Here’s How To Bold Fonts On WhatsApp

Bold Fonts On WhatsApp: Do you include people who often use WhatsApp to exchange information? The green application with the white telephone icon in it or WhatsApp is indeed one of the social media that is currently widely used by the people of Indonesia, even the world.

Here's How To Bold Fonts On WhatsApp
Here’s How To Bold Fonts On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has easy features to use such as sending pictures, videos, voice notes, to sharing locations you can find on WhatsApp. At present, many people use bold sentences or italicized lines in the messages they send. So the question arises how can the word be bold?

Here’s How To Bold Fonts On WhatsApp

Tap Chat Sign

First, you need to open the WhatsApp application first. If you don’t have the application yet, you can download it in the Play Store for Android.

After opening the WhatsApp application, tap the available sign at the bottom of the screen for iPhone, and at the top of the screen for Android.

Click the conversation that you want to reply to the chat. If there are many conversations, you can just choose one conversation.

Then, click the text field at the bottom of the screen. To print sentences or words into bold, give an asterisk before and after typing a word or sentence that you want to bold.

For example, you will thicken the word “home”. So, you have to type like this * home *. And the word will become thick.

When typing the message you want to send, press the “Send” sign located to the right of the text field. Then the message will be sent to your friends.

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