How To Backup Your IPhone Without ITunes

You all know iTunes, more or less well. Although it is an Apple software, ensuring full compatibility with all these products, it is not always appreciated.

How To Backup Your iPhone Without iTunes

His main problem is his lack of flexibility. We have already been interested in DearMob for his photo upload, but he is capable of a lot more.

You can save many items, including data from your iPhone without iTunes through DearMob.

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How To Backup Your iPhone Without iTunes

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Now back to our tutorial to discover how to save your iPhone without iTunes. Easier and faster than iTunes

DearMob iPhone Manager

You do not need to have iTunes installed on your computer, or Wi-Fi enabled. All data that will pass between your iOS device and DearMob will be done locally.

This tool has many features. You can manage your photos, music, videos and files by exporting them to save them, but also by deleting them from your iPhone or adding them.

What is particularly interesting is its ability to back up all data on your device. It can make you a true copy of your device in case of loss, change of iPhone, etc. Allowing a subsequent restoration of your data.

Back up your iPhone without iTunes

DearMob iPhone Manager can backup your iPhone in 2 steps. How? It is very simple :

1. Download DearMob, install it and open it;
2. Connect your iPhone to this same computer;
3. (optional) If the Trust This Computer window appears, answer Yes;
4. Click Backup ;
5. Make sure you are in the Backup your device tab at the top;
6. Tick Encrypt your backup, this will use the same password you used for other backups. If this is the first time, you will need to define one;
7. Click Save Now ;
8. A warning about the necessary time appears, validate with OK.

You just have to wait for the end of the backup without disconnecting, shutting down or shutting down. It was simple and fast, do not you think?

A window indicating the success of your backup will be displayed, it is at this time that you will be free to unplug your iPhone.

Restore your iPhone

DearMob also allows you to restore backups. The approach will be the same, it will simply change tab and go to Restore from a backup.

Benefits of DearMob iPhone Manager


The priority is to keep your private data safe, whatever it may be. That’s why DearMob has a powerful algorithm for symmetric and asymmetric encryption with 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2 and Argon 2. You can save your iPhone with peace of mind.

Independent of iTunes

DearMob does not need iTunes for the least backup and supports a lot of formats. However, it can use iTunes backups to restore them.

Easy to use

This tool supports many features, which does not detract from its ease of use thanks to its ergonomics. No matter what manipulation you need, it’s just a few clicks away.

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