Good Tips For Use Of Wi-Fi In Your Home

You do not get Wi-Fi at home? Why not try to move your router? The ideal geographic position is often hard to find, yet! A researcher might have found the solution to your problem.

Good Tips For Use of Wi-Fi in your home
Good Tips For Use of Wi-Fi in your home

Good Tips For Use of Wi-Fi in your home

The latter looked for the perfect place to place the Wi-Fi router in a house or apartment to optimize the quality of the connection anywhere in the room. This researcher’s name is Jason Cole. Several hypotheses have been followed by the latter to try to find the ideal place to place the Wi-Fi router in a house.

Position your router in the center of the room? Really?

The center of the room was the first hypothesis suggested by the researcher. This seems logical: if it is in the center of the room, all points of the room enjoy a connection of equal quality. The problem of the center of the room however poses an aesthetic problem and electrical distribution. This is therefore not generally possible for the different households.

What formula to calculate the positioning of your Wi-Fi router?

The best place for a Wi-Fi router ultimately depends on the architecture of the house, including materials used during construction. Jason Cole modeled the different results he could find throughout his experience. Certain walls can indeed hinder the transmission of waves from the router, especially those made of concrete.

Let’s not forget that the Wi-Fi network operates from electromagnetic waves emitted by a router. It was Helmholtz’s equation that finally enabled the researcher to complete his research.

The Helmholtz equation to help your Wi-Fi network

The results of the survey conducted by the researcher were exposed on his blog. Among people who have connection difficulties, the researcher says it is possible to find a geographical position hosting its router that can serve almost all parts of the house. The proposed model is not fixed: each house is different in terms of materials and configuration, it should be adapted to each particular case.

An application to find the ideal point for your Wi-Fi network

The physicist did not stop looking for the best place to position his Wi-Fi router. He also developed an application: Wifi Solver. The latter helps individuals, depending on the configuration of their house or apartment, and the size of their rooms, to better position their Wi-Fi router to optimize the connection.

If you’re having trouble getting Wi-Fi home, there’s only one thing left to do: download the app and try to physically move your Wi-Fi router to a much better connection.

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