Hackers regularly develop new methods and now combine automation capabilities with hacking to successfully run attacks on their victims ( servers ).

A new type of complex attack that combines the use of bots to identify potential victims with active adversaries so it can determine who will be attacked and how to attack them.

The report explained that automatic attacks were able to send various malicious codes to servers .

When bots identify potential targets, hackers use their intelligence to choose victims based on the scope of sensitive data or intellectual property owned by an institution, the ability to pay ransom, or access to other servers and networks.

The final step is logical and manual: enter the system, avoid detection and move laterally to complete the mission.

Enter Silently

The goal is to sneak in secretly to steal important data and then come out unnoticed, disable data backups, and encrypt servers to request large amounts of ransom, or use servers as a basis for attacking other companies.

” Blended cyberattacks , which were only a small part of nation state attackers , are now a common practice among hackers because these attacks are beneficial,”.

The difference is that nation state attackers tend to stay on the network for a long time while ordinary hackers chase the opportunity to get money quickly.

“Most malware currently works automatically, making it easy for attackers to find an institution whose security posture is weak, assess their potential payments, and hacking techniques use hand-to-keyboard hacking techniques to make as much loss as possible,” he added.


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