Google Chrome Browser Overview And Comparison With Other Web Browsers

Browser Google Chrome without exaggeration can be called the most popular web viewer at this time. According to statistics, more than 750.000.000 people use this browser.

Google Chrome Browser Overview And Comparison With Other Web Browsers

When Google thoroughly won the search market worldwide (only in Russia and some countries of the former Soviet Union, Yandex still leads by a large margin), it became necessary to expand business with various additional and related services.


In sincere concern for the satisfaction of the smallest needs and wishes of its users, Google has developed and presented to the world The Internet Brand new, own web viewer.

Google Chrome browser is a combination of speed, security, user-friendly, minimal design.

At the time of entry into the market, Chrome was a completely unusual, one might even say, innovative solution.

In those days, the general trend was to create complex interfaces and programs with a huge number of functions, for the most part not needed and even incomprehensible to the majority of users.

Take, for example, known to all Firefox. It should be added to the browser a few toolbars and from the main screen there is only a narrow strip. This problem was solved by the developers in the new Chrome browser.

Find out how easy it is to clear cookies in Chrome.

Google’s browser has the most liberated interface. In fact, there is only an omnibox, a combined address and search bar, and the rest of the space is occupied by the viewing window.

At first, Internet users did not realize their happiness. There were numerous critical reviews in the direction of Google Chrome. Gradually, the numerous squad of users got used, and the browser quickly began to conquer the audience.

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Despite the fact that Chrome is not part of the standard Windows programs, Google managed to convince a decent part of the Internet market to love this particular browser.

And today, Google Chrome is among the top four most popular web browsers, along with Internet Explorer, Operand firefox .

Despite the outwardly poor interface, Chrome is second only to the number of widgets and extensions Firefox. If desired, from a simple browser you can create a multi functional machine that can satisfy the most demanding tastes.

The special advantage of Google Chrome in the use of a multiprocessor engine. Each window, each event in the browser is provided by a separate process.

So, if one of the windows hangs, the rest continue to work fine. The browser can not stop completely. This fact makes Сhrome the most reliable browser of all.

In addition, as in Windows , Chrome has in its functionality a process manager, with which you can disable any hanging process or simply disable unnecessary ones in order to speed up the work of the program, reduce memory consumption.

Since Chrome has already appeared in the field of other popular browsers, competitors were taken ideas useful options.

For example,Internet Explorer borrowed the ability to create shortcuts to favorite sites for quick access on the desktop.

Enormous possibilities for modifying and improving the browser appear to the user after opening the so-called “App Store”.

The choice of a wide variety of widgets and add-ons, perhaps, even exceeds the famous collection of extensions of the Opera browser .

The only thing Opera superior to Chrome, it is the presence of a convenient built-in email client. For its part, Chrome is focused on the use of numerous services of Google.

It has its own mail, cloud disk, joint documents, social services, YouTube video hosting . Access to all services is easily provided from the Google Chrome browser itself.

The further progress of Google Chrome was expressed in the active development of the mobile market. The Internet.

Unlike other browsers, which in mobile versions are much inferior in functionality to desktop versions, mobile Chrome is in no way inferior to the fixed version. For webmasters who create and promote their websites, this browser will be very useful in that it has a lot of analytical extensions.

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