How to block a website (2 easy ways)

Blocking website on a laptop

The first solution is an app that 100% blocks. You do not come in (before a time interval you choose), think carefully.

Selfcontrol app

This app is extremely easy to use.
You just enter a number of black-listed websites that one genre will avoid visiting. Then you set a time interval where the blocking must be active.
Until the timer has expired, you cannot then visit sites from this list. Even if you were to try to delete the program, restart the computer or whatever you might find off the ground, there is no dear mother, these pages are no-go.
Note: This app is only for Mac .

You can find the app here – for free.

Block site (Chrome extension)

There is also a browser plugin that can do the same.
For Chrome.
It’s called Block site , and here you meet the following screen when you try to access a blocked site:

He will tell you not to visit this site now.
Cute little guy, and fun detail that gives a smile to the lip.

Which solution should I choose?

There may be many reasons to block a website. It can be about keeping focus while working, by turning off social media, so that you are not tempted to do skip actions.
You may also want to protect children from certain websites so that they do not jump to something that is not suitable for them.
The Selfcontrol app is mostly for the first (temporary site blocking). If you want to completely block a number of websites, a browser plugin like Block Site is a better solution.

Blocking website on mobile

If it is on the mobile phone that you want to block access to a website, it is a little different.

On an Android mobile

Here you can choose the same provider that made the browser extension above because they also have an app. It’s also called Block Site, and here you can download it for Android .
Block websites on an iPhone method 1

On the iPhone, a feature is built into which you can block access to websites.
You will find the feature here:
1. Select “Settings”
2. Select “General”
3. Select “Restrictions”
4. Select “Turn restrictions on”
5. Select a personal code to enter if the block is to be disabled (every time!)
6. Repeat the code
7. Select “Sites” halfway down the page
8. Choose “Restrict adult content”
9. Now you have blocked adult content. Ie a number of sites that Apple has designated as unsuitable for children.
10. If you want to decide for yourself which sites to block, you can enter them yourself by selecting “Only specific web sites” in step 8.

Block websites on an iPhone method 2

On the iPhone, there are also several apps that can prevent access to websites that you yourselfchoose.
The app ” Block distracting websites ” does exactly as it promises and it is also quite easy to use.
Also check out our posts on SSL and HTTPS , which ensure that websites do not track the data you enter during use. It can be an advantage when using forums, social media, etc.

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