Google Warns Create Ads.txt! What is Ads.txt?

Recently, Adsense users are seeing a warning to create an ads.txt file on their pages to avoid affecting your advertising revenue. So what is this ads.txt and how is it created? After that we will call this file ads file in our article. In particular, Google wants you to upload this file to our class to avoid ad scams.

Google Warns Create Ads.txt! What is Ads.txt?
Google Warns Create Ads.txt! What is Ads.txt?

He wants sites to clearly identify advertisers to ensure that advertisers receive proper information and to prevent fraud.

Ads file;

1. Your advertiser,

2. Your advertiser ID,

3. How ads are served

Such information is included. The person who wants to advertise directly learns how to advertise on your site. This way, the person who wants to advertise on your site can advertise properly to your site without dealing with scammers.

How to create an Ads file

Create a txt file on your computer. In the first line, type the following information., pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT,

All information is separated by commas. The first information is the advertising company. In this example, the advertiser is Google Adsense.

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The second information is your advertiser ID. In the example, enter your Adsense publisher ID.

The third information is how ads are served. There are two options, Direct and reseller. Direct ads mean they run directly by the advertiser. Reseller means that the advertiser can sell the advertising space to someone else.

In this way, make and save your file. You can enter a different advertiser information per line. Throw the file into your site’s root folder, public html. In other words, for WordPress users, put them in the folder containing the wordpress files.

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