Google Drive Test The Offline Mode In Chrome

Google Drive: Now, cloud -based data storage services are popular. However, its function still depends on the internet. It will be troublesome if there are important files that need to be opened but users are limited to the internet network.

Google Drive Test the Offline Mode in Chrome

Users will be able to access documents, slides, spreadsheets and reportedly, will be added with the ability to save PDF, Microsoft Office and other non-Google files offline.

Google Drive Test the Offline Mode in Chrome

Google allows its users to tag their non- Google files in Drive offline. Unfortunately, this feature only applies to G Suite users, and those who don’t have the opportunity to use the Chrome browser to try this offline access.

Users must activate offline mode in document settings first, then log in to an account approved by G Suite, then they can save files offline.

Google will develop this feature. Chrome OS has not this feature yet. Also, this feature has not yet been fully worked on. We just wait for the continuation.

Make Confused Users, Google Will Setup Integration Photos and Drive

So far, Google offers synchronization between Photos and Drive. However, this integration will be stopped because it is considered confusing users.

“We listen to user input, the connection between (both) services is confusing. Therefore, next month we make changes to simplify the experience of using Drive and Photos,” said Product Manager Google Drive and Photos, Dan Schlosser and Jason Gupta in uploading blogs.

When changes are implemented in July, both photos and videos uploaded to Google Drive will not automatically appear on Photos. Vice versa.

In addition, files that have been deleted on both services will not be synchronized on Google Photos and Drive. “This change is designed to help avoid deletion of photos due to accidents both on Google Photos and Drive,” the two said.

Indeed, the current system provides many opportunities for users to accidentally delete files or photos if not careful.

Spend the Storage Room

For this reason, Google will offer a way for users to copy photos or videos from Google Drive to Photos, via upload from Drive to the website version of Google Photos.

Even so, users will later have two versions of the same file without a link between the two. Google warned, this might make users confused, especially related to storage space in the cloud.

Especially, when high-quality duplicated items will certainly consume cloud storage space both in Drive and Photos. If users still want some content in both places, the best solution is to use the Google Backup and Sync application on Windows or Mac.

Will not delete automatically

Google stated that items uploaded using Backup and Sync on original quality to both services are only counted once against cloud storage.

The internet giant stressed that it would not delete automatic files in July, when Drive and Photos integration takes effect. “All photos or videos from the Drive on Photos that have been uploaded, will still be available on Photos and not deleted,” he said.

If a user has a Google Photos folder on Drive, it will remain in Drive, but it will no longer be updated automatically.

This shift certainly makes some people feel uncomfortable. For example, for users who like to keep photos on Google Photos through the Drive folder that is synchronized via PC.

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