Five Essential Eteps For Security Of Your Business And Office

2018 was a difficult year for companies. Changes in data management have had a strong impact on both companies and employees, and even if in recent months agitation seems to have slowed down, failure to comply with RGPD (or GDPR, as we all know it after acronym in English) can lead to fines of up to four percent of the firm’s annual turnover, and companies are now more vulnerable than ever.

Five Essential Eteps For Security

Five essential steps for security of your business and office

RGPD affects all companies working with data, and the Second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) has brought major changes that require new security measures.

IT attacks primarily focus on the theft of sensitive data, so their defense has become critical to companies. That is why one of the biggest challenges today is the management of the confidentiality of personal data and of all information that is part of the business flow of a business.

How can you secure the security of your business

  1. to set up your data security strategy
  2. to update existing IT infrastructures
  3. to constantly monitor your activity
  4. to educate your workforce
  5. identify the right security solutions for your business

How safe are the company and the information in your office?

We all know that constant measures to protect business and internal information must be taken. For this, many companies collaborate with specialized consultants, others invest in sophisticated technologies such as firewalls, antivirus protection, security software, and more.

However, they often do not include office printer protection, and this can cause more vulnerabilities than we can imagine.

That’s why, among the solutions we’ve been looking at for Biz, our Canon security offer has drawn attention. I quickly noticed that, in addition to the security and personal data protection and confidential information, Canon comes with a clear set of solutions.

More specifically, an analysis of the processes in the company is made to ensure that RGPD principles are integrated into workflows – not only in terms of data storage but also in terms of employees who act as protectors and administrators of these information.

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