How To Activate Translation Features In Various Browsers

You must have visited a foreign language website or blog. Not infrequently, some browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and others, sometimes do not provide features to translate the web.

How To Activate Translation Features in Various Browsers
How To Activate Translation Features in Various Browsers

Or, it could be that the feature is already available in the application, but it needs to be activated first to be used.

How To Activate Translation Features in Various Browsers

Indeed there is a web translation on Google, which is often used by many people to translate various foreign languages.

However, it is very troublesome if you have to translate many articles manually.

Open the Menu

If you want to activate the translation in Chrome, you only need to open the Chrome menu in the upper right corner, then select Settings. Next, click Advanced and scroll down until you find the Languages ​​option.

Add the desired language, to find more languages. Simply drag the crucible down, explore the various languages ​​that have been provided.

To enable or disable the translation feature in Firefox, open the Firefox menu at the top right of the browser, click Preferences. Then, click Select in the Language and Appearance section.

There, you can choose the language to add, and click Ok to end the step.

For Safari

To activate it, you need a third party application. Install the Translate extension from the Safari Extension Gallery.

To translate, right-click on the page, select Translate this page and the translation will be displayed below the address. Select the language to be translated on the translation page, finally click on the arrow on the webpage.

Just like in Safari, activating translations in IE also requires a Twitter application, called Bing Bar.

If you have a Microsoft Translator, you can use it. If you use Microsoft Edge, translation is also available in it.

Some of the steps above can be a reference for you, if you want to use translation effectively.

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