iTube for Windows PC: Download the Latest Version

iTube for Windows PC: On the Web, we have a multitude of applications that allow users to download various videos and music for free. If you are an Android user, you may know several Android apps.

You can find a lot of them on your Play Store. If you’re looking to watch the best videos on a platform, iTube for PC is the best app. In this article, we have developed a detailed guide to help readers understand this application.

iTube for Windows PC: Download the Latest Version
iTube for Windows PC: Download the Latest Version

In fact, the iTube PC application is only intended for the Android mobile operating system. People who want to download this app on their Windows PC and Mac OS platforms should and should read this article.

We have included a detailed step-by-step detailed procedure for all Windows platform users regarding the process of downloading iTube for PC. Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 and Mac OS users can learn the installation process of iTube App on their devices.

As mentioned above, users who use different versions of Windows on their PC or laptop can download it very easily. Even if you are aware of this application, you can check the newly deployed features. You can read the download process on your Windows device without any difficulty.

In this tutorial, we provide simple steps to download iTube for PC for free to your Windows laptop and Mac OS using the direct link and simple steps. Looked!

iTube for Windows

iTube is one of the most popular Android apps on Android and iOS platforms. This application is available for download from the Play Store for Android users. This allows users to download various videos for free using this application.

This iTube app offers an easy to use user interface so you can navigate with great ease. You can perform all kinds of functions on this app without any problem. You can find the latest videos and trends on this app.

It also features various YouTube videos and other relevant videos. The developers of iTube applications have not designed and implemented the version of this application for Windows users.

This means that there is no compatibility of the iTube application with the Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 and Mac OS platforms. In this case, users often look for simple methods allowing users to download iTube for Windows PC.

There are many practical features available on this iTube app. One of the amazing features of this app is the video cache. This feature is very useful so that you can watch videos without an internet connection.

Besides offline access, users can download, save, and watch their desired videos later. Without having an Internet connection, you can watch various videos for free in offline mode. On this app, you can have playlists so you can save hundreds of music, videos.

Features of iTube:

Here are some amazing laptop iTube features specially designed for your Windows and Mac OS devices:

  • The iTube application allows users to manage various playlists.
  • You can edit your playlists like create, rename and delete videos and music.
  • You can easily search for your favorite videos in the search field.
  • To zoom in or out, you can simply tap the screen.
  • You can find countless songs from different categories.
  • You can also search history and playlists.

How to download and install the iTube app for Windows PC?

In this tutorial, you will learn the simple steps to download and install the YouTube app on your Windows laptop:

  • At first, Windows users need to download the best Android emulator to their device.
  • The basic use of an emulator is to allow Windows users to download their favorite Android apps and games at no cost.
  • For this reason, we offer the best and most used Android emulators to our readers.
  • Bluestacks software is an incredible emulator that allows users to download their desired Android apps for free.
  • Use the link below to download the Bluestacks to your Windows PC.
  • Once the download process is complete, you must click on the icon of the downloaded application, then click on the install button.
  • Before proceeding with the installation, you must accept the terms and conditions.
  • By following the basic installation steps, users can complete the installation of Bluestacks on a Windows PC.
  • On the home page, find the iTube app in the search field.
  • In the search results, select the appropriate iTube application and click the download button.
  • Just complete the installation process by following the onscreen steps provided on your Windows PC.
  • That’s all! The iTube PC application has been successfully installed on a Windows laptop.

This is the easy process to download and install the iTube app on your Windows device. Watch your favorite videos for free via the iTube app.

OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens are considered the best. But, with such high prices, is it really worth buying an OLED TV? OLED televisions can offer dazzling and bright images with fluid movements, deep blacks and vivid colors while being thinner than LED-backlit LCD televisions.

OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD
OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD

OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD

Many of the major TV brands are developing OLED devices, including LG, Panasonic and Sony, and prices are becoming much cheaper. LG is the most prolific in this sector, the South Korean brand releases around five ranges every year. Sony and Panasonic do not release as many, but as the displays become cheaper we expect to see more and more of them.

Even the smallest brands are coming into action: Philips and Hisense both make OLED TVs. Samsung seems firmly convinced that its Quantum Dot technology will offer the best possible image quality, as it is now the only major TV manufacturer without an OLED TV.

What is OLED TV?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode (organic light-emitting diodes – OLED). OLED is growth in LCD technology that uses organic compounds formed by pixels to create images, without the need for additional backlighting.

As a result, OLED technology allows you to use very thin screens which are also much thinner than traditional LCD and plasma screens. OLED is also referred to as organic electro-luminescence.

OLED versus LCD

OLED is similar to the LCD display in that the OLED panels can be arranged in very thin layers, allowing for a slim TV frame design and efficient energy consumption. Furthermore, just like LCD, OLED is subject to the defect of dead pixels.

On the other hand, although OLED televisions can display very colorful images and weakness of OLED compared to LCD is the emission of light. By manipulating the backlight system, LCD televisions can be designed to emit more than 30% more light than brighter OLED televisions.

This means that LCD televisions offer better performance in bright environments, while OLED televisions are more suitable for poorly lit or light controllable environments.

OLED against plasma

OLED is similar to plasma in that the pixels self-illuminate. In addition, just like plasma, deep black levels can be produced. However, like plasma, OLED is subject to burn-in.

OLED Vs. LCD and Plasma

In addition, at present, OLED displays have a shorter lifespan than LCD or plasma displays, with the blue part of the color spectrum most at risk. Also, switching to crisp, large OLED TVs has a higher cost than LCD or plasma TVs.

On the other hand, OLED televisions show the best screen images seen so far. The color is exceptional and, since the pixels can be activated and deactivated individually, OLED is the only TV technology capable of displaying absolute black.

Furthermore, since OLED TV panels can be made so thin, they can also be folded, this explains the new technology of curved screen televisions  (Note: some LCD televisions have also been made with curved screens).

What’s so special about OLED TV?

OLED televisions have single organic cells behind the screen, which produce their own light source, unlike standard LED-backlit televisions.

This has numerous advantages in terms of image quality and design.

Deep blacks: OLED TVs are able to turn off individual LEDs when they display black, rather than simply directing light far away on that part of the screen, as LCD displays do, which means they can offer very deep blacks.

Smooth movement: the movement looks good on OLED TVs, almost without blurring, even with fast-moving actions.

Ultra-thin screen: without the need for backlighting, OLED screens can be even thinner than most smartphones. Some high-end OLEDs from LG, such as the OLED W, are half the thickness of an iPhone 7.

Viewing angle: the viewing angle on OLED TVs is exceptional. Even when you look at a wide-angle, the image tends to remain solid, with precise colors and good contrast.

Power Consumption: Although OLED TVs were initially thought to consume less energy than similar-sized LED-backlit LCD devices, our data suggest they use about the same.

Should I buy an OLED TV?

Unlike 4K and HDR, which should now be seen as a key requirement for your next major TV purchase, OLED is more of a luxury option.

You will pay more for this screen technology and you won’t be guaranteed a big purchase. But there is healthy competition in this market, with Panasonic, Sony, and Philips launching OLED TVs at prices similar to LG.

This OLED arms race is sure to see an increase in quality and a drop in prices over the next year, but if you’re willing to be careful when shopping, there are affordable, good-quality screens around.

Tips on Live Broadcast Together in Periscope

Interactions on Periscope’s live broadcasts can become more fluid-like talk shows. Whose hobbies exist with broadcasting at Periscope, can now invite three other users to broadcast together.

Content creators can still continue broadcasting and respond to text conversations or other users who want to join the broadcast together again. Interaction on this live video can be more fluid like talk shows.

Tips on Live Broadcast Together in Periscope
Tips on Live Broadcast Together in Periscope

Broadcast users need to select an icon on the screen before starting the broadcast. Spectators can request to join, and broadcasters can choose their requests, then add them as guests.

Broadcasters and viewers can tap on existing guest avatars to display the biggest on their screen. When the broadcaster chooses guests, both the broadcaster and the guest see a countdown.

During the countdown, the broadcaster can review the guest audio before it can be heard by others on the broadcast. Both broadcasters and guests can choose to cancel at any time.

You can broadcast live together on the Android and iOS platforms, and watch them from the Android, iOS or web platforms. Unfortunately at this time still can not share the live broadcast to Twitter.

Tips for adding guests to Periscope

Before the live broadcast, the broadcaster must press the icon on the screen to be able to invite guests during the broadcast.

How to invite guests:

  • Press the icon
  • Press ” Invite Guest “

How to invite guests during the broadcast

  • Press the icon
  • Press the + sign next to the audience to be added as a guest

When guests have joined, their avatars will appear on the screen and they can be heard by everyone. Broadcasters can close it at any time by pressing X on their avatar.

After removing the guest, the broadcaster can view their profile, mute or block them by pressing X next to the confirmation to get rid of it.

If the broadcaster decides that the guest is not allowed to return as a guest on the broadcast, they can press the icon, select ” Guest List ” and press ” Don’t Allow Guests “.

The way the audience asks to join as a guest

  • Press the icon
  • Press “Ask to Join”

After the audience has asked to join, the broadcaster must choose to add them. The audience will be notified if the broadcaster chooses to add them.

Then their avatar will appear on the screen and will be heard by everyone. Because guests join other people’s broadcasts, people who have blocked them can see them join in and listen to them. Guests can stop at any time by pressing ” cancel ” or ” hang up “.

The first time an audience asks to join, they will be directed to confirm their request before being submitted to the broadcaster. Well, let’s immediately try to broadcast together with other viewers, or want to be a spectator who is a guest of someone else’s broadcast?

How to Reset Apple AirPods Easily

Reset Apple AirPods: Apple Airpods are popular because of their simplicity in terms of fast and easy connectivity to use. But that does not mean this device is free from problems.

Well, if there are problems and are difficult to overcome, usually a practical way to handle them is to reset to factory default settings. Common problems include AirPods that don’t want to be connected, can’t charge, and so on. Then how do you reset it?

How to Reset Apple AirPods Easily
How to Reset Apple AirPods Easily

The following are tips for step-by-step instructions for resetting the device. This step can be used for original AirPods 2, standard charging boxes or wireless charging boxes. After a successful reset, AirPods can again be used to listen to music and of course ready to start new things.

Steps to Reset Apple AirPods

1. Use iPhone or iPad to open the Settings menu.

On any iOS device that has been connected with AirPods, enter the Settings menu, then select Bluetooth. Then press the ‘i’ icon, which is located next to the ‘Connected / Not Connected’ tab on the right. Then on the next screen, press ‘Forget This Device’ and confirm.

2. Place AirPods in the Charging Box.

The previous AirPods history with iOS has now been disconnected, so place the AirPods in the charging box, and close with the lid. Count to 30 seconds, then reopen the lid.

3. Reset AirPods

AirPods can be reset by pressing and holding the button on the back of the box. When the status lights up orange at a glance a few times, then lights white, then the AirPods are ready to be installed again.

4. Reconnect AirPods with the device.

The way to reconnect AirPods to the device depends on the type of device to be connected, each method is different. If the device to be connected is an iOS device, make sure AirPods is at a distance that is within range.

Meanwhile, to connect with an Android device, the method varies, depending on the type of device and version.  In general, you can enter the Settings menu or settings, then enter the connection section and make sure Bluetooth is on.

Press and hold the setup button on the back until you see a white light. In the list of Bluetooth devices on the Android device menu, the AirPods will appear, choose to install them.

These are the tips for resetting AirPods and connecting them back to the device you want to use Together.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock

Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV: The company Nintendo switch has been and continues to be the best seller of Japanese society. A console that we can use in both portable mode and desktop format dock included. However, one of the problems that users report is that this support ends up scratching the touch screen of the switch.

How can this be solved? Say goodbye to the original media. Today we explain how you can Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV without using it.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock
How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock

A possible solution to this problem began with a video posted on YouTube. It proposes an “alternative” method to the original dock, using an extension cable from the USB-C port that this game console uses to load and display images on another screen.

The truth is that, despite being a completely valid solution, it has certain disadvantages:

  • Continue to use the original dock, and you also need another bracket for the console ventilation to work properly.
  • It’s extremely ugly.

In our opinion, if you are a user who is or is afraid to become one of those users for whom the original support indicates the screen, the solution is to use tempered glass.

How to connect the switch without using the original bracket

However, if you are determined to find an alternative to the Internet dock that Switch brings to you, there are two possible solutions for connecting it to your TV:

  • Buy an alternative dock.
  • Get the necessary cables and connectors.

If you are concerned about the complexity of the process, you can relax. Using any of these alternatives does not cause any problems. All you have to do is clarify how the original accessories work.

The Dock for Nintendo Switch is nothing more than support that adds connectivity using the USB-C connector on the bottom of the console: HDMI, USB and other USB-C for charging. So when we know that, let’s look at the remaining options you can use.

Alternative docks

The first solution and then the simplest is to purchase alternative support. This class of equipment may include better cooling, have more ports and the key to avoiding the problem that concerns us, they are not there front it can damage our screen.

There are many models of this type of accessory, but to make your search a little easier, we’ll show you the two options we thought were most interesting.

Brackets and connectors

The second alternative you need to create is to buy two different accessories:

  • Support: you need a base that supports the console so that, as we mentioned at the beginning, the ventilation system of this device works properly. In addition, it facilitates the connecting section with another basic element. And for most magicians, there are promotions with theme games based on: Mario, Zelda, etc.
  • Connectors: This is an essential element because this is what gives us the necessary ports to make a connection. They are known as HUBs and add ports such as HDMI (for displaying a picture on a TV), a charging connector, or USB ports through the USB-C connector.

With this accessory in our possession, we place the HUB in the USB-C connector of the switch, add the charger of this console to the adapter and connect it to the TV using an HDMI to HDMI cable. We support this set of support and voila, we can start playing on the big screen.

These are alternatives to the original Nintendo Switch dock. If you have any questions regarding these devices or the connection or use process, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

Upload VLC content to Chromecast: VLC is one of the most popular free and open PC media players we can find. Its great success is mainly due to the fact that it supports virtually any audio and video format without the need to download, install or configure codecs.

Still, it’s also one of the most innovative, trying to bring users features not available in other media players, such as Chromecast support.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast
How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the essential devices in any home. We connect this device to a TV (or any screen) via the HDMI port and allow us to play video from various sources. Its original use is to allow us to send videos from a mobile phone to a television, especially on televisions that do not have a SmartTV function.

However, this is not the only use we can use, because together with the VLC player we can use this device to play movies on a computer and send them wirelessly to our TV.

All we need is to have a VLC player, a Chromecast, if possible, a second-generation or later (for the best possible performance) and a computer connected to the local network. We recommend connecting your computer to your network with a cable and Chromecast using Wi-Fi at 5 GHz for the best possible quality when transferring content.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

The first thing we should do is to make sure we have a VLC player installed on our computer. And if we have it, we need to make sure we have one of the latest versions installed, because Chromecast support has been in the player since version 3.0, but it was very unstable in the beginning.

If we already have it installed, the next thing we will do is open the video or movie we want to play and start watching it directly in VLC. Once the video is open (we can pause it), the next step is to tell the program to upload it to Chromecast.

To do this, select the “Playback” menu, and the “Processor” section. We can see that VLC automatically shows us all the casts of devices like Chromecast that we have with us.

The video will automatically start playing at your destination, Chromecast. While it will play there, we will not be able to see it from the VLC computer, although we will have to use it to control playback.

If we get tired of TV and want to go back to the computer, simply go back to the “Processor” section in the “Play” menu and select what we want to play “Local”. The video reappears on the PC.

Remote VLC control

One of the problems with sending content from your computer to your TV via Chromecast is that we won’t be able to control playback unless you transfer the keyboard to your TV or have it near your computer.

In this case, it is best to resort to one of the many wireless controls that allow us to control the VLC from an Android or iOS mobile remotely. One of the most popular is VLC Remote, which we can also download for Android and iOS.

Streaming Higher Quality Music to Spotify

Higher Quality Music to Spotify: Spotify Premium gives you access to higher quality music streaming. By default (and if you’re on the free plan) Spotify streams run at 96 kbps on mobile devices and 160 kbps on your computer. With this type of bit rate, you hear a slight but noticeable loss in quality compared to a CD.

Streaming Higher Quality Music to Spotify
Streaming Higher Quality Music to Spotify

Streaming Higher Quality Music to Spotify

With Premium, however, you can stream tracks up to 320 kbps. It’s pretty much the gold standard of lossy bit rates, and most people can’t reliably tell the difference between a lossless format like a CD.

If you’re curious, check out this test from NPR. It offers you the same track in three formats: an MP3 file with 128 kbps, an MP3 file with 320 kbps and an uncompressed WAV. All you have to do is select the highest quality title from the selection.

Although I could pretty easily avoid the lowest quality track, I couldn’t choose between 320kbps and lossless at any consistency.

Would you like to receive your Spotify tracks with a higher quality of 320 kbps? Here’s how.

On the phone

Open Spotify, go to the “Your Library” tab and tap the “Settings” icon in the top right.

Under iOS choose Music Quality.

On Android, scroll down until you find it.

Spotify offers three different audio qualities for mobile devices: normal (96 kbps), high (160 kbps) and extreme (320 kbps). There is also an automatic option that dynamically adapts the bit rate to your network quality and type of network.

You can set one audio quality for streaming and another for downloaded tracks. Remember, the higher the bit rate, the more data you will use during streaming and the more space the tracks will take up when downloading.

My personal decision is high for streaming and extreme for downloads. I think this is the best balance between high-quality music and at the same time is able to easily stream over cellular data in most places.

On the screen

  • Open Spotify, click the down arrow next to your username and choose Settings.
  • Under Music Quality, enable the High-Quality Streaming option.
  • This enables streaming at 320 kbps.

Thus you can do Streaming Higher Quality Music to Spotify. If you have any issues, comment in the comment box.

How to Change the Device Name of Your Android TV

Android TV is an attempt by Google to take over the living room, and since some devices are available for under $ 99, it’s not uncommon for users to have more than one box. The problem is when multiple devices identify identically on the network, how do you know which one is which?

Changing the device name is very easy and something you really want to do if you have more than one identical Android TV box in your home.

How to Change the Device Name of Your Android TV
How to Change the Device Name of Your Android TV

Why do you change the name of your Android TV?

Some time ago, a number of websites put the Nexus Player up for sale for around $ 50. At this price, it’s a little more than a Chromecast but adds a lot of additional features. Therefore, it is not unlikely that some users bought a few units for different rooms in the house.

Let’s say you have one in the living room and one in the bedroom in this scenario. You are lying in bed and looking at your cell phone when you find a bike video on YouTube that you want to share with your partner. You press the cast button just to see “Nexus Player” and “Nexus Player” – but which one is which? Yes, there is no way to tell.

To make your life much easier, you should simply rename them to indicate where they are. The good news is that it’s stupidly simple. Let’s do this.

How to rename your Android TV player

You should jump into the settings menu first by navigating to the bottom row of icons and selecting the gear icon.

From there, just go to the end of the first row and go to the “About” section.

The “Device Name” is in this menu, but the exact position in the list depends on the device. Just scroll down until you find it.

When you find it, click on it. A menu will open asking if you want to change the name. Choose “Change”.

You will then receive a handful of different preset options such as “media room”, “family room” and the like. If one of them fits your situation, choose it. You will return to the “About” menu and the new device name will be displayed. You are done.

If none of the preset options are good enough for you, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. An “Enter the user-defined name” is displayed there.

“Possibility. Select that

The on-screen keyboard is displayed and you can give your device any name you want. When you are done renaming, just click “Next”. That’s it.

As soon as the device has been renamed, the new name appears almost immediately in the cast menu. Gone are the days when you guessed which box was the right one to watch YouTube or Netflix. You’re welcome.

Torrex Pro | Torrent Client Application for Windows 10!

Torrent, who doesn’t know about Torrent, about the introduction and everything about Torrent was discussed by WinPoin a few years ago on the next page.

And we ourselves know, to download Torrent requires a Torrent Client, for example, the most common ones are uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze, I myself have tried all three of these applications, and I think it’s pretty good too because it works really well when downloading Torrent files what we need.

Torrex Pro | Torrent Client Application for Windows 10!
Torrex Pro | Torrent Client Application for Windows 10!

Torrex Pro | Torrent Client Application for Windows 10!

And in this article, I will discuss a little Torrent Client application that you can download on the Microsoft Store Page, in other words, this application is UWP or Universal Windows Apps and is very compatible with Windows 10, the name is Torrex Pro.

Yep for old readers of WinPoin may already be familiar with this application, especially for those users of Windows Phone because it was already discussed @febian five years ago when it was free for a limited period specifically for Windows Phone, unfortunately, I rarely downloaded Torrent so that you don’t have the chance to claim a license, now Windows Phone has become history.

How to Download How?

Because Torrex Pro is a paid application, of course like most other premium applications, there will be a trial period, I myself get a trial or trial period for 7 days and that is enough to try all the features in it, to get it we just need to click it ‘ Free Trial ‘ on the Microsoft Store Torrex Pro page, the Download Torrex Pro process will then be followed.


When this article was first written May 5, 2020, there was a pretty attractive discount, where we get a discount of 1.99 USD from 9.99 USD, if the trial period is over I might buy before the discount is not valid.

System Requirements

To download and use Torrex Pro, at least you have to use Windows 10 build 18362 or Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

What Features Are Provided?

There are several main features provided in Torrex Pro, including:

  • Flight: Torrex is now much lighter and faster.
  • Mimicry: the design adapts to any type of device.
  • Invisibility: Torrex works in the background without any problems.
  • Mutation: a built-in player. Watch media content right in the application.
  • Time jump: watch a movie or listen to music while the download is still in progress.
  • Extended vision: improved detection of torrent sources.
  • Speed ​​control: you can limit the speed and total amount of downloaded data.
  • Agility: you can now enable downloads over Wi-Fi only to save mobile traffic.
  • Telepathy: share data remotely using “Share Contract”.
  • Empathy: Torrex speaks over 32 languages ​​and is learning new ones all the time.

And besides that, there are also Technical Features that are also included in the Torrex Pro Description page in the Microsoft Store. Among others are :

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Smart adaptive design.
  • Fully universal application (UWP).
  • Support of the Continuum technology.
  • Background support mode.
  • Ability to play media files immediately after starting from downloading (streaming).
  • Built-in viewer for music, videos, images and text files.
  • Plays MKV formatted video files.
  • Configurable content view (tiles, table, tree) and various color themes.
  • Download priority management, filters.
  • Possibility to stop seeding upon completing a download.
  • Possibility to restrict downloads to non-mobile connections only.
  • Possibility to change the download destination.
  • Connection encryption.
  • Download speed control.

What do I like About Torrex Pro?

I like a lot of things from all the features provided by Torrex Pro, but what I like most clearly is the minimalist look and Windows 10, on the Settings Personalization page on Torrex Pro, we can also choose the Color Scheme we like, and even Background Transparency that we can set.

It’s just, I suggest if you want to apply the Dark Color Scheme, you should choose the Dark Knight, not the Black one because later the Font and writing will be a little difficult to read.

Aside from the appearance, the settings themselves are arguably quite complete with Speed ​​Control, Download Folder Locations, Disk Write Cache, and others.

Size, Performance and Download Speed

When the download process does not require more than 30 MB, and after it is installed does not use more than 75 MB of storage on the SSD so that it is light enough and does not burden the storage media.

In addition, when the application is opened and the download process is in progress, I think the use of RAM itself is not too big with only RAM Usage around 160 – 170 MB (Two Download Processes are running).

Then how about the download speed? related to this point, it returns to the internet speed of each of our homes, and in my opinion, this is compared to uTorrent. Torrex Pro has almost the same speed and there seems to be no difference because it all depends on our own home internet connection.

Usage Experience

Since May 5, 2020, until now May 15, 2020 (when this article was completed), I have been using this Torrex Pro for more than a week now, for the purposes of Download Torrent, of course, and during the use of it I felt quite satisfied.

Back again to the features provided are quite complete, the design of Windows 10 is really, and moreover this is a Pro alias Premium application with no annoying ads in it.

Now I have already bought a Torrex Pro license for 1.99 USD, for which you can see the purchase article on the following page.

Why do I need a Torrent Client application? The answer, of course, is because you can guess yourself. Hehehe. Besides that, aside from Torrex Pro, there is another variant namely Torrext Lite which is the free version.

Torrex Pro vs Torrex Lite

Talking about the two different variants of Torrex, the Lit version itself has features that are almost exactly the same as the Pro version with the Speed ​​Limit, and others, it’s just that it’s a little limited by not being able to run in the background while downloading, can’t play MKV files, and of course, contains advertisements that will appear when the application is running.

In addition to lifetime purchases, in torrex lite there are also options Subscriptions or subscriptions to get all the features that are present in Torrex Pro without having to buy the Pro Version, the price itself varies, starting from $ 1.99 for a one-month subscription, $ 2.99 for a quarterly subscription, and $ 7.99 for subscriptions per year.

In my own opinion, if viewed based on value per cost, then buying the Pro version is better than if you have to buy a subscription license because we will get a full-time license without a certain time limit.

But if you don’t really need the application to run in the background, no need to play MKV Files, and no problem with advertisements, Torrex Lite is very suitable and enough I recommend too.


I have been using Torrex Pro for more than a week to download Torrent files, I myself feel quite comfortable and satisfied, even willing to spend a little money to buy a Pro license. In addition, the minimalist design by applying fluent design and transparency that integrates with Windows 10 makes this application different from other torrent clients that I have used before.

What’s more Torrex Pro is a UWP application that can be downloaded and updated very easily directly through the Microsoft Store page.

And one more thing you might need to know about this application, in the Microsoft Store itself the reputation and review of Torrex Pro is pretty good by getting five-star as many as 77% of 362 Users (May 17, 2020), while for Torrex Lite getting 68% five-star from 626 Users.

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How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home

Make Google Home a better listener and speaker. Google Home devices sound good. But the audio quality is not surprising. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve Google Home’s sound quality.

How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home
How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home

How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home

The simplest solution is to use the audio equalizer that Google has integrated into the Google Home app. Plus, you can improve the sound dramatically by pairing your favorite bluetooth speaker. If that doesn’t improve the sound quality enough, there are also other very creative options.

Edit audio with the Google Home equalizer

If you have a  Google Home or Google Home Mini hub, you may have noticed that the speakers of all these devices have very deep bass.

This is an ideal setting when the voice has to answer your questions, but it may not be ideal when listening to music or audio from a video.

For this reason, Google has introduced a useful Google Home equalizer in the Google Home app that you can use to adjust the ups and downs.

1. Open the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone and touch the Google Home device you want to adjust.

2. At the top of the device display, you will see three icons. The leftmost one is the equalizer icon. Tap this icon to open the equalizer control.

3. In the equalizer settings screen, you can increase or decrease the bass or treble. If you plan to listen to a lot of music with your Google Home device, ideal settings include lowering the bass by one quarter and raising the treble by three quarters.

4. After adjusting the equalizer settings, you will notice an immediate change in sound quality on that Google Home device.

Enhance audio by pairing a Bluetooth speaker

If changing the sound settings with the equalizer still doesn’t produce better sound for you, another excellent option is to pair your favorite Bluetooth speaker with your Google Home device.

Pairing Bluetooth speakers with Google Home is very simple.

1. Open the Google Home app, touch the device you want to pair with a Bluetooth speaker, and touch the second gear icon to access the Kitchen display device settings.

2. Scroll down to the Default music speaker settings and tap it. This window is where you will set the default speaker for playing music from your Google Home device.

3. Tap the Pair Bluetooth Speaker option and the Google Home device will start searching for nearby Bluetooth speakers and list them on this screen. Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is turned on and pairing mode is enabled so that the Google Home device can detect it.

4. When the Bluetooth speaker appears in the list, tap it and you will see the speaker icon turn blue with a checkmark. A pop-up message may appear indicating that the Bluetooth speaker has been set as the default speaker.

5. If the Bluetooth speaker doesn’t work right away, go back to the Choose a default speaker menu. The Google Home device may still be enabled as the default speaker for music and videos.

6. To set the paired Bluetooth speaker as the default speaker, tap the speaker in this list. You will see it turns blue with a checkmark.

7. Now, when you return to the device settings screen, you will see the Bluetooth speaker set as the default video and music speaker.

8. If you want to set the speaker on your Google device as the default again, repeat the previous step and select it so that it turns blue with a checkmark icon.

Enhance Google Home Sound with Chromecast

There are some truly incredible Bluetooth speakers on the market. However, the quality of a Bluetooth speaker cannot go this far alone.

If you want to take your Google Home audio quality to a whole new level, consider streaming music or videos on a Chromecast connected to a TV with a premium sound system.

If you set the TV connected to the Chromecast as the default TV for Google Home, sending music or videos becomes easy.

1. Open the Google Home app and touch the Google Home device you want to cast on the Chromecast TV.

2. Touch the second icon at the top to access the device settings page.

3. To set the TV connected to the Chromecast as the default, scroll down the device’s settings page and touch Default TV.

4. On the Choose a default TV screen, you will see the Chromecast-enabled TV in the list of options.

5. When you touch Chromecast-enabled TV, the Google Home app will set your device as the default Google Home TV option. You will see a pop-up message confirming that Chromecast is now enabled as the default TV.

6. Touch DONE. Now you can say something like “Hey Google, play Bruno Mars on TV” and Google Home will play music on your Chromecast-enabled television. The sound of music or videos that come from your premium TV entertainment sound system is an extraordinary thing.

Create a group of speakers

One of the most extraordinary ways to improve the sound quality of Google Home is to multiply the sound on multiple speakers in the house. You can do this by creating a group of speakers and streaming music or videos to multiple speakers in the room or throughout the house.

Here’s how you can create a group of smart speakers.

1. Open the Google Home app and tap the speaker you want to add to the speaker group. Touch the gear icon to access the speaker device settings.

2. On the device settings page, scroll down and tap Groups.

3. On the Choose group page, tap Create device group. Type a name for the speaker group and tap DONE. Touch SAVE  to create the group.

4. Go back to the main Google Home page and touch the next speaker you want to add to the group. Scroll down the device settings page and touch Groups.

5. On the Choose group page, touch the name of the group you just created. When finished, the group name will turn blue and a checkmark will appear on the left. Touch SAVE to finish adding the presenter to the group.

After creating a group of speakers, you can check them in the following ways.

  • Say “Hey Google, let me listen to Ariana Grande on <speaker group name>”
  • On the main Google Home screen, touch  Play Music to play music. Touch the group and touch  Open Google Play Music to control the music being played.
  • Use the music controls on Google Home or Google Mini to start and control the music being played

6. A group of speakers is an extraordinary tool for entertaining visitors or playing music throughout the house during the holidays.

Regardless of what someone says about the Google Home sound quality, there is much more to owning a Google Home than the quality of the speakers. And with all the ways you can improve the sound from Google Home, the quality of the speakers on Google Home devices doesn’t really matter.