How old is the internet and who invented it?

The World Wide Web (www) is from 1994, but the Internet technology itself is much older. Denmark has always had a strong international position when it comes to digital infrastructure.

The first Danish internet connections were the universities, as has been the case in many other countries.

Roots back to American scientists and the Cold War
Let us first take a look back at the emergence of the Internet before we look at how it works. The road to the internet we know today with lightning fast broadband has been a development rather than an isolated invention.

The need and the idea of ​​sharing information via the Internet arose in the 1960s among researchers and in the US military.

The computers of the time were large and immobile, so to share information one had to either move to the computer’s location or send data on magnetic storage devices with the traditional mail system.

During the Cold War, the US military considered ways to communicate even after a nuclear attack. The existing telephone network seems to be too vulnerable.

It led up through the 1960s to the establishment of the APRANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which in 1969 first established a stable connection between two computers.

There were very few computers connected to the network at the start. Up through the 70’s, more and more networks were created. The idea of ​​getting all computers and networks to communicate together was the dream scenario – but how?

This was resolved on January 1, 1983, which is considered the internet’s birthday
The introduction of a new protocol system (TCP / IP) invented by Vinton Cerf allowed different computers on different networks to communicate with each other.

In 1991, the foundation stone was added to the internet we know today, as Swiss Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. The groundbreaking thing was that this not only could send information from A to B, but in itself was a platform for information.

Who invented the Internet?

Electro engineer Robert Elliot Kahn first connected 20 computers to the International Computer Communication Conference in the fall of 1972, which later formed the basis for he and Vinton Gray Cerf (the two basic) to invent the two primary protocols (set of rules) that became the basis of the Internet :

IP (Internet Protocol)
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol
It all accelerated in the late 1980s.
In the mid-1980s, Danish Network for Research and Education was established , which in 1987 cursed the Danish universities via NORDUnet , a non-profit collaboration between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

The website NORDU.NET is also the oldest active domain name. It was registered January 1, 1985.

Today, NORDU is still working on even better digital infostructure, inter alia through an intercontinental connection between Europe and North America with dizzying fast internet speeds.

The first broadband connection in Denmark

The first broadband connection in Denmark, Stofa can take credit for. Already at that time, Stofa Denmark’s second largest cable TV provider was, and it was just a single city that was connected to the fast connection. Read more about Stofa’s history here .

It was not until the year 2000 that TDC launched their competing broadband product.
The first time you referred to the so-called internet, was in 1974 As for someone marking the birthday of the Internet.

But it has of course been a lot of people and dates involved in the creation of the Internet, as we know it today, and therefore there is also wide discussion about when the internet was actually created.

Some believe it is from 1969, others say 1973 and again others 1983 ( source ).

On April 3, 1993, one could for the first time make use of www, and thus, the acquisition of domains and the creation of websites on the premier internet came a real boost.

What is status today in Denmark?

Today, we have one of the world’s best and most stable networks of copper cables from TDC and Fiber from the power companies, which means that together with our neighboring countries, we are at the top 10 over internet speeds.
Especially the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway have really good and fast Internet, and because we stagnate a little in the roll-out of the Fiber network in recent years, we are lagging a little behind.

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