Are you an active Google Photos user and usually share your links with albums or photos to other people? If so, you should be vigilant.

A researcher Robert Wiblin published a paper on Medium, which reminded us to be careful when sharing Google Photos links with others. Apparently, people who have a Google Photos link, may be able to access other photos in the application.

Google as a service provider is actually aware of this. In its website, Google calls, “Anyone who has (access to) the link, of course, can see the album (photo)”.

Apparently, this will be a big task and supervision for Google to protect its users.

Differences in Google Photos and Google Drive link systems

Other applications under Google, namely Google Drive, have a different link system. In the file sharing and storage service, only selected recipients can access files in the application.

The difference in security systems between Google Drive and Google Photos is a sign that users should be more vigilant in sharing Google Photos links .

Meanwhile, you can open the Google Support page to get information, how to stop sharing albums with other people.


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