

1. Google


Most of Androbuntu Friends are certainly familiar with this internet giant. Google is the most popular search engine on planet earth to date.

In addition, Google also has many other integrated services. Call it GmailYouTubeGoogle DocsGoogle Drive, and many more. No wonder that Google has managed to maintain its users until now.

Google’s search algorithm also updates from time to time, so that it can display accurate and appropriate search results sought by users.

2. DuckDuckGo


The name DuckDuckGo may not be too familiar to some people, but this search engine continues to get the attention of new users.

DDG offers features that are not available in most search engines, namely protected privacy. So, DDG does not store all the information we type in its search engine.

That will make the mind of those who are concerned with privacy calmer. I myself also quite often use DuckDuckGo when looking for writing material for Androbuntu articles or my other blog.

3. Bing


As one of the largest software companies in the world, Microsoft apparently doesn’t want to lose to Google. They also made their own search engine called Bing.

Its function is, of course, the same as search engines in general, namely to search for sites, images, and other information. Bing’s home page is decorated with high-quality images that always change every time we visit it.

4. Yandex


Yandex is a search engine developed by a Russian company, Yandex. In a report, Yandex gets more than 50% of search visits for the territory of the country. So in other words, half the people in Russia use Yandex, instead of other search engines.

Yandex develops the same business model as Google, which integrates its search engine with other services such as Yandex Disk, Video, Email, and others.

5. Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search could rule the world of search engines a few years ago until finally displaced by Google’s position. That said, nowadays even people who use Yahoo are rarely used.

People use Yahoo’s Email service more than search engines. If you Androbuntu friend, do you still use Yahoo to search for information?


That it was complete information about search engines or Examples of Search Engine, ranging from understanding, functions to examples. Hope you can increase your knowledge.

Here Are 7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet

Income from the Internet: One of the advantages of the rapid internet world is that it is easy for people to get money from the internet. There is already plenty of evidence that people who were just ordinary can get extraordinary income from the internet. Of course you also want it right?

Here Are 7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet
Here Are 7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet

7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet

If you are someone who also wants to get money from the internet, don’t worry because Caris Signal will explain various ways to get income from the internet. How to? Listen directly to the following explanation.

1. Buy and Sell Online

The first way to earn income from the internet is by selling online. This method is the easiest way that anyone can do. You can sell certain items online, both on social media and in online stores.

If you don’t have items to sell, you can sell other people’s things. It can be done by dropship, reseller, or you resell items that you have already purchased. For example, you want to sell children’s clothes.

You do not produce children’s clothes. You can search for children’s clothing distributors or search for children’s clothing manufacturers and then sell them on the internet.

Not a few people are successful because of selling on the internet. Even those who didn’t understand the internet world.

2. Credit and Money Grantor Applications

If the first method is not suitable, you can get income from the internet using the second method. What method is that? Namely playing with the application of pulses and money.

Not a few applications and services on the internet that offer users a rewards, in the form of credit or cash. Usually, to get this free credit or money, you have to complete certain tasks.

For example, you are told to watch certain videos, try various free applications, fill out surveys, share certain links , and others.

This method is more practical, easy, and can be done by anyone. Capital to do it is also relatively not difficult. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection. Then you install certain applications that can provide credit or money.

The thing to remember, you have to be careful of fake applications that offer lure of money or toll free. Not a bit of a problem because the application that fanfare offers prizes but the fact is not paid.

You can read the list of free credit-generating applications and money from Cryptoharian to choose the application that truly gives you a gift.

3. Blogging

One other way to get income from the internet is by creating a blog. You can start a blog with a theme that you like but the theme is sought after by many people. What purpose? So that the blog has many visitors.

Blogs with lots of visitors allow you to advertise. These advertisements can be anything. Can advertise other people’s products or advertise their own products. Or if you can open a service, you can also open a service on the blog.

In addition, you can also register your blog with a Google Adsense partnership. Not a few people who are successful from the Google Adsense partnership program by relying on blogs only.

4. Youtube

An easy way to get income from the internet is playing on Youtube. The current term is to become a YouTuber or content creator.

Just like blogs, Youtube can be a place to make money on the internet. The difference is that blogs are more concerned with text while Youtube focuses on audio and visual content.

Just like a blog too, you can get income from Youtube by registering yourself with the Google Adsense partnership program. It’s just to meet these requirements, you must have a YouTube channel with certain conditions, such as videos with a lot of views (at least 4000 hours of watch time) and 1,000 subscribers.

You can also use Youtube as a promotional media. For example if you have a service company, for example home cleaning services, you can create a Youtube channel that focuses on home cleaning. You can share tips on cleaning the house while promoting your services.

Not a few people are successful with Youtube. In fact, famous celebrities who often appear on the screen play play Youtube. Not a few anyway, people from successful areas of Youtube.

5. Become an Influencer

Another way to get income from the internet is by becoming an influencer or celebrity. It’s just to do this, you need to build your own branding on social media. You can use Instagram as your branding then build your audience . Your alias must have many followers.

In addition to influencers, there is also a so-called buzzer . Its function is the same as Influencers, it’s just that the buzzer is a buzzer alias artisan enliven an issue or a campaign. Being a buzzer is easier. Usually buzzers don’t need as many followers as Influencers.

6. Affiliation

Another way to get money from the internet is by joining affiliate programs from certain companies. This program usually offers you to share affiliate links.

If an affiliate link is shared and there are people who take action from that link, you will get a commission. Actions in this case for example shop online from your link.

7. Selling Services

Another way to get money from the internet is by selling certain services related to the internet world. For example, if you are an expert in design, you can offer design services. If you are good at writing, you can offer article writing services.

If you are a web developer, of course you can offer website creation services or applications.
Well, those are some ways you can do to get income from the internet. Approximately which method suits you?

How to Mute ads that Play Sounds Automatically

Discover how to mute ads that play sound in different browsers. Google announced several measures through its official blog with the aim of ending forever sound commercials that are reproduced without the consent of users.

How to Mute ads that Play Sounds Automatically
How to Mute ads that Play Sounds Automatically

Two updates (Chrome 63 and Chrome 64) through which all those users of Google Chrome could silence once and for all those web pages that reproduce unexpected sounds for the user.Company introduced Chrome 63, the first of the two updates. A new version that allowed users to configure the browser in up to three different ways to adapt it to their liking.

From the possibility of allowing all sound announcements to block the sound on a page or just inhabit it on those trusted websites . Now, Google Chrome presents its version 64. A version that aims to end these ads permanently.

How to Mute ads that Play Sounds Automatically

In order to mute the sound ads, it is essential to download the latest browser update. To do this, you will only have to access the ‘Settings’ of Google Chrome and access the ‘Chrome Information’ section. Once this is done, the browser will update automatically so you can enjoy its news.

After restarting Google Chrome, you just have to right-click on any tab you have open and select the option ‘Mute website’ , which will appear under the option ‘Set Tab’. You can also mute the web page that displays sound ads automatically by accessing ‘Settings’ of Google Chrome, ‘Advanced settings’, ‘Privacy and security’, Content settings to see a list of the pages you have muted and perform the relevant steps.

How to end annoying ads in other browsers

Google Chrome is updated to end annoying noises. However, other browsers have already done the same in the past. To mute websites in Safari, you just have to right-click on their URL, choose the option ‘Settings for these websites’ and change the option ‘Autoplay’.

Meanwhile, all those people who use Firefox as a default browser can silence all those web pages through extensions such as MuteLinks. In short, all browsers prepare to end the sound ads that annoy users who surf the Internet.


YouTube Now Allows Creators to Remove Copyrighted Content From Videos

YouTubers have always suffered from strikes for copyright infringement. Often, creators must remove, edit, and re-upload the video to maintain monetization, which in turn affects user engagement.

YouTube Now Allows Creators to Remove Copyrighted Content From Videos
YouTube Now Allows Creators to Remove Copyrighted Content From Videos

YouTube Now Allows Creators to Remove Copyrighted Content From Videos

Well, with the latest update from YouTube Studio, YouTube has introduced a new tool called Assisted Trim to provide more flexibility for creators.

With the Assisted Trim function, YouTubers can simply delete the copyrighted content to raise the complaint,  thereby eliminating the need to completely delete the video from the platform. It would help a lot of YouTube creators who unknowingly add copyrighted content to their videos.

As you can see in the GIF above, YouTube offers three ways to delete the claimed content. You can either cut the segment containing the content, cut the disputed sound, or even replace the sound with another audio portion of your choice.

At this time, the  endpoints for the claimed segment are predefined  and you cannot change them. YouTube says it would allow endpoints to be adjusted later so the viewer’s experience isn’t interrupted.

With Assisted Trim, YouTube will now display information about channel copyright warnings on the Studio dashboard. “We are also providing more transparency on the content of the removal of copyright than ever before, now surfacing the specific description of the work protected by the claimant in the notice of withdrawal.” 

In cases where this information is not readily available, it is possible to contact our copyright team to obtain a copy of the withdrawal notice. “  Wrote the representative of the company on a support page.

A new “Copyright Claims” video list filter and a “Restrictions” column have also been added to the Videos page which allows creators to quickly filter all videos affected by copyright infringement or Content ID claims.

How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones

YouTube ad-free on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS. Here is the guide to remove, hide, block YouTube advertising on iOS: simple, fast, FREE

How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones
How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones

Block YouTube advertising on iPhone

It was a long time since I used daily an Apple product with iOS and I must say that I lacked a bit the speed and efficiency of the Apple operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Coming from years of using Android , however, I ran into the “closure” and the limited possibility of customizing iOS. 

Quite simply, on my Android smartphone I have many apps that allow me to block advertisements from the internet in an easy, fast and free way, including YouTube , Facebook , Instagram and other social networks. So, after setting up my iPad Mini, I immediately searched for similar apps on the App Store , without being able to find them.

In particular, I needed an app that would allow me to block YouTube advertising. I don’t care much about the other social networks, since I use them a little on iPad, but YouTube I use a lot on the Apple tablet and I got tired very quickly of the ads and advertisements that appear when I try to see videos on the Google social network.

Are you aware of the advertising that appears before, during and after YouTube videos ? The most annoying one, from my point of view, is the one that appears before playing a video , which cannot be skipped, which makes you waste time and which above all you must necessarily click in order to start playing the video of your interest.

Since I just can’t stand the advertising that appears on YouTube, I worked hard to find programs that blocked or eliminated it , making it very difficult to find any.

After several hours of research, however, I finally managed to find the program I needed.

The app is called “Luna”  and in essence it is a free VPN for iPhone, iPod and iPad which, in addition to allowing you to surf safely and anonymously on the web, also allows you to block all YouTube advertising.

If you are also tired of YouTube advertising and ads and are looking for a simple, fast and free solution, below I will explain what you need to do.

It will only take you 30 seconds to reach your goal, guaranteed!

YouTube ad-free iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS

Do you want to delete YouTube advertising? Here’s what you need to do!

  • Download THIS FREE APP from the App Store
  • Run it
  • Activate it by following the simple instructions that appear on the screen
  • Enjoy YouTube without ads on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS in general

Simple, easy, fast, free, within everyone’s reach!

From now on, you can open any website on the iPhone, iPad and iPod without advertising, ads and annoying banners. 

As anticipated, being a VPN, all your internet traffic will also be safe, secure and anonymous: no one will be able to intercept the data you exchange with the web or the websites you visit. And the data you enter on various sites (such as that of your bank, for example) will be extremely secure.

Block Facebook and Instagram advertisements on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Unfortunately I noticed that this VPN does not block advertising on Facebook and Instagram , but only on internet browsers (Safari, Chrone ..) and YouTube .

However, I must say that blocking the ads on these portals is enough for me and I am advancing.


At this point you just have to do is download the Luna app, follow my instructions and enjoy YouTube without advertising on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS in general. 

Since I discovered it, I can’t do without it anymore: I can finally watch all the YouTube videos without the annoying advertising that appears before each movie.

Create Temporary E Mail | The best sites, Telegram Bots and Applications

Create Temporary E Mail: You have probably already heard of  temporary emails? If this were not the case, we will explain in this article how they are created, what they are and what differences there are with classic non-temporary emails like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Create Temporary E Mail | The best sites, Telegram Bots and Applications
Create Temporary E Mail | The best sites, Telegram Bots and Applications

Create Temporary E Mail

Do you know the many  spam emails  you receive after registering on any site? With these emails you can finally say  goodbye to spam!

Create temporary working eMail

How much do you care about your primary email? Do you want to avoid receiving continuous spam, pishing, scams and other unwanted content?

To avoid this, the steps are very simple:

  1. Create a free temporary email
  2. Use it to register instead of the main email
  3. Your personal email is now clean and without spam-filled emails

Creating a temporary email  is a very simple action and requires very few moments, there are many different sites online that offer this service for free.

Most of these temporary emails allow you to receive emails, so you can check the accounts that require clicking on the confirmation email and some even write emails, just like Gmail.

After discovering how to create these emails I suggest you use them on most of the sites where you register, so that you can use your primary email only on important sites like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

The best sites to create a temporary email

To create these emails, in addition to websites, we can also use applications and even  bots on Telegram!

But let’s start by seeing the websites:


TempMail is the site I mainly use to create temporary emails, you just need to open the site and it will immediately create your email.

The emails created on this site sometimes last even longer than 24 hours!

On the left are the 4 main commands:  copy, update, change and delete. All received emails will appear in the center of the page.


This other site is one of the most famous on the web and one of the fastest online!

It allows you to create a temporary email lasting 10 minutes, with the possibility of adding another 10 minutes (for several times) for free by simply clicking a button.

Next to the counter you will find two buttons, the first to copy the email while the second server to reset the counter to have another 10 minutes.

The emails will appear under the green bar.

It is one of the best  services to create a temporary email.

It allows you to choose the name of the email, the domain of the email and also set a password to protect the box.

Furthermore, it has a duration of  30 days.

But it doesn’t end here! With  you can also  write emails,  in practice it is like creating a real email but without leaving any trace.


A site that stands out for the duration of the email box, a full  8 days.

You just need to choose the name to be given to the email and then click on  check email  to create the temporary email and be redirected to a screen where you can manage it.

All received emails are stored for 8 days and then deleted.

Fake Email Generator

Perhaps the easiest site to use, you just need to open the site and it will automatically create your temporary email.

By clicking on  copy  you can then copy the address and in the lower part the site checks in real time the arrival of new email.

As you can see from the picture above, the site is very easy to use, the email has a duration of 24 hours, after which it is destroyed.

The best TELEGRAM BOTS – create a temporary email

Telegram has now become an app capable of doing everything, we can eliminate many useless sites by passing directly to the Telegram bots.

Let’s discover the best telegram bots to create a temporary email.

  • Email2Telegram
    Very easy to use, once pressed start it  will immediately reply with the email you have been assigned.
  • E-Mail Bot
    After starting it it will create two emails: one with your telegram username and one with a sequence of random numbers.
    Supports receiving emails that are deleted as soon as received, so as to leave no trace.
  • DropMailBot
    This bot allows you to generate endless emails in total security, with the / list command you can then see all the addresses created.
    The bot is connected to the site
  • Fake Mail
    This bot already has an extra function, to choose the name of the email.
    With the command / generate it creates a random email, while with the / set command it allows you to give the name to be given to the temporary email.
  • TempMail
    The bot made the most of all in terms of controls and functionality.
    Giving the command / set will create a temporary email, while clicking on the trash symbol will destroy the email.
    You can also go back (command “come back”) and create another email. Thus managing more emails in a single bot.

Best app to create a temporary email

If instead of using a website or a telegram bot, you prefer to have an application brought to fingertips then read on to find out the best ones to  create a temporary email.

The apps we’re going to see are for Android and iOS, both smartphones and tablets.

Instant Email Address (Android and iOS)

Absolutely the best App and service to  create temporary emails with unlimited duration.

But not only that, it also allows you to write emails and add attachments!

Temp Mail (Android)

As seen also the Temp Mail  site  also has a practical application for Android, with the same features

Temporary Email (iOS)

A really simple app, allows you to create a temporary email for free.

Once created, you just need to go back to the app to check your inbox.

Best Guide: How to watch Inter TV Free

Ever since you were a child, you have always been an avid fan of Inter and several times you went to the stadium to watch the matches of your favorite team. Over time, your passion for football and the Nerazzurri colors have remained intact and you spend part of your free time daily reading news about Inter.

Best Guide: How to watch Inter TV Free
Best Guide: How to watch Inter TV Free

Your biggest dream, however, remains to turn on the TV and have a channel completely dedicated to your favorite team and its players. I guessed right? In that case, I have the right solution for you: Inter TV .

How to watch Inter TV Free

Inter TV is the theme channel of the Nerazzurri team that offers a schedule entirely dedicated to Inter, with exclusive interviews, daily news bulletins, the delay of the team’s official matches, live training and press conferences and much more. How do you say? Is that the solution you were looking for? Then don’t waste any more time and go into the subject immediately!

Courage: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and let me explain how to watch Inter TV . Read the following paragraphs carefully, follow the instructions I am about to give you and I assure you that you will find all the necessary information both to subscribe to the service and to watch some contents of Inter TV for free. There is nothing left for me but to wish you good reading and, above all, good vision!

See Inter TV on Sky

To view Inter TV and access all the contents of the Nerazzurri thematic channel, you must be a Sky customer and request activation. How to do? I’ll tell you right away.

Inter TV prices

Inter TV is one of the optional channels that Sky offers to its subscribers at a cost of 10.70 euros per month. To request activation it is necessary to have a subscription with any active Sky package.

Alternatively, you can activate Inter TV for 7 days at a cost of 4 euros using Sky Primafila , the service with which pay TV allows its subscribers to buy movies, sports events, music concerts and numerous other paid content.

How to activate Inter TV

As mentioned above, an active Sky subscription is required to activate Inter TV . If you are not a Sky customer yet and want to view the Inter theme channel, you must first sign up for a pay TV subscription by choosing any available package. To learn more, I leave you with my guides on how to activate Sky and Sky Subscription Offers .

If you are already a Sky customer, you can request Inter TV activation via the DIY section of the Sky website. Then connect to the pay TV website , click on the Login button at the top right, enter your login information in the Username or email and Password fields and press the Login button to connect to your Sky account.

If you have never registered on the Sky site, click on the heading Not registered? Create your Sky ID and complete registration by entering your details in the fields Customer code , tax code , email address and password .

You then affix the check mark next to the option I am not a robot to verify your identity and presses the Next button to proceed with registration. Within a few moments you will receive an email containing an activation link: click on the Click here button to complete the registration.

Now, go to the Do it yourself area of Sky, click on the Promotions option in the main menu and scroll down the page until you find the Optional channels section . Then, click on the Discover button related to Inter TV and, in the new open page, click on the Add to cart button , then follow the purchase wizard to add Inter TV to your Sky subscription.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to try Inter TV and access all its contents for 7 days, you can activate the vision of Inter TV from Sky Primafila. To do this, check that your decoder is connected to the telephone line or that an Internet connection is active, then press the Primafila button on your remote control and select the Optional channels category .

Now, locate Inter TV and press the OK button to complete the purchase and activate the 7-day viewing at a cost of 4 euros. The cost of the service will be automatically charged on the invoice and, at the end of the 7 days, it will be automatically deactivated. To learn more, I’ll leave you to my guide on how Sky Primafila works .

See Inter TV

After activating Inter TV , all you need to do to watch the Nerazzurri theme channel live is to take the Sky remote control and tune to channel 232 .

It will be useful to know that Inter TV is also visible from computers, smartphones and tablets using the Sky Go service , free for Sky customers for at least a year. To access the contents of Inter TV from your computer, connected to the Sky Go site , click on the Login button at the top right, enter your login details in the Username and Password fields and press the Enter button .

Then select the TV Channels option and click the ▶ ︎ button for Inter TV to start playback. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to activate Sky Go and how Sky Go works .

If, on the other hand, you are looking for how to watch Inter TV from smartphones and tablets, access your device’s store and download the Sky Go application available for Android , iOS and Windows 10 Mobile . After starting it, press on the item Login , enter your details in the fields Username or Email and Password and press the Login button to log in.

Now, locate Inter TV among the channels available on the Sky Go main screen and tap the ▶ ︎ button to start playback and start watching the live channel.

See Inter TV for free

If you are not a Sky customer and do not want to subscribe, you should know that, in some circumstances, you can watch Inter TV for free in streaming.

In fact, the Nerazzurri team’s Facebook page offers some live Inter TV content, such as interviews, live broadcasts of some friendly summer matches, training clips and special events such as the drawing of calendars and the presentation of new players.

To watch Inter TV on Facebook, connected to the main page of the social network or download the application for Android , iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices , enter your login information in the Email or phone and Password fields and presses the Login button .

If you do not have a Facebook account, enter your details in the fields Name , Last Name , Mobile number or email address , new password and date of birth and click on the button Subscribe. For the detailed procedure, I’ll leave you to my guide on how to sign up for Facebook .

After logging into your account, type Inter in the search bar at the top, click the magnifying glass icon (or the Search button if you are using the Facebook application) and locate the Inter page in the results of research. To review Inter TV content broadcast on Facebook, go to the Video section and select the content of your interest to start playing it.

If, on the other hand, you want to be alerted to the beginning of all the live video on the page (including those of Inter TV), go to the Video section , find a live end and click on its preview image to start playback. Now, click on the icon of the three dots , select the option Enable notifications for live videos from the menu that appears and you’re done.

Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads

Because the social media landscape is saturated with advertising, how do you stand out and capture the attention of your prospects?

To build more powerful social media ads campaigns , follow these 5 pro tips!

Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads
Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads

Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads

1. Know the different social platforms

The reality is different with regard to advertising on social networks. Each platform has a specific audience, different advertising tools and a special use. These criteria must be taken into account when creating your advertisement.

To help you, here are some advertising rules to adopt on each social network.


Short videos: Facebook recommends a duration of 15 seconds.
Images with a lot of text will have little scope. Make sure you have 20% text on your visuals.

Consider seducing your customers by creating an offer on Facebook, especially if you manage an e-commerce.


Your ad should look like an Instagram post. Choose images and videos that reflect the authentic look of the platform.

Try to capitalize on popular hashtags by including them in the messages you are promoting. This way, when someone searches for this hashtag, your message may be part of the conversation.

You do not have a fabulous photo? Try to create an embellished quote image, Instagram users love them.


LinkedIn allows you to create up to 15 different ads. Try different titles, texts and images to see what resonates with your target.

When composing a sponsored InMail, make sure your topics are short, relevant and benefit-oriented. Keep conversational and humane, and consider using LinkedIn’s option to automatically fill in the recipient’s names in the message.


Create geofilters with built-in resources in the Snapchat authoring tool, or design something completely personalized.

Make sure your geofilters and stickers are exciting enough for users. You can also consider considering special events and times of the year.

2. Know your target audience

Before you start advertising on social networks, be sure to know the profile of your prospects and customers. Each platform allows you precise and strategic targeting of your audience.

To achieve maximum ROI, you must show your ads to an audience that is clearly defined by sociodemographic criteria, passions, work, gender, or connection patterns. The criteria depend on your activity.

Each network offers slightly different targeting options, but you can usually specify the location, gender, and age range of your ideal audience. The goal of targeting is to get the most out of your ad spend and show people in the social world relevant content.

However, when creating your audience, keep an eye on the estimated audience size (most networks display this information). Becoming too specific can prevent some potential customers from seeing your ad.

3. Improve your quality rating

The Quality Score or quality rating is a measure that Google uses to evaluate the quality and relevance of your keywords and your PPC ads. At Facebook, there is a similar score, called “Relevancy Score,” which indicates the relevance of your ad. Twitter also has this feature under the name “quality-adjusted offer”.

No matter what name you give it, the Quality Score is a crucial step in maximizing the impact of your Twitter and Facebook Ads. Change the visuals, call-to-action or target to increase the score, as well as your engagement rates.

4. Play on the emotions

The heart of your social strategy is to focus on the user experience. On social networks, the first part of this experience is the creative element, the visual and, consequently, the emotional response.

Humans are quick to respond emotionally to visual stimuli. These reactions can range from curiosity to humor to fun or charm. Emotions are contagious and often cause sharing. An interaction that increases your notoriety!

In your Social Media Ads, think about playing on the emotion of your audience to elicit a reaction: click on a link, comment, share the publication

5. Look after the visuals

You will promote your brand to prospects, who may have never heard of your products. How do you ensure that your ads create the desired perception of your business and invite them to action? It’s about making a good first impression. But the first thing they will see when your ad appears in the thread is the visual.

It is extremely important to choose the “right” image or animation. A visual that will capture their attention and pass a message consistent with your goals. With it, you put specific visual cues that immediately set your brand in the mind of your audience.

Always think about testing your advertising campaigns! Launch multiple versions of the same ad to find the one that drives the most conversions. This is the best solution for your social media ads to offer a high ROI.

To save time you can also ask the help of an advertising expert on to assist you in the creation of your advertising campaigns.

10 Tricks for Bing to Improve Searches

We already know that Google is the king of search engines in Spain and part of Latin America. But there are other engines and Bing is next on the list.

10 Tricks to Improve Searches with Bing
10 Tricks to Improve Searches with Bing

Tips for searching with Bing

1. Accelerate the loading time of the Bing homepage

When we reach the Bing home page, where we find the text box to perform our search, a background image appears.

To many it may seem like something that does not make much sense to avoid it but in a device such as mobile phones , where you may not have coverage greater than 3G, for example, 2G -GRPS-, can make the wait desperate.

Then adding a command to the url ,? Rb = 0 , we can already enjoy a blank page like Google.

If we want to retake it, we only change the parameter to 1 ,? Rb = 1

2. Search for pages by IP ranges


If we enter the command in the text box it will result in ranges close to the IP entered, and we will know which websites have that IP range.

3. Searches in RSS format

If what we need is to obtain Bing searches in the news reader format , such as RSS feeds, just by modifying the domain we want, we will obtain an XML-compatible feed and in RSS format to load it into any RSS reader.

4. Search for pages containing a specific format

Imf Formation contains: pdf

If we look for documents within the web of we can indicate the format that we want, for example to look for some “white paper” or information of all its extensive educational offer. We will launch pages that contain that type of document. Something different from Google, which launches only the links.

5. Know the local time anywhere in the World

new york time

With this simple command, “time”, we can know the local time of any important city, not so provinces or states, but if we know the capital of that province we will know the time of that locality.

6. Search for a specific image format


Entering the format that we want to obtain in the “Images” tab we can search for all types of images with the desired format. Something that can help and much if you are looking for an unconventional format. And it works for any format, .gif, for example.

7. Know the state of the roads in your City

What is the weather bad, the roads collapse and you are looking for an alternative route? Well, Bing Maps helps you in it.

Enter the indicated URL, or the link that exists on the first page of Bing results. In the text box enter the capital where you live or are closer, the map and its borders will appear.

Just clicking on the “Traffic” link will show you by color the density of vehicles, if there are any cuts or roads closed. And even if there are traffic problems due to an accident or damaged vehicle.

8. Search for pages of a specific website


Many websites do not have sitemaps because of the large amount of information it would contain, such as a newspaper or portal. Since search engines contain almost all those pages we can rely on the search engine. They are the “site” command will launch only results that are from that domain, which is very helpful.

9. Bounded searches in a single format

site: pdf

Very practical if we do not know, and very fast if we know we delimit the document.

10. Preview a video without loading the page

If we go to the link “Videos”, when we perform a search of our favorite group, for example “The Beatles”, we will launch the results in grid format.

Just leaving the mouse pointer on top of any video will be pre-loaded and we can listen to the preselected song.

This comes in handy for those who don’t remember exactly the name of the song, or are trying to create a playlist.

We hope to facilitate your searches with these tips!