How will the new application be?

The social media giant has been aware of the fact that a great majority of its young users have switched to other social media platforms. Facebook, who wants to attract young users’ interest and relevance, appeared to have developed the new Lasso application.

According to information from Facebook employees, the Lasso app will enable users to take videos by singing or dancing popular songs like TikTok and similar applications.

The Lasso app is preparing to become the biggest rival of TikTok, one of the most widely used applications we have seen recently in advertising. With this new application, Facebook plans to re-engage TikTok’s youngest users, who are the most popular users.

According to the information obtained from the Lasso application, the Chinese technology company ByteDance’ın TikTok is not much different from the show. The application will be designed by the team of Brady Voss, the lead product designer of Facebook. Voss’s team had previously worked on Facebook videos and the Watch app.

Lasso’s Undergraduate Studies Begins

The Facebook product development department has been looking for an application that will attract young users and rival Musically over the last few years. With the Lasso app you want to end this quest. The company started its license studies in the beginning of 2018 and started to prepare the infrastructure of its new project.


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