How To Activate Dark Mode Of Chrome In Windows 10

Google Chrome 74 is among us, and with it has also reached Windows 10 a function that users of macOS received with version 73: the automatic dark mode that changes according to the theme of the system.

How to activate the new dark mode of Chrome in Windows 10
How to activate the new dark mode of Chrome in Windows 10

How to activate the new dark mode of Chrome in Windows 10

The question is, as many in the comments have pointed out, that not everyone works the dark mode immediately after updating.

The reason for this is that the Chrome team decided to enable the default function only for some users, and in the future, it will reach the rest.  However, it is possible to force the dark mode of Chrome in Windows 10 and we will tell you how.

Force dark mode in Chrome 74 for Windows 10

The process is quite simple, the function already exists in the latest stable version of the browser.

  • So the first thing you should do is update to Chrome 74. To do this click on the Chrome menu button (three horizontal points to the right of the URL bar), then select Help and finally click on Google Chrome Information.
  • Verify that you have version 74 or wait for the browser to check for updates and install them.
  • Activate dark mode in Windows 10 and check if Chrome changes the theme automatically. If nothing happens, you have to force it in the following way:
  • Find your Chrome shortcut on the Windows desktop and right click on it and then on Properties. If you do not have Chrome access on the desktop , simply press the start button, type “Chrome” in the search and right click on the result of Chrome.
  • Select “Open file location” and this will take you to a folder where you will find shortcuts to all your programs and applications. You can use the Chrome shortcut you find there and click on its properties.
  • In the Properties window looking for the “Destination” field and paste the following at the end of the line: –force-dark-mode. Press Apply and then OK. You must have administrator permissions.

Now it’s just a matter of using that shortcut to run Chrome if you want the automatic dark mode, you can drag it to the taskbar and replace your old Chrome launcher, or you can unlock and re-anchor Chrome and the changes also work.

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