How to Disable Push Notifications on your browser PC?

Disable Push Notifications: Push notifications are always a good way for website owners to build relationships with visitors by quickly notifying them of new content. Now, if you subscribed to keep push notifications up to date with new site content, there is no problem.

How to Disable Push Notifications on your browser PC?
How to Disable Push Notifications on your browser PC?

However, if you subscribed in error or if you no longer wish to receive push notifications from one of these websites, this article is your guide to deactivating them.

How to disable push notifications on your browser PC

The process is different with each browser, so let’s take them all one at a time.

1. Microsoft Edge

    • Launch the Microsoft Edge browser and click the Menu button.
    • Click Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings.
    • Click Manage under Website Permissions. From there, you can turn off websites for which you don’t want to receive notifications.

2. Firefox

    • Open the Firefox browser and click on the menu option (three lines in the upper right corner of the screen).
    • Select Options from the drop-down menu and click Content in the left column.
    • Now click on the Choose button next to Notifications.
    • All the sites authorized to send you notifications will be presented to you. From there, you can delete individual websites or use the Delete All option to delete all websites.

3. Google Chrome

    • Open the Chrome browser.
    • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
    • Then click on Advanced Settings or Show Advanced Settings.
    • When you get to the advanced settings, scroll down and click on Content Settings.
    • Under Notifications, click Manage exceptions.
    • The list of websites allowed to send you push notifications is displayed. Now, if you want to completely prevent the website from sending you notifications, you can just click on the X icon in front of the website. You can do this for any other website you want to block.

4. Safari browser

    • Launch the Safari browser and click Safari in the application bar.
    • Click Preferences and select the notification panel which will display the list of websites for which you are currently receiving notifications.
    • Select the website you want to delete and click Delete button. You can also delete everything by clicking on the Delete all option.

This is how you can disable push notifications on any browser on your PC. If you are using a different browser than the one above, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll explain how to do that.


WhatsApp Stickers: Create custom Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has finally added stickers into their app, and the new feature is slowly being ready for both iOS and Android users. Currently, the collection of native WhatsApp Stickers is rather limited.

WhatsApp Stickers: Create custom Stickers on WhatsApp
WhatsApp Stickers: Create custom Stickers on WhatsApp

However, the company encourages independent developers to bundle additional Sticker packs through third-party iOS or Android apps.

So if you’re looking for new Stickers to use, other than the ones already offered by WhatsApp, you may be able to find apps on the App Store or Google Play Store that will give you access to additional Sticker packs on WhatsApp. .

If you want to add custom sticker packs on WhatsApp, but don’t want to create an app for it, or you have limited coding knowledge, this article can help you fix some workaround issues for iOS and Android.

How to Create Custom Stickers for WhatsApp

In their documentation, WhatsApp has provided a number of requirements that must be met in order to be able to create Stickers for WhatsApp.

    • Each sticker is an image having transparent background.
    • Stickers must be exactly 512 × 512 pixels.
    • Every Sticker must be less than 100 KB.

For your thumbnails, you can collect ready-to-paste images in PNG and WEBP formats directly from the web or create them manually in a photo editing application. In addition, you also need at least three images to create a pack of Stickers on WhatsApp.

Although you can use a computer or smartphone for creating sticker, Best optio is to use a desktop application such as Photoshop for better accuracy with edge selection and other advanced editing requirements.

Note: the method we are going to follow attempts to automatically meet most of the requirements for WhatsApp Stickers. However, for best results, it is recommended to adhere to these requirements as much as possible.

For example, using an image that is not a “square” will probably distort your Sticker when it is imported into WhatsApp. Similarly, having a non-transparent background on a Sticker can have an impact on its aesthetic value.

Add custom stickers to WhatsApp on Android

Once you have images eligible for WhatsApp Stickers, you need certain apps to be able to import them as Stickers into WhatsApp.

Follow the below steps to import and use custom stickers on WhatsApp:

    • Download and install the latest version of New Stickers for WhatsApp, ES File Explorer and WhatsApp from Google Play on your Android smartphone.
    • Using ES File Explorer, place your custom Sticker images in your phone’s default download directory.
    • Launch Personal Stickers for WhatsApp. It should automatically detect the sticker images in the download folder and sort them into different sticker packs according to the available sub-folders.
    • If you want to make custom sticker packs, click the Kebab menu icon in the upper right corner and select Create a sticker pack. Select the Stickers you want to include in your pack, give it a name and press the check mark in the upper right corner to confirm.
    • Click Add next to each pack of Stickers to import them into WhatsApp.

Once the import is complete, you should find the new Sticker packs in WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, open an online chat, tap the emoji icon in the lower left corner and select the Stickers or Stickers tab. Newly imported Stickers must be available for shipment. Just tap on a particular sticker to send it to the cat. The selected Sticker will be transfered to the chosen contact or group.

Additional WhatsApp Stickers added externally are stored locally on your phone and are not saved on WhatsApp servers. If you connect to WhatsApp on another device, you will lose access to all the Personalized Stickers.

In addition, even if you simply move the original Sticker files out of the download directory and place them elsewhere, you will still lose access to these custom Stickers.

Add custom stickers to WhatsApp on iPhone

Recently, many sticker creation applications have been published on the App Store. These applications generally follow a similar pattern in terms of usability and functionality.

In this demonstration, we are going to use an application called Sticker Maker WASticker Lite, but the other Sticker creation applications must also follow similar steps.

    • First, Download and install Sticker Maker from the App Store.
    • Press the Plus button at the bottom to create a new pack of Stickers.
    • Press the new pack of Stickers that you have just created to modify the content of the pack.
    • Tap the icon in the status bar at the top left.
    • Choose between taking a photo or selecting an existing one from the photo library.
    • Then select the area of ​​the photo you want to include.
    • On the next screen, you can refine your selection by adding or removing parts of the image, then clicking Save.
    • Now press each of the boxes 0, 1, 2… and so on, add individual photos, then repeat steps 5 to 7 to create Stickers for your pack.
    • Finally, when all the Stickers have been added, click on Save pack >> Add Stickers pack to WhatsApp.

You will be redirected to WhatsApp, where you will be prompted to register the new sticker pack. Click on Save button to add it to your collection in WhatsApp.

Note: Even though all of the above applications include an editor for creating transparent Stickers, it is generally recommended to create Stickers on computers rather than on mobile devices for better results and often higher accuracy.

You can make transparent PNG files as candidates for sticker packs and then import them into Camera Roll on your iPhone.

The same sticker packs that you created for WhatsApp can usually also be used in the Messages app. Just open an iMessage chat on your iPhone and scroll through the available iMessage apps, until you find one of the third-party Stickers apps you have installed.

When you click on the same thing, the Stickers or packs that you create using the particular application should also be available here.

So now you can create custom stickers from Android and iPhone. Tell us in the comments which sticker apps you like to use the most.

Google Stadia: What it is and how it works

Deepen in the article Google Stadia new video game streaming service (called cloud gaming) launched by Google in late 2019. It is a whole new concept, some spoke of the death of the console.

Google Stadia: What it is and how it works
Google Stadia: What it is and how it works

In fact, Google wanted to create the first intangible console, accessible by anyone with a sufficiently fast Internet connection and a compatible device. In our study we will give you all the details currently known on the nascent platform.

How does Google Stadia work?

The concept of cloud gaming is simple and the approach is also quite new which could be confusing; we try to explain it in a simple way.

The type of approach chosen by Google is called Game Streaming and works in a conceptually simple way: everything related to the computation of data and graphics of the game is managed by Google’s mainframe and the gamer receives the result in the form of a video stream streaming (to interact with the game it sends its controls via the network to the Stadia datacenters).

The datacenters are based on AMD Radeon hardware (similar to the next gen consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox) and should guarantee for each user an equivalent computational capacity of 10.7 TeraFlops , and 16 GB of RAM.

Any user in possession of a game on the platform can launch it without installation, configuration or waits. In addition, it can change the game station instantly, switching from ChromeCast Ultra to PC to Google Pixel smartphone. In the near future, the possibility of direct 4K is expected.

How much do Google Stadia subscriptions cost?

It has already been announced that there will be two possible subscriptions to the service:

    • The basic plan does not include costs or games included and the resolution will be limited to 1080p. This plan will be free, just enter the store, buy any of the available titles and you can play it in the cloud.
    • The paid plan provides a monthly cost of € 9.99, the possibility of playing up to a resolution of 4K, some free games included (about two per month, in the style of PlayStation Plus), and discounts on other titles in the catalog.

To date, neither of the two floors is active. They should be activated according to BigG starting from the first months of 2020. For now, the only way to use the service is to buy a Stadia Premiere Edition kit (available at € 129 on the Store ), or to have a Buddy Pass available, or a friend code that is offered with the Stadia Premiere Edition (it is assumed that your friend has already purchased it). The kit contains a Stadia controller and a ChromeCast Ultra .

What hardware do you need to use Google Stadia?

The service is compatible with ChromeCast Ultra and in this case you need the Stadia joystick. With the PCs running Chrome, here you can use any type of controller and also keyboard and mouse. The possibility of connecting the Stadia controller to the PC without cable should arrive in the first months of 2020.

Obviously, all this must be accompanied by an adequate internet connection; you can verify that yours is with this test. Attention, no mobile connection is supported, only WiFi or even better Ethernet. The connection requirements are:

    • To play at 720p at 60 fps a speed between 10 Mb / six and 20 Mb / s is required.
    • To reach 1080p at 60 fps between 20 Mb / six and 30 Mb / s are required.
    • If you exceed 35 Mb / s you can play at 60 fps with HDR video, 5.1 Surround sound, and with 4K resolution.

What do the first tests say?

Several newspapers have reviewed the service and from these tests several interesting data emerge:

    • The games available at the moment broadcast in 4K are actually rendered by the 1080p datacenters and then upscaled, this is a choice of the teams that have ported. The situation will certainly improve when they have more experience with Vulkan bookstores. To date, the graphics are close to those of local current gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One) and, given the computational capacity of Google’s data centers, it is likely that it will increase in the future.
    • The performance in terms of fluidity and input lag comparable or sometimes indistinguishable from local gaming is preferably obtained on ChromeCast Ultra connected to the internet via Ethernet.
    • If you connect via a good 5 GHz WiFi network, the performance is good but not perfect: the input lag is normally very good but the video quality in some moments can drop and peeps from the compression artifacts of the video stream.
    • The transmission consumes a variable amount of data between 3 GB and 20 GB per hour, based on the quality of the connection.

What are the main competitors and alternatives to Google Stadia?

Competition to Google’s new gaming service is quite strong:

The main competitor is undoubtedly xCloud, the project launched in free beta by Microsoft, which however along the lines of the beloved Game Pass has approached cloud gaming with a different logic: while Stadia is in practice an online console to be accessed from various positions, smartphones, PCs, and TVs (with Chromecast Ultra), xCloud for now is only accessible from smartphones and seems structured as a subscription service in Netflix style, paying a fixed monthly fee you will have unlimited access to an ever expanding library of titles.

This is configured as the main rival of Stadia also for the performances and for the reduced input lag.

Unfortunately, to date, the service is available in beta, with limited invitations and only for some countries (USA, Great Britain and South Korea), in 2020 it should also land with us. Also in 2020, expansion to PCs is expected and perhaps the 720p resolution limit is exceeded.

Another interesting competitor is Nvidia GeForce Now , which allows you to install your games purchased on Steam or Epic Store on the Nvidia datacenter and to be able to play them directly in streaming for free on PC and smartphone. The service is currently in beta by invitation and if you own an Nvidia Shield (we talked about it among the best Tv Boxes ) you are entitled to an invitation.

An already available competitor is Playstation Now , a subscription service that at € 9.99 per month, allows you to play streaming a large catalog of Playstation titles on PC and PS4. Playstation Now is limited to 720p resolution when it comes to streaming titles.


What is Dead Pixel, How to Solve It?

What is the annoying situation that many people face and what is the Dead pixel, how is the dead pixel tested and is the dead pixel covered? we will answer your questions.

What is Dead Pixel, How to Solve It?
What is Dead Pixel, How to Solve It?

What is Dead Pixel?

Basically, pixel is one of the technical definitions that we started to learn with televisions and monitors, and that later formed an important detail on smartphones. However , a definition such as a dead pixel is frequently seen on the display technologies, apart from the number of pixels and features . This problem, which is frequently encountered, is seen as an image problem even in high-end smart phones.

For a clear understanding of the problem, the question of what is a dead pixel must be answered. pixel; It is expressed in colors for the image on devices with screens such as telephones, televisions, tablets and computers.

Depending on the quality of the screen, very high pixel features can be seen and sometimes a problem such as not getting color can be encountered. In this context, black spots such as punctuation on any part of the screen and the problem of not giving pixel color can be seen.

At these points, when the pixel does not color, it is called dead. In fact, these points are stated dead because they do not work.

How to Understand Dead Pixels

It is a visible problem that certain points on the screens become pixel dead. This problem is often seen as square spots. Sometimes it can be spotted in certain places, sometimes it can even cover a large part of the screen.

There are many sites where you can test dead pixels on the internet to understand this . The site will give you two site links, both of them are doing the same, whichever you want to use. You can access the first site from here , and the second site from here.

How to Solve a Dead Pixel

Generally, it is preferred to change the display panel in order to solve this problem in monitors, LCD televisions or smart devices. Since this problem, which is very common, is seen as a physical problem, part replacement will be a basic and real solution.

As a different case, if you want to get a dead pixel solution on the screen of the devices you use , you may sometimes need to perform a software check. Because some software creates problems during use, it may cause a problem such that the pixels do not color in a similar way to physical problems.

In terms of cost and current solution, it may be necessary to first examine the software, uninstall or renew the distressed software. If the desired solution is not obtained after these trials, technical service support will be required. A physical solution can be provided with a zero or second hand screen replacement. Depending on the quality of the selected material and how professional the service is, a much longer term solution can be obtained.

Is Dead Pixel Under Warranty?

This problem is becoming annoying when we live on our phones, computers and televisions. Are the screen replacement fees of these devices pretty much covered by the dead pixels warranty ?

Even if there is one dead pixel in the devices you use, this manufacturer’s error is accepted and it needs to be replaced under warranty. If you encounter a different behavior, you can make a complaint either through e-government or through the Consumer Arbitration Committees in the district governorships.


How to Cancel YouTube Premium?

When first entering the market in Turkey may not want to continue to use the first three months following the month when the first free lifetime YouTube Premium bits that you can use for free. For this, you can follow the YouTube Premium cancellation steps in our article.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium?
How to Cancel YouTube Premium?

There are some short steps to cancel Youtube Premium from computer and phone . The same steps apply for canceling YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Premium subscription cancellation steps inside :

How to Cancel YouTube Premium on Computer ?

    1. First, log into from any internet browser .
    2. Then click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen .
    3. Log in to Settings in the window that opens.
    4. Click on the part that says YouTube Premium in the settings menu .
    5. Then you will see the Cancel Membership button.
    6. After clicking the Cancel Membership button, it may ask you why you want to cancel Youtube Premium. Confirm by specifying a reason that suits you.
    7. Finally, he will ask for a final confirmation to return to his free YouTube account. After confirming it, YouTube Premium will be canceled .

You can cancel YouTube Premium after 3 months from the computer by following the steps above. For the cancellation of Youtube subscription on the phone, follow the steps below.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium on the Phone?

You have the right to cancel your YouTube Premium membership using the iOS or Android YouTube apps available on the App Store.

    1. Open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
    2. Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner.
    3. Then click the Paid Memberships button.
    4. Under YouTube Premium ,  click Manage .
    5. You will be prompted to open the link in a web browser application. Click Open next to the browser you want to use .
    6. The internet browser you choose must have opened and installed the mobile web version of your paid membership.  Under YouTube Premium ,  click Cancel Membership .
    7. Click Yes, cancel to confirm your YouTube Premium cancellation.

After these transactions, your Youtube Premium membership will end. You can subscribe to Youtube Premium again at any time after Youtube Premium  free trial cancellation.

As of 2019, Youtube Premium fee is specified as 16.99 TL  per month . Although not very rich in content, music application can be preferred.

App Store Can’t Connect Solution – Detailed Description

App Store Can’t Connect: It is known by everyone that a platform called App Store should be used for downloading, installing and updating applications on iPhone models made by Apple.

App Store Can't Connect Solution - Detailed Description
App Store Can’t Connect Solution – Detailed Description

However, if you have updated iOS 11 or iOS 12 on your phones with the latest updates, you will encounter an important problem when you want to install any application afterwards. At the beginning of these problems, there is an error that the app store cannot connect and everyone is looking for a solution.

After performing iOS version updates, the app store unable to connect error will usually appear when you want to download an application. In fact, the same problem is one of the similar problems faced by smartphone users on Android devices, namely during the use of Google Play.

However, since the infrastructure of the iOS operating system is very different from the Android operating system, it provides a different process in implementing the solution. However, finding the solution is very simple and it is enough to perform an easy operation.

App Store Can’t Connect Error Comprehensive Solution

Internet connection problems on your Apple smart devices can often cause the app store not to connect . In this case, in order to get a solution, if you are connected to WiFi network, you must stop the wireless network connection on your phone and then switch to mobile data.

If you prefer to use mobile data on the contrary, you must connect to a wireless network after turning off mobile data.

If this practical application does not create the right solution, you can create a trial by turning the phone off and on, that is, by rebooting. Again, as an internet connection, you can switch between 4.5G connection and 3G connection and try the solution.
Also, in this context, you may have encountered problems with the network features you are connected to, namely DNS settings.
In this case, even if the wireless networks you use are deemed to be solid, you can try to connect with the wireless network at another point, as Apple Store may have restrictions that hinder development.

Sign out of your Apple account as a different solution method. However, be sure to first note your Apple account username and password at some point. After signing out, log back into your Apple account with the user information.

To do this, you first need to go to the settings section on your phone and touch the dot that says your name. Then, you can click on the iTunes App Store section and choose the first option to log out.

Among the different solutions, you may need to correct the date information and set the time again, as the phone’s date is often incorrect. Since the phone software can sometimes be out of date, you can check whether the updates are complete from the settings, general section, software updates section for solutions to this kind of problem.

At the solution point, if you have tried all these operations for the app store cannot connect error, if the problem still exists, you can perform a phone reset after logging into the iTunes application.

How to Transfer Your Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go

Want to transfer your Pokémon won in the Pokémon Go smartphone game to the Let’s Go version on Switch It is possible, subject to reaching Parmania and therefore entering the Go Park building which can take a few tens of hours For the rest you will see, it’s very simple as shown in this quick tutorial. 

How to Transfer Your Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let's Go
How to Transfer Your Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go

Have you caught Pokémon in Pokémon Go  and want to transfer them to Let’s Go ? This is possible, on one condition: you must reach Parmania in Pokémon Let’s Go,  knowing that they will permanently disappear from Pokémon Go,  you will no longer be able to transfer the Pokémon acquired through this method from your Switch to an instance of Pokémon Go.

Another limitation: only Pokémon  that existed at the time of Yellow Pokémon  can be transferred. Finally let us emphasize that reaching Parmania is not a health walk and requires to have advanced well in the gamewhich can take several tens of hours depending on your level.

Guide to transfer your Pokémon Go creatures on mobile to Let’s Go on Switch

Once you’ve reached Parmania in the game on Switch, go to the main menu and tap  Connect with Pokémon Go , then

    • Open Pokémon Go on your smartphone, tap the Pokéball at the bottom then Options in the top right
    • Choose  Nintendo Switch  and confirm the connection on your smartphone and console when prompted
    • The 2 games are now associated
    • In  Pokémon Let’s Go , go to GO Park in  Parmania
    • In  Pokémon Go , select the Nintendo Switch option  and choose the Pokémon to transfer on your smartphone
    • Back in  Pokémon Let’s Go , collect your Pokémon from the GO Park receptionist

Were you able to reach Parmania and transfer the Pokémon you caught to Pokémon Go ? Talk about it in the comments!

How to Create Routines with Amazon Echo

Create Routines with Amazon Echo: Amazon Echo allows you to create routines, successions of automated actions that will simplify your daily life. By exploiting the full potential of Alexa, the artificial intelligence integrated into the speaker, you will be able to control all the interactions between your objects connected to the voice. We explain how it works. 

How to Create Routines with Amazon Echo
How to Create Routines with Amazon Echo

Unlike Google Home, Amazon Echo allows its users to let their imaginations run wild. In the manner of IFTTT, the famous automation implementation, Alexa application allows you to automate interactions of your home environment. You will simply choose a trigger , an action that triggers another, as well as a succession of reactions.

Here’s how to create routines with Amazon Echo

It is for example possible to program the lighting of your connected bulbs when you activate your connected vacuum cleaner and to trigger the extinction of these if you say “good night”. You can even go further and reproduce film replicas: program your speaker to answer “no, it’s impossible” if you have affirmed that “I am your father”  (you have the reference I hope). We explain how it works:

    • Download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play Store or the App Store (if you haven’t already)
    • Open the app
    • Tap the 3 white bars at the top left of the screen
    • Go to Routines
    • Click on the + at the top right
    • Choose a trigger (by clicking on the + to the right of When this happens)
    • You can select a voice command recognized by Amazon Alexa , a time and a recurrence, or a connected device.
    • Then choose the action that will be triggered afterwards (by pressing the + to the right of Add action)
    • Once done, confirm by clicking on Create
    • Wait a few minutes
    • Check that the routine works by using the chosen trigger

You are free to add the number of actions you want during the configuration of the routine. You can for example integrate into it the reading of your daily flash , the playback of music on Spotify, a report of the weather or road traffic. To delete the routine, simply press the 3 small dots at the top right when you are in the configuration menu.


How to Get an Application Refunded on Google Play Store

Application Refunded on Google Play Store: It is possible to be reimbursed for an application purchased on the Google Play Store. Sometimes, we cracked a little impulsively for an Android application which turns out to be very disappointing.

How to Get an Application Refunded on Google Play Store
How to Get an Application Refunded on Google Play Store

To recover your money without administrative steps, you have 2 hours to act. We explain the maneuver from A to Z.

How to Get an Application Refunded on Google Play Store

First of all be aware that Google has several refund policies , the first is the possibility of being reimbursed within 2 hours and without any particular question. The second is the possibility of being reimbursed within 14 days. Finally, the third is the possibility of asking the developer directly to be reimbursed.

For the last two it will be necessary to justify this request for reimbursement, either for example because the application no longer works after an update or even because we have changed phones and it is no longer compatible with the new one. So let’s see together how it goes in each case.

How to get a refund from a Google Play Store app within two hours

You have just bought an application, unfortunately the latter does not suit you or then malfunctions on your smartphone, do not panic you can be reimbursed within two hours without justification . For that you need :

    • Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone
    • Go to the page of the application you want to get reimbursed for
    • Press Refund
    • Confirm by pressing yes
    • That’s done !

Here in the following minutes you will have the confirmation of the refund, again it is repeated this method only works within 15 minutes after the purchase of an application. Please note that you can only return an application or a game and get reimbursed once . If you buy it again, you will not be refunded.

How to get an application refunded within 14 days

The method is a little different, actually to be reimbursed for an application within 14 days you will have to fill out this form . In this last Google asks you your name, first name, type of purchase and reason for refund .

Because yes, this method also works to be reimbursed for an in-app purchase or a monthly subscription to an application. After Google asks you how to contact you, it is better to select by call, as this will be faster. The study of the request takes approximately 15 min for an application and up to two working days for the other requests.

How to get an application reimbursed directly from the developer after 14 days

Finally last case, if you exceed the period of 14 days or if you have a problem with an application you can make a refund request directly from the developer , it will be up to him to decide whether or not he accepts the refund.

For this go to the application page, then at the bottom in the details is the developer’s email, copy it then send an email with the reasons for the refund. The duration of the treatment will really depend on the developer, for large developers it can take a few minutes for the smallest several days.

Here I hope that this little tutorial will be useful for you to reimburse an application or an in-app purchase. And if not have you already used a refund on the Google Play Store? Have you encountered any problems with these few systems?


Guide on How to Activate Developer Mode on Android

Activate Developer Mode: Android has the advantage of being suitable for both the general public and the most advanced hack enthusiasts. Thanks to options like developer mode, it is indeed very simple to bypass the limits of the system.

Guide on How to Activate Developer Mode on Android
Guide on How to Activate Developer Mode on Android

It is also a must if you want to root your smartphone or activate USB debugging. In the absence of specific knowledge, or documentation, it is generally not recommended to use this mode – you could inadvertently turn your smartphone into a high-tech brick. We suggest you learn more about this mode, and how to activate it.

Do you want to activate developer mode? 

Before continuing it is better to be sure of what you are doing: the slightest error can completely make your smartphone completely and potentially void the warranty. We recommend that you read the section “What is developer mode” and also read “What is USB debugging mode” before continuing.

This mode gives access to normally protected system functionalities… and you know well what Peter Parker’s uncle thinks: “great power implies great responsibilities” .

The steps to activate developer mode are roughly the same on all Android smartphones , regardless of the OS versions (from 5.0). As some of our readers have pointed out, the last step can still change from one smartphone to another. This is why, to avoid confusion and allow you to go directly to the solution for your smartphone, we give you the main steps, before showing the procedure for the biggest brands of smartphones.

How to activate developer mode on an Android smartphone

To activate developer mode on an Android smartphone:

    • Go to Settings> System> About device
    • Touch the build number 7 times
    • In some cases you will be asked for the lock code to confirm activation

How to activate developer mode on a Google Pixel

To activate developer mode on a Pixel:

    • Go to Settings> System> About device
    • Touch the build number 7 times
    • New Developer Options  are then available in  Settings> System

How to activate developer mode on a Samsung Galaxy S or Note (Samsung Experience)

To activate developer mode on a Samsung Galaxy S or Note:

    • Go to Settings> System> About phone
    • Touch the version number 7 times
    • New Developer Options  are then available in  Settings

How to activate developer mode on a Xiaomi (MIUI)

To activate developer mode on a Xiaomi:

    • Go to Settings> System> About phone
    • Touch the MIUI version 7 times
    • New Developer Options  are then available in  Additional Settings

How to activate developer mode on a Huawei or Honor (EMUI)

To activate developer mode on a Huawei or Honor:

    • Go to Settings> System> About device
    • Touch the build number 7 times
    • New Developer Options  are then available in  Settings> System

How to deactivate developer mode

To deactivate developer mode:

    • Go to Settings> System> Applications
    • Select the Settings app
    • Go to Storage then touch Clear data then  Clear cache

What is developer mode

All Android smartphones and tablets on the market have a hidden menu: Developer Options . As the name suggests, the options in this menu are intended for more advanced users, who need additional functionality to test the software and applications they develop.

There are indeed many options to debug applications or perform stress tests. It is also the back door by which many users push the personalization of their smartphone very far, or root their smartphone , among other examples (there are many!).

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the possibilities offered by developer mode:

    • Create backup password for PC backups
    • Force the active terminal and the screen on when recharging
    • Activate USB debugging mode
    • Debug an application, or wait for its debugging
    • Display a visual pointer at the location of your finger on the screen
    • Display GPU rendering profiles
    • Activate strict mode
    • Extend, reduce the length of animations or deactivate them
    • Limit the number of processes managed in the background

The downside is that some developer mode features can damage the system so that the smartphone becomes unusable. We must therefore be very careful before testing all the options of this mode, and it is better to inquire beforehand to know which options to activate or deactivate.

What is USB debugging mode

One of the more interesting developer options is USB debugging. In short, it allows an Android device to communicate with a PC on which the Android SDK suite is installed. Most non-developers use USB debugging mode to root their smartphone or install an alternative ROM like LineageOS.

The ADB and Fastboot commands available via this mode can also sometimes make it possible to recover bricked smartphones that do not seem to be able to turn on otherwise.