Get out of your comfort zone and get far with LinkedIn

You must learn and dare to get out of your comfort zone”. This is how about networking and being job seekers on social media such as  LinkedIn. And he himself has put action behind the words.

Get out of your comfort zone and get far with LinkedIn
Get out of your comfort zone and get far with LinkedIn

Our experts have several years of experience as a sales consultant, account manager, sales coach and sales manager. When he was in a situation where he was looking for new opportunities in sales management, he used an untraditional approach: He contacted interesting profiles directly on LinkedIn.

This article is an excerpt from our guide with five key tools for your job search.

There came many exciting and relevant coffee meetings that have helped strengthen his network and help him to his current employment. But it required overcoming and a leap out onto the deep water.

3 Advices to Get out of your comfort zone and get far with LinkedIn

Here, We share about the most important experiences he has made from LinkedIn.

1. You must dare to be vulnerable. 

The most important thing I can say about getting something out of social media as a job seeker is that you have to dare to be vulnerable. If you do not dare to be vulnerable, it will be difficult to find the courage to reach out to the people who can help you.

In the beginning, when I had to contact someone I did not know about, for example, LinkedIn, I was out of my comfort zone, but I quickly learned to tell myself: They are also just people.

And then I ask: What am I really losing? The worst answers I have received are either nothing or that the recipient does not see a match with my profile. And that’s enough.

Therefore, there is a lot to gain, but not much to lose by opening up a little. Therefore, I encourage you to take some chances on LinkedIn and create your own experience. Don’t just do as you usually do. You must be authentic and true to yourself, but try to release any inhibitions.

2. Short and concrete

When you send an invitation to connect with another user on LinkedIn, you have 300 characters available for a personal message. Use them, but use them wisely. Your message must be concrete, simple and targeted.

You cannot present yourself adequately, but instead, seek out dialogue. My standard message is something like: “I want to be connected with you, as I am looking for new opportunities in sales management.

Then I have to steal some of your time and offer a cup of coffee? ”I have had very good success with this message.

I guess about 70 percent of those I have sent an invitation to connect have accepted. When you are connected, you can write longer messages. Here it is important that you have a LinkedIn profile that looks professional.

You can rest assured that the users you are trying to connect to will visit your profile before responding to your query.

3. Select your times

I have learned that it can be very important when you send your contact request. A good time for me has turned out to be Sunday night, how many watching television – with the mobile within reach. In general, I have experienced that the hours immediately after dinner are a good time – here are many on LinkedIn.

I have also been successful in sending messages when there is a popular program on
television. It could be Wild with Dance or X

Factor – because here too, many have the phone promoting.

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