Download Evil King Media APK Android: the new app to watch digital TV, satellite TV, movies, TV series, sports, football, F1, MotoGP streaming free

Free Straming | Download Evil King Media APK 4.0
Free Straming | Download Evil King Media APK 4.0

Download Evil King Media APK Android

Finally we have it: from today the new Evil King Media APK app for Android is available for download.

It was one of the most anticipated programs in recent months for streaming lovers and finally all Android device owners (smartphones and tablets) can run to download and install Evil King Media!

If you already know  Evil King Media , run immediately to the download link to try the app on your smartphone.

If you don’t know what Evil King Media is and what you offer, read the full article.

What is Evil King Media?

Currently available only for Android  (via the App, while the channels are also accessible from the Internet site on other devices, as we will see later), this free application offers everything already seen on  Evil King ß , but now with much more choice, features and news.

Evil King Media is therefore a small, light and free program for Android that allows you to see everything you want in free streaming. Everything, really everything.

Whatever you want to watch for free in streaming, with Evil King Media you can do it in a few simple clicks.

What can you see with Evil King Media?

Going into detail, Evil King Media lets you see:

  • Digital terrestrial television
  • Terrestrial satellite television
  • Up-to-date and functioning IPTV lists
  • All the sport (soccer, Formula 1, MotoGP, DAZN …)
  • All the movies, new and old, even those just released at the cinema
  • All TV series, new and old, even those available only on Netflix and on satellite TV
  • Cartoons

and so much more.

The other features of Evil King Media

In addition to streaming, Evil King Media has many other interesting features:

  • EPG & GUIDE:  they provide you with the programming (or programming, as you prefer) of the main Italian channels. They only serve to show you what TV
  • MUSIC channels broadcast :  you can listen and download MP3 files or simply use the lists with music and radio channels
  • CARTOONS:  you will also have plenty of cartoons available in both m3u and scraping lists
  • WEATHER:  useful function to have weather forecasts always at hand
  • VIDEOTECA:  section that allows you to see documentaries in Italian and with subtitles and lots of video courses
  • EBOOK: it is a Google Drive link full of Italian ebooks to download and read for free

As you can see, there are so many features offered by Evil King Media .

It’s a program that can’t miss on your Android smartphone!

The pros of Evil King Media

  • Weighs only  14MB
  • It is compatible with many Android versions
  • It already has everything you need inside it (you just need to install the lightweight and free Wuffy  and  Web Video Caster  programs directly from the program to take advantage of all its features)
  • Lets you see EVERYTHING  practically  and more steadily
  • It’s fast and intuitive
  • Is constantly updated
  • Has a Telegram group and a support email service that answers almost 24 hours a day
  • There is a pop-up notification system that alerts you in real time if there are problems or updates and anything else

The cons of Evil King Media

To tell the truth, I haven’t found any yet. If you really want to find one, let me point out that for obvious reasons the app is not found on the Play Store : it must be downloaded and installed by hand in APK format (but we’ll see how to do it in the simplest and fastest way possible).

Where to download Evil King Media APK Android?

As mentioned above,  Evil King Media is not available on the Android Play Store .

So to download the  Evil King Media APK file  you can go directly to the official website:

Evil King Media APK Download

How to install Evil King Media on Android?

  • Visit this YLU article from your smartphone
  • Click on the link to the official EKM website
  • Download the APK file from the links found on the official website ( )
  • Once the download is complete, click on the notification bar on your Android smartphone or tablet and select the file you just downloaded
  • Follow the simple installation instructions
  • Installs Evil King Media on Android
  • Download, install and also start Wuffy Player from the Android Play Store  (as indicated also inside EKM)

Done: you have successfully downloaded the program.

Evil King Media how does it work? How to use it?

It’s all really simple:

  • Launch the Wuffy Player app on your smartphone at least once
  • Back to Evil King Media and start the program
  • Choose the channel, movie or TV series you want to watch for free in streaming
  • Enjoy free streaming

However, I would like to point out that in the app there are video tutorials that explain the individual steps to be taken to make the best use of all the features of the program.

Evil King Media configuration

There is nothing to configure in Evil King Media. You just have to start the program, choose the one you want to see and enjoy the streaming.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Evil King Media freezes, from error, lagga, does not load?

As anticipated, having IPTV lists taken from the web, it can happen that Evil King Media hangs, there is buffering or there are sudden crashes. It is very rare, almost impossible, but it can happen.

And then, being all free and without ads, I think there is not much to complain about.

Evil King Media DAZN

Yes, there are also DAZN channels. Just open the Sport section or the IPTV list section to find everything you are looking for.

Evil King Media Telegram and Official Website

Before leaving the article, here are some useful links related to Evil King Media:

What I think of Evil King Media

Evil King Media is spectacular.

Simple but extremely clean and clear graphics, very light program, total absence of advertising, lots of contents available, easy to install even for less experienced users.

In short, undoubtedly Evil King Media is by right one of the best programs ever developed for Android.

It’s the definitive app to watch everything in streaming for free. 

Evil King Media password

If when you try to use Evil King Media you are asked for passwords to access certain sections of the program, click  HERE to see the updated ones.

We can’t copy / paste them because they are changed often and wouldn’t be updated.

Evil King Media for iPhone, iOS and iPad?

At the moment the  Evil King Media app is only available for Android.

For iPhone, iOS, iPad and all Apple devices , however, there is this fully functional alternative:

Evil King Media for Windows PC?

At the moment the Evil King Media app  is only available for Android.

If you have a Windows computer, you can’t use Evil King Media for now, unless you choose to use the BlueStacks emulator and start Evil King Media via an emulator.

It is simply a matter of accessing the web version of the official EKM website .

The functions are less than the Android app, but you can still watch almost all of them in streaming for free without major problems or difficulties.

Evil King Media for Fire TV Stick

With the latest updates, the EKM program has become fully compatible with  Fire TV Stick , Amazon’s smart key to connect to the TV.

Simply download the EKM APK file, copy it to the Fire TV Stick, install it and you will be ready to take advantage of all the features of this program on the Amazon key. Fantastic!

Evil King Media IPTV

You will notice yourself that Evil King Media includes lots of updated and fully functional IPTV lists. You’ll really have lots of IPTV lists available: if one doesn’t work, move on to the next one to get around and fix the problem.


With this long guide we have finished. For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article, we will reply as soon as possible.




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