‘Hackers will target smart glasses, smart watches and smart cars

Hackers will choose to attack more specific targets in 2014. Attacks on the systems of smart glasses, smart watches and even smart cars will be much appreciated this year.

'Hackers will target smart glasses, smart watches and smart cars
‘Hackers will target smart glasses, smart watches and smart cars

While the last days of the year live, internet security companies announce their predictions for 2014. ESET, the Internet security company, intensified threats and privacy concerns due to the growing concern of users, 2014 will be marked by the said.

‘Hackers will target smart glasses, smart watches and smart cars

According to the company’s findings, in the new year, mobile platforms will become the favorite of cyber criminals, as well as the emergence of new types of cybercrime. Smart cars, smart buildings, all computer-controlled systems that can be described as smart will be threatened.


Cryptolocker-style encryption ransomware, weaknesses on java, more complex botnets; Threats such as 64-bit threats will still be encountered. However, as a new threat area, non-traditional smart cars, game consoles, smart televisions, computer system and internet access technologies will be on the agenda.

Smart lighting systems, refrigerators, cameras, buildings, automobiles, Smart TVs and mobile devices such as Google Glass will be the new targets of cyber criminals.


The remarkable increase in smartphone usage has made mobile platforms the main target of cybercriminals. Malware specifically for the Android operating system increased by 60% in 2013 over a year. This significant increase will continue in 2014 as well.


ESET, the Internet security company, has been focusing on digital threats over the last year, drawing attention to sophisticated malware. Edward Snowden, who works under the US National Security Agency (NSA) but takes refuge in Russia, says the statements are also effective in perceiving risks.

It also anticipates that in 2014, users will be concerned about security, due to ongoing discussions on information flow and privacy mechanisms across the Internet.

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