Five questions to ask yourself before buying

In the new world of conscious consumption, we have to think about every item purchased. Below are the five questions to ask yourself before buying it.

Five questions to ask yourself before buying
Five questions to ask yourself before buying

Five questions to ask yourself before buying

#one. Does this thing fit with my other things?

Here will be the place to remember the instructive story of Hope Teffi. His heroine bought herself a collar, who first demanded a new blouse (“none of the old ones suited him”), then a skirt and shoes, then a new hairstyle, a new sofa and even a new man.

Let’s return to the reality: so that after the purchase it didn’t work out that a new blouse needs a new skirt, think for how many things you’ll have that will be combined. If there are no such things in your wardrobe, we advise you to postpone the purchase.

# 2. Are there similar things in my wardrobe?

Do you need another pair of simple black sandals, if you already have three of these, and the summer in the city lasts only a month? Is it necessary to have another dress with a flower, if there is a whole pile in their closet?

The rule doesn’t concern only the basic things: if you are lucky once and you have found the perfect t-shirt, shirt or black pants, it would be good to buy several pieces at once.

# 3. What materials is this thing made of?

In the new world of conscious consumption, we must be responsible for every single thing — even regular jeans and a t-shirt. No matter how beautiful, for example, fashionable plastic shoes.

They will be present in the life of our planet for a couple of hundred years, and during decomposition they will spread harmful substances into the soil.

There is a sense of buying things from natural materials not only from an ethical point of view: a synthetic acrylic sweater will go to the trash bin in a couple of seasons, while the natural wool option will rather get bored than spoiled.

#four. Would I buy this item if there were no discounts on it?

Surrounded by signs and banners with the inscription Sale, we have the ability to turn off and think illogical. Why buy a scarlet cocktail dress, a reason to wear that happens once a year? Or another mini-skirt, when there are already a dozen of them in your wardrobe?

#five. Will I buy this item tomorrow?

Many people know this feeling: you can go to the store in a bad mood and leave happy with the new dress in the package. But if it seems to you that buying a new thing is uplifting, then it only seems.

After a day it may turn out that the purchased blouse does not suit you or you have nothing to wear it with. The most reasonable thing is to “marinate” the desire to buy for the night and make a decision in the morning.

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