How hackers can save us from cyber attacks

Cyber Attacks: There are professions that for the average citizen can go unnoticed a prior but, nevertheless, they have an important role when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of the population : they allow us to keep our property, our money safe … even they can turn out to be guardians of our fundamental rights and freedoms.

How hackers can save us from cyber attacks
How hackers can save us from cyber attacks

How hackers can save us from cyber attacks

In history we have the example of professionals who, from the shadow, changed the course of our society. We speak, for example, of the Watergate case and of people like the American journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who with the revelation of the illegal activities by the US Republican Party in the 1972 presidential campaign managed to overthrow, neither more nor less than to the president of the United States Richard Nixon.

Born with them what is still known as investigative journalism , since then source of inspiration for thousands of professionals from different fields, but especially for computer expertsthat, with the great technological development of the last years, they have worried, even more, to defend the security of all .

Cyber ​​attacks, series and media hackers

These professions, linked to vigilance, security and the will to keep the population safe, have inspired the film industry in recent years . Films and series about journalists, detectives, hackers … An example of this is the success of the HBO series Mr Robot , a good representation of what entails, in part, a profession like that of the hacker.

For those of us who are not experts in computer attacks, Mr Robot offers a global image of the most powerful viruses and the consequences that can be derived from them. When the case comes up, when we see in the news or live a situation similar to the one shown in the series, we can identify, even superficially, what problem it is and try to solve it.

Although it is a fiction, Mr Robot exposes the most important computer attacks that can take place in our days: denial of service attacks (DDos), Ransomware or also what is known as social engineering .

All these examples are explained in more detail in this post of Pandasecurity . In addition, this post exemplifies, through Black Mirror, another series on technology and communication currently known, many other dangers and daily attacks that we face in this increasingly technological world.

With the triumph of these productions, there are far away the times in which certain professions were unknown. Nowadays, the population has much more knowledge about everything that they entail, although it is true that certain aspects must remain anonymous due to the type of confidential information with which they work.

However, in issues such as cybersecurity , it is becoming increasingly necessary to know what it is and what dangers it may entail . If you have doubts, you can consult this summary presented by 1and1 , which offers a definition of cybersecurity and a global explanation of the risks that this discipline can entail along with the existing possibilities to avoid certain attacks.

We can not forget that hackers are, increasingly, indispensable professionals in our society. This was explained to us by Chema Alonso , to whom we dedicate this post in the month of May: “far from the negative image that is often attributed to the media, a hacker delights in having a deep understanding of the internal functioning of a computer system to improve it and is in charge of expanding the limits of the network “.

According to him, to make reference to people who commit cyber crimes or “cybercrimes”, we should use the expression crackeror “hacker”. After all, these are people who watch over the good functioning of the synergies that unite us as a society.

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