Google I/O 2019 Application Is Useful If You Are A Android Developer

Google has released the official Google I / O 2019 application. Studying the code will make it much easier to adapt your application to Android Q.

Google I/O 2019 Application Is Useful If You Are A Android Developer

Google I/O 2019 Application Is Useful If You Are A Android Developer

Google I/O 2019: If you are an Android application developer, this is important: Google decided to release in the last hours the official application of Google I / O 2019, an application that although it served for the attendees of the event, it still has a lot to offer for the developers. In it we can know first hand some of the techniques used by Google to make the application.

If you are a developer, you should go to Android Developers and take a look at the application code, as you will learn firsthand how to make the most of the new Android features.

If you are an Android application developer, the Google I / O application will be useful. If I am a user, why do I care? Indirectly, that Google has released this application is something you should not care about, but indirectly it benefits you. Having developers have better resources means they can create better applications, something that benefits us.

Creating applications today goes far beyond knowing how to program . An application not only has to work, but it has to maintain an elegant, practical and easy to use design.

Part of these requirements go hand in hand with being up to date in terms of design and news of the new versions of Android, iOS and the web.

Android Q is falling, and if you are a developer, there may be some new things you should know. Perhaps reading all the documentation from the developer portal seems the most direct way, but wouldn’t it be better to check how all these developments work in real time?

They think so on Google, which is why they have decided to release the source code of the application they created for Google I / O 2019. This application includes the new Google Material design, but it is also prepared for other features such as automatic dark mode .

That Google has released this code means being able to access it in Android Studio, being able to check in a real application how all these new tools are executed. From this point of view, it is easier for you to adapt the latest news to your application.

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