Google Monetization – Adsense Guide

With the development of technology, the internet has been the gateway to revenue for most users. Especially Google monetization is becoming increasingly popular. 

Google Monetization - Adsense Guide
Google Monetization – Adsense Guide

The popularity of the internet for a wide audience and hosting a lot of important information increased this popularity.

Google Monetization – Adsense Guide

Many people dream of having a good income in a short time. However, it should be remembered that in the real world, it is necessary to make the same effort to make money from the internet.

With the avalanche growth of internet usage, methods for making money from internet are being developed. Recently, making money with Google Adsense has become one of the most popular methods.

    • Google’s reliable to be
    • Payment methods of account by direct bank made
    • Ads appearing appropriately on your site (such as fashion ads appearing on the fashion site)
    • Having dozens of ad sizes appropriate to your site

Caution should be exercised about the methods used to make money on the Internet. In this regard, showing the reliability of Google Adsense, has become the most preferred method by internet users.

Google monetization means Google Adsense for website owners in short. There are 2 groups in this network;

    • Advertisers (Google AdWords users)
    • Known as advertisers (Google Adsense users).

# What is Google Adsense?

Nowadays, as the interest in Google Adsense monetization methods increases, so does the number of users who wonder what Google Adsense means. Google search engine; website, blog and youtube video owners pay a certain fee for the advertisement they publish.

The advertising network that provides the establishment of this system is called Adsense. One of the most preferred practice of bloggers in Turkey to earn money with Adsense is to come.

Subject-oriented advertising according to the content of the web site, Google, the most subject-oriented advertising from the Internet is the only address to make money. You can contact Google adsense at the address.

As Google is very rigorous in this sense, there may be some rejection responses or unanswered situations. Google monetization is a topic that many site users are interested in.

# What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an ad network used by companies that provide ads to run on Google Adsense. So this ad network is only available to advertisers. However, if you want, you can advertise your site in the future.

You can reach Google AdWords at this address and become a publisher. But my advice would be to make money using google adsense first. The main topic we will discuss in this article is the Google Adsense ad network used by site owners like me.

# How much is earned by Google monetization?

If you had a website written in a foreign language, your earnings could be much higher per month. Turkey advertisers can say is behaving a bit more stingy than the other examples in the world on this issue.

Creating a Website for Google Monetization

To make money with Google Adsense, you first need to have a quality website or blog. In this way, you can earn 2000 TL and more with Google Adsense monthly. For this, your website needs to attract attention and be original.

create websiteIt is not possible to earn without labor and investment. Therefore, you should invest some amount to create a quality website. So I’m not talking about the very high amounts of the host + domain you will receive by spending 90-100 TL per year.

Website creation is one of the most important steps to be done for Google monetization. It is necessary to be a little patient to make money with this method. Extensive preliminary research should be carried out on what the website will be opened. At this stage, the most researched topics of internet users should be examined.

After the necessary preliminary research, an effective site design should be made by taking a domain name that will attract the attention of the users. In this way , the first step is to make money with Google Adsense.

It is very important that the content of the established website is completely original and does not contain any copy texts. Google is very sensitive about this and may cancel your Adsense application in case of any copy.

In order to provide information to targeted audiences, a blog page with publications should be created. While various news can be published on the blog page, articles containing solutions for any problems can be written. When these efforts are fully SEO compliant, they reach a certain number of clicks and the website manages to rank high on Google rankings.

This success is one of the preliminary steps to be taken to make money on google . An SEO-compliant website consists of original content and reaches more target audiences more easily. Seeing this allows you to advertise on your site by responding positively to Adsense applications with Google.

Building the Right Website to Make Money with Google
Google Adsense is free and quite easy to use. Provides the opportunity to receive 68% of the revenue generated.

Google is the right website for monetization

So, what needs to be done to make money with Google Adsense?

# First you will need an internet address full of content. Google likes sites that are rich in content. So you should have a variety of blog topics on your site as content . There should be shares that do not violate the rules for AdSense content (text, images, videos, etc.).

However, it is recommended that a small amount of text is available on the page to allow the AdSense browser to identify what the internet address is about. Adsense gives great value to monetization , not only advertising, but also the quality of the site where the ad will be published.

In short: Site content diversity should be in a way that does not violate Google Adsense policies (+18, betting, etc.).

# The quality of the Internet address should be at a high level in every sense. AdSense suffices that shared content is available in a manner that does not violate the rules. At the same time, a high-quality web page should contain high-quality content.

Google is responsible for any advertiser who collects money, and advertisers do not find it right to have their ads served on low quality internet addresses. Especially in recent years, Google Adsense has started to pay more attention to this rule. As a result of more rigorous inspections, sanctions are applied to each site without discrimination.

In short: The content of your site should be blank articles, not just articles written to increase site hits , it is important for Google to be of good quality in design.

# There should be heavy traffic within the site. AdSense is known online as a good way of earning money and can be used as the easiest way to increase existing earnings, thanks to the high traffic to the internet address. In this sense, it is not possible to mention the exact number, because the amount obtained depends on the click and the number of clicks on the link.

However, if customers do not have a minimum of 300 to 400 visitors per day, adding AdSense to their internet address is not recommended. The more traffic the user targets, the more he will earn. To do this, go out on the first page on Google See my article.

First of all, Google Adsense should focus on increasing site usage, not increasing revenue. The two processes will feed each other in a connected way.

# Properly selected keywords need to be targeted: If targeted keywords are correctly targeted in the content , it will be possible to generate more revenue through Google AdSense or any other advertising medium. Keywords; it is used by advertisers to promote services or products, and therefore the competitive environment is always more intense.

Tip: Most clicked topics , monetized topics , most popular topics Articles will help you choose the right keyword.

# With Google monetization policies, users must capture a full compliance. As mentioned above, Google AdSense equals one-third of Google’s current earnings and therefore cares about the entire program. Even if each user obtains a Google AdSense account, there is a risk that exactly 0 accounts will be lost if the rules are not followed.

Even if an existing or new Google AdSense account is purchased, users must ensure that they truly understand the policies of the system before applying Adsense to their website. It is imperative that the ideas that cause misleading in the system be thrown away and that the rules are not violated.

# You are expected to have a webpage with a goal that does not serve on behalf of Google AdSense. Making money with AdSense is, of course, one of the most effective ways to turn the website into a profitable environment, but those sites are not accepted by Google when their sole goal is to place AdSense ads.

In this sense, Google works with a system that analyzes the quality of the site and the purpose of the site very well.

Common Features of Sites Generating Revenue from AdSense Use

    • Both content-rich and high-quality shares are made.
    • There is heavy user traffic within the site.
    • They are all fully compliant with Google monetization policies.
    • They all fully comply with webmaster guidelines (SEO).
    • All of them offer products and services that benefit users.
    • Their sole purpose is not to make money from Google . A primary goal of each site is to be user-oriented.

Is it possible to make a living through Google monetization?

One of the most curious issues is whether or not a serious income can be obtained to cover all expenses. In this regard, it is possible to achieve earnings that can be relied on continuously and reach high amounts. This system seems to continue as long as there is google. But I think you need to see a backup source of income in this area regardless of whether you make risk allocation and make money with Google Adsense .

Adsense earnings table

In the case of making money from Google, the fact that individuals working in another job cannot allocate sufficient time ensures that the income remains only as additional income. Only individuals who earn income from this field spend a significant portion of their time in this business.

Google AdSense is often considered the easiest and most reliable way to make money online. The site users get a good return in return for sufficient time and effort. Fulfilling certain rules about the site to make money with Google Adsense provides efficiency in generating revenue from the system.

# How to Sign Up for Google Adsense

To register for a Google Adsense account, you must first have a Google account (gmail). You can continue here to open a new gmail . You can apply for a new Google account as well as an old Google account.

If your Gmail account is ready, you can apply at Google Adsense . After completing the short-term application phase, a Google Adsense agreement is signed. Once the required information is filled in, the HTML code provided by Google is added to the website.

Google will review the results after 2-7 days . At this stage, if your website consists of SEO-compliant and original content , your application will be evaluated positively and you will miss the most important step for the Google monetization phase. However, if your website is not SEO compliant and consists of copy content, your application will be rejected.

When the application is evaluated positively, you can review the Adsense ad codes you want to add to your website by entering the registration panel. You must first determine the ad type.

In this context, you can place ads on your site that contain images, text, or both. These ads will be coded and placed in the template section of the site. About 10 minutes after this process, the ad will begin to appear on your site.

Once the ads are clicked, when your earnings reach $ 50, a pin code is sent by Google to see if you own the address. Your earnings increase as the ads you run are reviewed by users, ie they are clicked.

68% of the ads served are given to you by Google. When your earnings are $ 200, Google Adsense transfers your money to your account.

# Which Topics Make More Ads in Google Adsense Ads?

This is one of the most curious issues by users. The higher the interest shown in some fields, the more clicks on the ads that run. Therefore, paying attention to this when choosing advertising topics will increase your earnings. The most profitable topics are:

Finance, Economy

Companies that advertise on these issues are often banks, so you think they’re paying a pretty high pay-per-click. Banks that want to lend, you can say that the highest price per click for a future customer.


Real estate is one of the most profitable advertising topics. Since housing companies make high profits, they also allocate a good budget for advertising. Therefore, if you include ads on your site that contain real estate issues, you can ensure that more users click on them.


There is no distinction in the field of health. Every health-related issue catches the attention of internet users. One way to increase your earnings is to focus on health advertising.


Many people are taking holidays in Turkey with job strain. For this reason, it constantly follows the holiday campaigns of the hotels before or after the season. Hotels give serious advertisements by acting generously. You can benefit from the season periods and earn more by publishing hotel campaigns on your site.

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