How To Boost And Clean The RAM Of Your IPhone Or IPad

Your smartphone headed becomes slower and slower as you use it? Do not panic ! We will show you how to clean the RAM of your iPhone and speed it up.

How To Boost And Clean The RAM of Your iPhone or iPad
How To Boost And Clean The RAM of Your iPhone or iPad

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a memory that temporarily stores information to allow your iPhone to use it to run its OS and components. Its purpose is to allow the device to quickly access information to speed up its use. Thus, the more it is requested, the more the device will be slow.

How to clean the RAM of your iPhone?

Your iPhone is starting to get slow? It’s time to do a little cleaning of your RAM. The latter accumulating information, it is possible that it keeps many that are useless and slow down your device. We found you a little technique to delete your files and boost your device.

To do this :

  • Unlock your iPhone;
  • Hold the Power button on your iPhone as if to turn it off. The following screen will appear:
  • Then press the Home button for a long time.

Your screen should then display your home screen. Your RAM is cleaned, and your iPhone should be much better. Be careful though: all applications running in the background before this manipulation will be closed.

If you have tested this trick, have you found it effective?

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