Google Drive and Google Photos will be independent

Google will change the way in which images and videos are shared between Drive and Photo platforms: less confusion for users.

The synchronization methods between the Google Drive archive  and the Google Photos archive  will change from next month. This was announced by the Mountain View group with a post that appeared on the pages of the official blog. The reason? Many believe the current dynamic is confused and not very effective, not in line with the smart philosophy  of the two platforms.

Many of you save photos and videos both on Google Drive and on Google Photos, so as to keep them safe and be able to access them quickly. According to some feedback, the connection between the services generates confusion, so next month we will make some changes to simplify the experience offered by Drive and Photo.

Google Drive and Photos: what will change?

Starting July 10, new images and videos uploaded to Drive will not automatically appear in Photos. Likewise, new images and new videos from Photos will not be added to the Photos folder on Drive. Again, the images and videos that users will delete from the Drive archive will not be removed from Photos (and vice versa): this to prevent the contents from being accidentally deleted from both platforms.

Starting July 10, 2019, Google Photos and Google Drive will no longer synchronize automatically. These changes will allow you to easily choose where to store the photos and videos in the various products.

The change will be accompanied by the introduction of a new feature for Google Photos, called “Upload from Drive” : this will allow you to manually select the photos and videos to be imported, including those contained in the “Shared with me” folder. Once copied, the elements will not remain synchronized between the two services: this means that modifying or deleting one of them will not be applied to its duplicate on the other platform.

We must therefore pay even more attention to the space used : the contents saved in Original Quality will affect the available quota, both on Drive and on Photo. That is already the case (the upload is free only in High Quality), but being able to manage double the files for someone could be a problem.

The Backup and Sync software  available for Windows and macOS will continue to work as usual, handling the loading on both services. In this regard, Google emphasizes that by uploading the same contents both to Drive and to Photos, their weight will only affect the storage quota once.

Anything that has been uploaded until July 10 will not be changed. More information can be found in the official guide . We therefore close by summarizing what will change.

  • Loading or deleting photos or videos on Google Drive or Google Photos, the changes will not be reflected in the other service;
  • on you can copy photos and videos from Google Drive to Google Photos;
  • items copied between Google Drive and Google Photos will take up storage space;
  • existing photos and videos will remain in Google Photos and Google Drive.

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