Forza Street Is Now Available For Windows 10, iOS And Android

As far as racing games are concerned, there is not much bigger name than Forza, the game will be available on Android and iOS in the next few months, but if you are a Windows 10 PC user , you can play it right now .

The progress of the game will be synchronized from one device to another, and the games will be streamlined to allow a gaming experience lighter in terms of control than the mobile version.

As for the entire series of Forza games, part of the charm and strength of Forza Street will be the integration of a huge number of cars covering both hypercars and classics. The races will be limited in time on mobile to allow players to win and increase their trophy collection.
Since this game is mobile-centric, the title is free and can be downloaded now for Windows 10 devices . We do not yet know exactly when the games will be available on iOS and Android, but we know that it’s planned for 2019.

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